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  • Jimi Wikman
    Jimi Wikman

    Restyaboard Open Source - Trello alternative on steroids

    Restyaboard is rather similar to Trello and other Kanban based services. Unlike most of them however Restyaboard is open source and it comes with a lot of functionality. If you like the simplicity of Trello, but you need a bit more functionality or you just don't want that additional cost, then Resyaboard could be a viable alternative.

    Restyaboard is easy to work with and the features are pretty impressive. They have put together an extensive list of features that is then matched with Trello for comparison. You can check that out here.

    Restyaboard is open source so you can download it from GitHub. You can also get it installed in the Cloud by using Digital Cloud's droplet feature. Some of the plugins comes with an additional cost so that is something to keep in mind however.

    Overall this is not a bad Trello alternative. There are other alternatives out there, but Restyaboard sticks out a bit because it is open source and since you can have local installations rather than cloud based.



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      Atlassian has now announced that the cloud versions of Jira Software, Confluence, Jira Service Desk, and Jira Core will be available for small teams for free. This extent the free offer for small teams where Atlassian already offer free licenses for Trello, Bitbucket and Opsgenie.
      This announcement is not unexpected, but it comes with great timing now that so many are forced to work on remote due to the Corona situation. Allowing small companies the opportunity to collaborate using Jira, Confluence and Service Desk is a great opportunity to get organized for remote work.
      The licenses that are now free are the same tier as the ones that was previously available for $10. That means that you get Jira, Opsgenie and Confluence with 10 users for free. For Jira Service Desk you get 3 agents for free as well. This may seem small, but for many small companies this will be a welcome solution to get organized for remote work for free.
      If you already have a license for these tiers, then you can go into your administration section and change the plans under manage subscriptions. Just click on change next to your current plan and select the free plan.
      If you are a small company that want to know how you can use this opportunity, then please add a comment here or in the discussion forum and I will help you with your setup for free.
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      Notion.so is a relatively new product, but it is already making some waves and is often mentioned in comparison with Atlassians products. At first glance it has a good spread of functionality and a price that can really challenge the Atlassian giant, especially for small to medium companies.
      "Write, plan, collaborate, and get organized. Notion is all you need — in one tool."
      Notion.so started in 2016 in San Fransisco and it has already attracted many users to its simple, yet powerful features. On their website they have 4 areas that they see as their core: Notes & docs, Knowledge base, Tasks & Projects and Database. If we compare these with the Atlassian suite it is pretty much Confluence with Trello baked into one product.
      The editing capabilities are not bad and Notion.so uses an inline editing function rather then the old click to edit function in Confluence. It is very nice and uses the "/" command to access the functions rather than a toolbar. The permissions system is a bit different, but seem pretty solid from what I can tell. Once you get the hang of things it is very, very easy to build content with Notion.so.
      The capabilities for Tasks & Projects are very similar to Trello so if you know how to work with Trello you should have no issues with Notion.so. If anything I feel that Notion.so actually have a more capable feature set than Trello by allowing a ton of fields that can be customized to create some pretty sophisticated setups. While not nearly as powerful as Jira for development purposes, this is is more than enough for many other situations.

      Databases follow pretty much the same capabilities as for tasks and pages. In fact tasks comes from a database by default. This means that you can create pretty awesome databases with multiple views, including tasks, lists and even a calendar view. Personally I love the feature that each row in my table can be edited as a separate page.
      At a very affordable price compared to Confluence and Jira with pretty solid features this is not a bad alternative. There are some concerns regarding security as Notion.so do not have any ISO, SOC 2, HIPAA certificates, but considering they have passed reviews from companies such as Slack and Intercom that is probably not a big thing for it's user base.
      I see Notion.so as a good alternative for small to medium non-development companies. It can work for smaller development companies as well as for large non-development companies, but I think the sweet spot is in the small to medium non-development area. The price also suggest that as it is user based and at the top tier with 20 dollars per user it is getting pretty expensive.

      I like Notion.so and I think it definitely have a place in some organizations. It is clearly being developed with passion where the goal is not to make money, but to make people's life easier and more organized. As always they get an extra gold star for giving students and educators this awesome product for free.
      Notion.so comes as an online cloud solution, a mobile app as well as downloads for mac and windows that even allow offline editing....and did I mention it has a dark mode that is simply amazing?
      If you have not tried it, then go and sign up for a free account today and give it a go.
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