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  • Jimi Wikman
    Jimi Wikman

    Building a new beginning

    Building this new site feels amazing, yet very confined at times. Simple things that I have been used to are simply not part of the infrastructure. Other things are just different and things I wished I had a long time ago. Overall this is just the beginning of building a new beginning for my website.

    As with my old site I am still a bit all over the place when it comes to what I want the site to be about. I have already started to add my project portfolio and of course this blog, but beyond that I still play around with different things. Downloads are always nice and I have some thoughts on what I would like to do with that. The Gallery is just a dumping ground for images at the moment, pretty much like Facebook used to be. We'll see how much effort I want to put there later, but for now it will just be the way it is.

    The forum is a hub for conversation. I have added the "Ask Jimi" function I have been pondering on for a while. I also add sections for community discussions even if I don't know if that will ever pick up. Clubs are there of course as mini-communities. I have them mostly for the Atlassian Usergroup that I am leader for, but we'll see what else we can use it for. Calendar can be used for events, but I am not going to put that much effort into it right now. In the future it can be extended to different types of events to make it more useful.

    I do have the commerce part added to this site as well. It can be used for a great deal of things like donations or actually selling physical and digital things. As my book comes along, maybe I'll add it here and maybe it can be used to sell things like art or designs in the future? We'll see what can be done and I have some ideas that are connected to the downloads section. I tossed in a videos section because I love the simplicity and the fact that I can keep track of my own best videos in an easy way.

    Pages are the big part of this new site. It's a powerful application that you can use to build pretty much anything you want. The problem is that documentation is very poor and the community is not really active or helpful always. Despite this I find it very satisfying to try to figure out how to get the data I need to build the things I want. This blog is built on Pages, even though I have the blog functionality as an application as well. The reason is that I like the function to add a blog function to the clubs, but I find it lacking for my own blog.

    I also use it to build the database for project portfolio. Later I will build some new databases as well such as a code snippets database and a profiles database where I present and promote different people. For now I focus on the basics, but later on I will start looking at database relationship functionality to bring data from other databases into records. This is useful for example to bring in profiles into a project database or reviews into a blogpost.

    Over all I need to think about what I want to see here and why. Until I figure that out I will just continue having a good time posting blogposts, uploading videos and making status updates. It's such a nice feeling to have so many functions to play around with!

    ...but first I will go for a walk in the scorching summer heat and clear my head 🙂

    Edited by Jimi Wikman

    Attribution: If you like the post image, make sure you check out vishnudeep dixit on Pexels and on Twitter.

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    • By ©Jimi Wikman
      Requirements are very important. In fact I would say that 95% of all failed IT projects can be traced to a poor requirement process. This is baffling because requirements are really not that complicated and yet I see people fail in organization after organization.
      After I started to look into the different flavors of Requirements I start to understand why things are so very hard to understand for many. There are such confusion about what type of work you should actually do, who you actually work for and what you actually should deliver.
      So let us define what a requirement is first:
      "A Requirement is a legal agreement between the requester and the performer."
      That statement alone will surely get a few people raising their eyebrow for the simple reason that it does not fit in their job description. Again this baffles me that we have so many different work description for a single discipline. My only explanation is that people are confused on what different levels you work with requirements.
      If we simply break down the three most common way of working I have seen: Facilitate, Investigate and Document. Then add it to the three common areas of work: Business, IT and translation between the two, then we can make a nice matrix. From there we can see what actual roles people have.

