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My Roles - thoughts and execution

Jimi Wikman


As my last assignment now is over I am focusing on My Roles section. This will be my CV kind of area and I am designing the structure of the content now. The idea is that it will follow the same structure as the CV’s we have at Claremont. 

Building the My Roles section will not be a big project as it is pretty much just standard template work to a move the different fields to where I want them. I have decided not to put any effort into cross database design at this time. Instead I will just link to database entries for now.

In total I have 9 roles identified for now. I expect that those will expand later, but I will focus on the first 5 for now. The reason is that I pretty much need to create 5 CV’s in two languages, so I focus on my most popular roles for now.

In the My Roles section I will only have english, but I will have both English and Swedish in the Downloads section.

This will be both fun and useful.

Just the way I want it.


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