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  • Jimi Wikman
    Jimi Wikman

    People are amazing and it is (almost) time to show that.

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    I have always thought that people are amazing. I love meeting people from different cultures, religions, gender and political views. What I find is that if we look past the stereotypes and generalizations you find that all people have something valuable and amazing inside them. This is something I want to bring into this site and I am building a section for just that purpose.

    In my daily work I meet so many amazing people. People that not always get the attention they deserve. People who enrich this world with hard work, but also with dreams and very often with a seed of awesomeness inside them. This is something I want to nourish and hopefully make blossom. I want to help connect people with others that are amazing so they can grow and take a few more steps towards their inner potential.

    It does not matter to me if you are just getting out of school or if you come from another country. It does not matter if you are changing your career or take a bold step to start your own business. If I can help you just a little, then maybe that will be enough for you to  make your dream come true and nothing could be more fulfilling than that.

    This is why I am creating a section called simply "People". It is a section where I present people and give them visibility here on my site. I will interview them and link to their websites and linkedin profiles. This new section will soon show up and I have several amazing people already prepared to show you. I want to show the world who you are and why you are amazing.

    Because you are amazing.



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    I have added the first set of data and it feels pretty good. I did not get permission to use 16personalities icons so I made new ones 🙂

    Got the code done the way I like it so now I just need to style and test things out.

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    It's almost here now, so just need to make the images for the Personality types and translate the first interviews and we are off!


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    • By ©Jimi Wikman
      The people's section is something I have wanted to do for a long time.
      My thoughts on building that is to promote people and to connect them to this site. It is a lot of fun to meet people and to showcase the amazing people that exist out there. It is also a good way for me to display my network and improve on it in a natural way.
      The key is to make sure that being listed here is meaningful for the people. So I want to make sure that I have links to webpages, contact information if desired and a way to showcase if you are looking for work or not.
      I will add interview questions to add some extra something and of course my personal recommendation.
      I feel that this is something I want to expand on slowly to add more value over time. It will start similar to my profiles I created earlier as blog posts, but then add new features to it to make it more valuable.
      I will also allow people to add themselves to this section if they want. This way I can allow people to add themselves and help grow that section.
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