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    Jimi Wikman

    Stepping down as Atlassian User Group Leader

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    This week I officially announced that I step down as the Atlassian User Group leader for Stockholm. This is a position I have held for 2 years now and it has been fun, but also a bit stressful. With my recent dip in energy levels I felt that this was taking a bit to much of my energy. That is why I stepped down so I can focus on regaining energy and placing it where it makes most sense.

    I took the position because I wanted to see if it would be possible to build a community around Atlassian. I had never attended the events, but I liked the idea. There was a decent group already with 250 or so members and I also got a partner in crime from the start. As we started planning the events we noticed a trend. No matter what the topic we had 20-30 people signing up, but only half actually showed up.

    We also noticed that we almost always had the same people showing up and if we got someone new, they rarely showed up again. This was a bit troublesome, even if the core group that always showed up was amazing of course. Advertisement was hard as the mailing list only reached existing members. I tried to extend the capabilities by setting up a Slack channel and a Trello for event planning, but both failed. I even created a club on my own website, but that one failed as well.

    Chasing topics for events is hard and when @Jesper Högström needed a break to deal with life it became even harder. It took a lot of time organizing events and the reward for me personally was pretty low to be honest. I even got criticized for the events not being grand end epic as in the "old days", which was kind of demoralizing to be honest. I do work 60 hour weeks and time I can commit to these kind of activities is limited. I did my best, but eventually I felt that the time I put in was not enough and it just added stress to my already stressed life.

    So I decided to step down.


    I will continue working with Atlassian products of course. I am not tired of their products. I will probably continue doing some events around Atlassian products, both internally and externally. The difference is that it will be on my terms and it will be when my time and energy permits. I have some plans for this of course so be sure to check the site for more Atlassian stuff coming in 2020.

    So for now I say goodbye to Stockholm AUG and continue to enjoy my vacation.

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    • By ©Jimi Wikman
      Notion.so is a relatively new product, but it is already making some waves and is often mentioned in comparison with Atlassians products. At first glance it has a good spread of functionality and a price that can really challenge the Atlassian giant, especially for small to medium companies.
      "Write, plan, collaborate, and get organized. Notion is all you need — in one tool."
      Notion.so started in 2016 in San Fransisco and it has already attracted many users to its simple, yet powerful features. On their website they have 4 areas that they see as their core: Notes & docs, Knowledge base, Tasks & Projects and Database. If we compare these with the Atlassian suite it is pretty much Confluence with Trello baked into one product.
      The editing capabilities are not bad and Notion.so uses an inline editing function rather then the old click to edit function in Confluence. It is very nice and uses the "/" command to access the functions rather than a toolbar. The permissions system is a bit different, but seem pretty solid from what I can tell. Once you get the hang of things it is very, very easy to build content with Notion.so.
      The capabilities for Tasks & Projects are very similar to Trello so if you know how to work with Trello you should have no issues with Notion.so. If anything I feel that Notion.so actually have a more capable feature set than Trello by allowing a ton of fields that can be customized to create some pretty sophisticated setups. While not nearly as powerful as Jira for development purposes, this is is more than enough for many other situations.

      Databases follow pretty much the same capabilities as for tasks and pages. In fact tasks comes from a database by default. This means that you can create pretty awesome databases with multiple views, including tasks, lists and even a calendar view. Personally I love the feature that each row in my table can be edited as a separate page.
      At a very affordable price compared to Confluence and Jira with pretty solid features this is not a bad alternative. There are some concerns regarding security as Notion.so do not have any ISO, SOC 2, HIPAA certificates, but considering they have passed reviews from companies such as Slack and Intercom that is probably not a big thing for it's user base.
      I see Notion.so as a good alternative for small to medium non-development companies. It can work for smaller development companies as well as for large non-development companies, but I think the sweet spot is in the small to medium non-development area. The price also suggest that as it is user based and at the top tier with 20 dollars per user it is getting pretty expensive.

