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Going for Undying | Destiny 2 | Shadowkeep

Jimi Wikman


As I am starting to fall in love with my Warlock build I am actually looking at getting the Undying Seal. It sounds pretty neat and since I only have Wayfarer and the MMXIX Seal I have been wanting a new title. As it looks right now the steps are pretty easy and should be done in a week or so if I don't rush.

Skärmavbild 2019-10-17 kl. 20.54.39.png

  • Final assault we don't know what it is, but I assume it should be doable to take down that bugger 3 times.
  • Offensive Expert just takes time. I got 60 kills with bows in one run so I think fusion rifle is the one that will take the longest.
  • Offensive tactician is the same.
  • Offensive sharpshooter will pretty much come with the Offensive Expert.
  • Anchor of Light overlord kill has been eluding me as I can't seem to trigger the event if I go to fast and I actually soloed it, but died just before I got it. Will go in with a team and get it done.
  • Darkside of the moon is pretty easy with Monte Carlo and my warlock. It just takes time and I did 100 kills today in a short amount of time.

That just leaves the collection for season of the undying:

Skärmavbild 2019-10-17 kl. 21.02.23.png

It's pretty much the ritual weapons and put some time into Gambit, Strikes and Crucible.

  • Exit strategy is at 61% with all kills done, 50 of 125 medals done and 2409 out of 5400 points done.
  • Randys scout rifle is at 62% with 7589 kills & medals and 144 out of 450 kills done. Glory was done last week so I finally got the mountain top!
  • First impression is at 68% with all points done, 524 of 1000 kills done and 816 of 1500 fire based final kills done.


  • Gambit Celadon is at 84% and I just need some guardian kills in Gambit
  • Vanguard Angelos is at 64% with 54/75 bosses killed, 784.814 points out of 1.000.000 accumulated and 294 fire or melee kills.

So, that is the plan for now to grind for. Since Iron Banner is here I will probably grind out Randy first so I get tokens at the same time.



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