      For me I think that anyone working with facilitating meetings as their primary function is a manager. Anyone who just document the need is a secretary. Those two types of "requirement analysts" I see frequently and in my opinion we should make sure that we call them for what they are so people do not think that this is requirement work.
      In the investigative category it is common to work in all 3 areas depending on who you work for. Business analysts help business to define their need and IT analysts help IT define their need. This is however not requirements as their final product, but need. That comes BEFORE requirements. In this matrix we can see that the only role that actually work with requirements as the final product are the Requirement Analysts. This makes sense since the definition of requirements as a final product is:
      "The outcome of a Requirement is a translation between need and realization of that need."
      This is where many fail. I see many, many requirements that are nothing more than a granular break down of a need, but lacking the translation.  Many are often either to undefined and border on a business need, or other times I see technical specifications instead of the need. My theory is that people do not understand what requirements are and who they are for.
      We can see this in the delivery of requirements as well. I do not know how many times I have seen people claiming to work with requirements simply dump a bunch of documents on the development team and move on to next project, or next iteration of the project. This way of working when you build walls and throw packages over it is NOT a proper way to work with requirements.
      As we can see in the matrix above a requirement analyst sit between business and IT. There she function as a bridge between the two, translating need in both direction to ensure everyone understand and agree on what should be realized. This can only be done with active communication, person to person, and you never deliver a requirement, you make a handover.
      I think that this is the key for making requirement processes work: handover and asking development and test to take over the responsibility of the requirement. To ask the most important question there is: "do you understand what business want and can you realize that need with the information you have been provided?" If the answer is no to that question, then you are not done with the requirement.
      If you just understand your place in the requirement process and you understand what a requirement is, then the requirement process will be easy for you. If your organization understand that as well, then life will be great for everyone.
      So do you still think requirements are difficult?
    • By ©Jimi Wikman
      In the past 5 years I have been living my dream. I have been through a journey that far surpass all my dreams and I find myself in a position where I can look back with a happy smile and a heart filled with satisfaction. This is when I take the next step and try new things.
      I started almost 5 years ago as a Neurowebdesigner and since then I have held positions as designer, tester, project manager and many more. I have worked with large and small companies and I have had the privilege to work with some of the best minds in the world. It's safe to say that I have been truly blessed being able to learn from such greatness.
      As this summer begun I felt it was time for a change. For far to long have i restricted myself in terms of writing about my work, or rather the fields in which I do work as the work itself is mostly classified. I have my personal page where I so far have mixed personal topics with my professional topics. It has always bothered me a bit to not be able to have those separate and I have had a vision in my mind of what I want to do. 
      Now it's time to make reality of that.
      In the past few days I have started to build the new website and after almost a week of tinkering I feel I am closing in on something that resemble what I want. It's a big site and the concept of building it around hubs of information and not in the standard blog-like fashion still feel a bit strange, but in a good way.
      I build this new site on Wordpress of course with Buddypress and BBpress as the community base, but it's the concept of hubs that makes it really fun to work with.
      I have divided the site into my areas of interest: Code, Design, E-commerce, Leadership, Quality, Security, Strategy and Tech. These will be the focal points of the site and then each area will be divided into additional hubs. 
      For example I have a hub under Code called Code IDE which list the different IDE's like Webstorm. This hub will act as a list, while the Webstorm Hub will be a full hub with ratings, news, videos and so on.
      It's a bit abstract right now until I get things going, but I have the idea ready so now I just need to start adding content and fix the design. 
      This new project that I call omniconsultant.se is just the first change of many coming my way this fall. I have another great surprise to share in a few weeks, but i need to keep it under wraps a little longer due to a promise. 
      I will write here about the changes and if you feel like it, please follow me here or join me at omniconsultant.se. You can also follow Omniconsultant here on Linkedin and on Facebook of course.
      So, until next time...have a great summer!
    • By ©Jimi Wikman
      In the midst of all the terrible events in the world with Corona virus and things like that I find myself really enjoying life as it is. I work in a project that is chaotic and time pressed, yet it is actually one of the more enjoyable projects I have had in a long time. I am having a blast.
      It is always fun when I take on a temporary assignment doing design again. These projects are usually smaller in both scale of delivery and the number of people involved. They are also usually more chaotic and most of the time subject to a bit optimistic time estimation.
      This might seem like they would be negative experiences, but they almost always come with a very positive attitude. In this project for example we often get compliments and positive feedback from the client. No matter how chaotic things might be everyone in the team get things working and help each other out. Never will you hear complaints or see anyone pointing fingers.
      If you never try to step down for a while and renew your energies, then you are surely missing out. Even now that I have quit my job and with the Corona virus running rampant I am still the most relaxed I have been in quite a while. I get to dig into Sketch deeper and building things with Angular Materials that people will use every day.
      What can be better than that?
    • By ©Jimi Wikman
      Another week have passed and as usual I have kept busy with the site. This week I did not feel great as I got a little bug that the family left behind, but it's one of those that just make you feel miserable. Still I had some nice progress on things here and things are looking pretty good.
      I started the week by looking over my content sources and decided to upgrade my Feedly account again. It cost a bit, but I think it will be worth it as I now can have a better inflow of content. Since a lot of interesting things comes in, but not really something I want to write about myself, I tested out a new format called Happenings of the Week. This allow me to create a curated list of interesting content that hopefully will be interesting to the people visiting the site.
