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  • Jimi Wikman
    Jimi Wikman

    We are Zington - Formerly known as Claremont

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    This weekend my company went to Croatia for a conference as Claremont and returned as Zington. This is yet another step in our journey to strengthen our brand for expanding out in the world. It feels good to have a new name to go with our new profile on top of our strong core values.

    "We wanted a name that didn't mean anything but wasn't taken either, so we started looking. We are very pleased with the name and have had a transparency towards the employees during the process of the new name, although only about 50 people knew about the name."  - Per Thörnkvist

    This is of course a big step, but thanks to a transparent process led by our amazing Tharanga Kulamithra, I feel nothing but joy and pride over this change. It is an amazing transformation to be a part of to first build the new graphical profile and then make a brand change of this magnitude.

    Now we move forward, towards a bright future where we take our culture and out values to the world.

    We are Zington.

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      This is an internal presentation about how to network. It was presented at Claremont in 2019.
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      I have 20 years’ experience from IT and more than 10 years’ experience from managing positions.
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      Now we move forward, and we will not stop.  
      The next step on our journey is a new name. A name that better captures who we are. A unique name that allows us to grow in an international market.
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      This is an internal presentation about how to network. It was presented at Claremont in 2019.
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