      I like Notion.so and I think it definitely have a place in some organizations. It is clearly being developed with passion where the goal is not to make money, but to make people's life easier and more organized. As always they get an extra gold star for giving students and educators this awesome product for free.
      Notion.so comes as an online cloud solution, a mobile app as well as downloads for mac and windows that even allow offline editing....and did I mention it has a dark mode that is simply amazing?
      If you have not tried it, then go and sign up for a free account today and give it a go.
    • By ©Jimi Wikman
      Atlassian Cloud
      Your cloud-hosted products are supported by the Atlassian Cloud platform. This section usually includes changes related to multiple Atlassian Cloud products, site administration, and user management.
      Email users with suggested account changes
      ROLLING OUT From the Change details button, you can suggest that a user changes their account details to make their profile more consistent and easier to identify. Read more about administering Atlassian accounts.
      Give your users a Trusted permission
      ROLLING OUT From a user's Permission options, select Trusted to give certain users more responsibility. These users will be able to install and configure new products on your site and invite new users themselves.
      Claim accounts after verifying a domain
      ROLLING OUT To start managing accounts on your domain, we’ve included an additional step that requires you to claim accounts after verifying that you own the domain. From the table on the Domains page, click Claim accounts next to the verified domain. Read more about verifying a domain.
      Jira platform
      Changes in this section usually apply to all Jira products. We'll tell you in the change description if something is only for a specific Jira product.
      New user profile cards
      ROLLING OUT When you hover over someone’s name in directories, on dashboards, and in user picker fields, you’ll now start to see rich profile cards with more information and a link to the user’s profile (if you have permission to see it).
      New issue view: Rich user profile cards
      ROLLING OUT Get to know your team even faster. Our new user profile card provides more user information and a link to the user’s profile (if you have permission to see it). You’ll see it when you hover over someone’s name in user-picker fields (assignee, reporter, and other custom fields) and in issue activity feeds (comments, history, and the work log).
      Jira Software
      We're rolling out a new type of project known as next-gen. By default, any Jira Software licensed user can create their own next-gen project. These projects don't affect existing Jira projects, shared configurations, or your schemes. You can manage who's allowed to create next-gen projects with the new Create independent projects global permission. Read more about next-gen projects.
      New issue view for Jira Software
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      We're adding new features and refining the design all the time, so click Give feedback on the issue view to let us know what you think.
      GitHub app on the Atlassian Marketplace
      ROLLING OUT We've partnered with GitHub to build a new and improved integration, which you can install at the Atlassian Marketplace. This replaces the DVCS connector in Jira's system settings. Current GitHub integrations set up under the old method will continue to work, but new integrations must be set up using the app on the Atlassian Marketplace. We're rolling out this update gradually, so it may not be on your Jira Cloud site yet.
      This won't affect GitHub Enterprise integrations, which must still be set up via the DVCS connector.
      Jira Service Desk
      Issues with the customer organizations field now use the organization name instead of ID when exporting to CSV
      ROLLING OUT NEW THIS WEEK When exporting Jira issues to CSV from the Jira Issue Navigator, the Custom field (Organizations) now contains the name of the organizations linked to the issue. The field previously contained the organization ID, which was not valuable for exports used for reporting.
      As part of this change, a CSV import can now match organizations by both their ID and their name. No changes are needed if you use CSV export files for import.
      Maintenance complete on the Request and Approvals pages
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      New issue view for Jira Service Desk
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      Use keyboard shortcuts in your queues
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      Customer portal request details page redesign
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      Easier configuration for the new issue view
      ROLLING OUT If you have the new issue view, you can now easily configure how your issue view looks for each request type.
      From your service desk project, go to Project settings > Request types and you'll find the new layout for making changes.
      Improved interface for your customer portal settings
      ROLLING OUT We’ve given the customer portal page in your project settings a visual overhaul. Settings are under suitable headings, text sizes are aligned, and overall, the page has a cleaner interface. Don’t worry, we haven’t removed any functionality.
      To see the new design in a classic project, go to Project settings > Portal settings.
      To see the new design in a next-gen project, go to Project settings > Channels > Customer portal.
      Portfolio for Jira plan macro
      ROLLING OUT NEW THIS WEEK The Portfolio for Jira plan Confluence macro lets you embed a Portfolio for Jira Server and Data Center plan in a Confluence page. Join key stakeholders in the spaces where business goals are built and tracked, and share how work is progressing across multiple projects and teams.
      Blogs are getting the first round of editing improvements
      ROLLING OUT If you've ever thought 'I wish it was easier to read blogs on mobile.... or on other devices', then this change is for you. Blogs are getting fixed-width layouts to improve readability across all devices. We're making a bunch of other updates to improve editing reliability and clean up your editing experience, so some macros may be temporarily unavailable while they're under maintenance. You can read more about these changes on our docs site.
      Teams have arrived in Confluence retrospectives!
      ROLLING OUT Instead of having to individually add each member of your team to a retrospective, Confluence now lets you assign people to Teams, so you can bulk add everyone at once.
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      Retarget stacked Pull Requests
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    • By ©Jimi Wikman
      Coming soon...
    • By ©Jimi Wikman
      Atlassian has announced that a free tier for all of the company’s services that didn’t already offer one is coming. Atlassian now also offers discounted cloud pricing for academic institutions and nonprofit organizations. This is great for smaller companies that want to upgrade from the popular Trello platform, which is also owned by Atlassian.
      Jira Software, Confluence, Jira Service Desk and Jira Core will get free tiers in the coming months. Exactly what the limits will be on these free tiers is yet to be seen, but it is safe to assume that the current 10 user tier that is the entry level will probably be free. In addition to this we will also see an extension of the trial version which is very short today. This allow companies to better evaluate before committing to a purchase.
      "We’re announcing free plans of Jira Software, Confluence, Jira Service Desk, and Jira Core – available in the coming months. This adds to the existing free offerings already in place for Trello, Bitbucket, and Opsgenie to give teams of all sizes, even small ones, a set of fundamental capabilities for team collaboration." - Reaching new heights in the cloud
      For me this is great news as it allow many smaller companies to get introduced to Jira. This allow Jira to organically become a foundation of the workflow as the companies grow. This should multiply the use of Jira quite a bit, especially with the new next-gen features that are very similar to Trello. I like this move quite a bit and I look forward to hearing more about this as the new tiers are published.
      In addition to this they also talk about their Cloud Premium offer and the new discount offer for academic and non-profit organizations.
    • By ©Jimi Wikman
      Designing Jira Workflows
      View File We go over transitional and producing workflows, designing issue types and how to divide projects into a scalable solution that also can be used for SAFe.  Stockholm AUG Leader Jimi Wikman show the setup he has built based on his experience as a  project leader, release manager, designer, front end developer, requirement analyst and tester. He show his best tricks on what works in small and large scale organizations based on his experiences as a Jira expert.
      Prepare for a provocative and inspiring session where we dive into the 4 design principles for a sustainable, flexible and controlled Jira that works.
      For real.
      Submitter ©Jimi Wikman Submitted 07/18/2019 Category Files  
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