      This also made me look into MailChimp again to create a newsletter for this type of content. I have not upgraded yet as I do not have that many users yet and the basic templates is ok for now. I will send this out weekly, probably on Sundays so I have time to manage it without feeling stressed during the week. I will also have a weekly blogpost of course if you prefer that.
      Over at Shutterstock I am still trying to fill up the 750 images so I can purchase that. It's surprisingly difficult when you do not really know what you need. I try to spread things out across the different content areas, but still 750 images is a lot!
      As far as the site goes I keep adding content and things feel great. I have some areas that need some extra love, but I am in no hurry. There are some design flaws, but as I am looking into a design update during 2020 anyway I will fix that then. The big changes I will make is to change the header a bit and then edit the templates a bit to add a header section in the content areas. This will allow me to organize things better and I can differentiate content a bit better.
      Overall I have posted 5 blog posts this week in the Blog Articles section and that is I little more than I planned for. There is just so much to write about however, so I do not feel there is any shortage on that front yet. I even joined some subreddits where I get a ton of ideas and inspiration to complement the content I get from Feedly.
      On the Peoples section I have a backlog of people that want to be presented. It's kind of nice and I have a little special thing I would like to do for the People section later. It require some planning, but it should be fun I think.  For now I have more than enough to add people on a weekly basis, which is nice. I do plan to add a few new things to that section, like a section for my comments and some links to more social media like Behance, Instagram and Dribble.
      So this week has been great so far and next week is hopefully even better.
      How was your week?
    • By ©Jimi Wikman
      In the last month I have been working on this site to try to figure out how to build things properly.I have made some adjustments to colors, built a brand new header and finally got the graphics I need to get content flowing.  It has been some ups and some downs, but overall I feel pretty good about the way the site is coming together.
      Maybe the biggest change that happened in January was a shift in mindset. Going from always strive for perfection to good enough with the possibility to improve, really meant a lot.  The other thing that really made a huge difference is getting PhpStorm and starting to code for real. Sitting in a proper IDE and do code, there is no feeling like it and I really, really missed it.
      Getting a ton of graphics also did matter a lot. That is because now I have the graphics needed to build the page heroes so I can start to feel a bit productive again. It also give me a ton of new graphics to use for articles and blog posts and it inspire me quite a bit to be honest. Great artwork always have that effect and not that I have a whole lot of new vectors to play with I have so many options while still being able to keep the site consistent.
      January was also a shitty month when it comes to stress and that affected things quite a bit. A work related issue really frustrated me and cost a ton of energy. My son is also having issues with school and live in general which takes a lot of time and make me worry of course. Fortunately he is an amazing person and I am constantly amazed over how mature he is despite his situation. So I have mixed worry and stress with a sense of pride and amazement, which has not really done wonders for my state of mind in January. Still, it's being handled and I feel a whole less stressed these last few days.
      Using Jira for Backlog management
      In theory this works great, but in reality I have been to lazy to use it properly. In February I will take it a bit more serious and I aim to do one story from the Epic "JWSE Website" every weekend as a minimum. I am also going to start my blog series on how to use Jira for site management, so the workflows will be updated a bit with a proper workflow. My highest priority right now is to add a home navigation for areas that are "generic". This includes things like Policies like Privacy Policy and an About This Site page where you will learn more about this site. These are being created slowly.
      Adding content headers to all sections
      This is what I am currently working on. The problem I am trying to solve is to how I will get this consistent across the site. For pages it's easy. Just drop in a component in the widget area and you are done. For databases I have to split out the templates for each database. That way I can add a component in the front page only and keep the data entries without a component. I may also try to add a section for each category, but that require some additional work with some if queries so it's not really a priority.
      The biggest issue I have right now is the application specific sections. While each application have their index file it is already added to the content wrapper. This makes it impossible to break out to be a full width container. The option will be to add a bunch of targets in the templates or if I can add it to the blocks themselves. I am trying to figure this out, but it should be possible even if it may not be a super clean solution.
      The other issue is that I have the CSS added in a separate file and there is no good way to add that to the applications. I might just lift this into the overall CSS since it's not a whole lot of CSS and I will add it to pretty much all pages anyway. Another option is to include it inside the block itself, but I do not like the idea of inline CSS. We'll see how I figure it out in the end.
      Recreating the projects database
      The projects database is going to be a focus area in February. in January I started the remake by adding content that follow the same format as the CV's we have at Zington. So besides adding the content I will also add new banners for each project using the new standard where the site icon is colored based on the area it is connected to.
      I also started to add some people from the People database so as I recreate the projects I will also list the people I currently have added. The ones not yet added I will see if I can add to the database. Not everyone will be added of course, but a few selected ones would be nice.
      I also want to connect the databases a bit better. Right now I just pull in the author image using the standard Invision Community template for profile. This I want to change a bit so I can link to the page in Awesome People rather than the user profile for the site.
      So January was a bit of trial and error, but things are slowly improving. I just need to focus on building content and not to try to get people in here to interact. It is for me I build this after all and if someone else like it, then great. I will not stress about it however.
      Just have fun and always strive for progress and not perfection.
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