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  • Jimi Wikman
    Jimi Wikman

    A new section for amazing people has arrived!

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    As I posted earlier I have been working on a section for people. It has been a fun experience to build this section and now I am ready to add this to the resources section. I have added a handful people that I think is amazing and I will continue doing this of course to present some of the most amazing people I know.

    Building this section was fun, but also quite educational as to how Pages from Invisioncommunity works. There are a few areas where it was a bit tricky to get the fields to work the way I wanted. For example I wanted the Personality types to be in a list, but I also wanted to link the types to a website where you can read more about them. This turned out to be easier than first expected, but it took some experimenting to figure out.

    The form for adding new people is still not very pretty, but I have not put any effort into changing that yet. Pages can have custom forms that you can assign to databases so I can make this much better in the future if I want. This is what I love about Pages and all other parts of the Invisioncommunity suite. It is so versatile and there is always new things to learn.

    So enjoy this new section on the site where I will continuously add amazing people. Some will have interviews and some will not, but you can rest assured that there will be new people added almost weekly. For me it bring in some of the most amazing people to my site and for the people I add I will do my very best to promote them and show the world what I see in them.

    As I know a lot of people this will be an endless work and I can not possibly add everyone I know due to time constraints. Me not adding you here does not mean I do not think you are amazing, only that time has not allowed me to add you here yet.  I will add you as soon as time permits however, so please just be patient.

    Because you are amazing.

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