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    Teknik Magasinet file for bankrupcy - Another swedish company goes down

    Today the Swedish company Teknik Magasinet filed for bankruptcy after failing their reconstruction. It is one of several Swedish companies that have failed recently and many other are struggling at the moment. With tougher competition, changes in peoples buying habits as well as more expensive rent I think we will see more brick and mortar based companies fold in 2020.
    After a few rough years for Teknik Magasinet and with a reconstruction started in the summer of  2019 they finally gave up the struggle and filed for bankruptcy. The company that started in 1989 have had a tough time adjusting to the new times, just like many other older companies. They did a push for E-commerce and had some success in 2018, but lower number of customers in the physical stores and raising rents did nothing to help the difficult situation.
    While Teknik Magasinet has filed for bankruptcy on January 15th they have looked into the possibility to have someone else take over the business. So far no one has stepped forward, but there is still hope that TeknikMagasinet will survive in one for or the other.
    As sad as this is it does not come as a surprise. We see many companies struggle with making ends meet these days. It is easy to blame the death of old companies on the rise of E-commerce, but there is more to it than that. That is a topic for another time however and for now we say goodbye to Teknik Magasinet and thank them and all their employees for the services these last 30 years.

    Windows 10 critical vulnerabilities - NSA warn and urge to install security patch

    On January 14, 2020, Microsoft released software fixes to address 49 vulnerabilities as part of their monthly Patch Tuesday announcement. Among the vulnerabilities patched were critical weaknesses in Windows CryptoAPI, Windows Remote Desktop Gateway (RD Gateway), and Windows Remote Desktop Client. An attacker could remotely exploit these vulnerabilities to decrypt, modify, or inject data on user connections:
    The updates fixes a serious flaw in the core cryptographic component of widely used Windows 10, Server 2016 and 2019 editions that was discovered and reported to the company by the National Security Agency (NSA) of the United States
    The flaw, dubbed 'NSACrypt' and tracked as CVE-2020-0601, resides in the Crypt32.dll module that contains various 'Certificate and Cryptographic Messaging functions' used by the Windows Crypto API for handling encryption and decryption of data.
    A cyber attacker could exploit CVE-2020-0601 to obtain sensitive information, such as financial information, or run malware on a targeted system; for example:
    A maliciously crafted certificate could appear to be issued for a hostname that did not authorize it, preventing a browser that relies on Windows CryptoAPI from validating its authenticity and issuing warnings. If the certificate impersonates a user’s bank website, their financial information could be exposed. Signed malware can bypass protections (e.g., antivirus) that only run applications with valid signatures. Malicious files, emails, and executables can appear legitimate to unpatched users.  
    Besides Windows CryptoAPI spoofing vulnerability that has been rated 'important' in severity, Microsoft has also patched 48 other vulnerabilities, 8 of which are critical and rest all 40 are important.
    It is strongly suggested that you patch this as soon as possible by heading on to your Windows Settings → Update & Security → Windows Update → clicking 'Check for updates on your PC.

    New Edge browser from Microsoft is rolling out today to windows 10 users

    Today on January 15 Microsoft will start  pushing the new Edge browser based on Chromium to Windows 10 users. It will be released to both home and pro windows 10 users. With this we will see a more dominant position for Chromium for web browsers, but we will also get a less cluttered and frustrating browser landscape.
    While reports of the new Chromium based Edge browser have been positive it remain to see what the actual response will be once it become available to the general public. I have a feeling it will be a positive response, especially with the possibility to use Chrome extensions now that the two browser share the same base.
    From a developer and test perspective this should be a great thing as it is most likely one less browser to worry about. It should be easier to develop with out the curse of IE that has plagued us since early 2000. It should also lead to faster support for new development features with less code bases to wait for full support.
    Since Edge now is downloadable also for macOS I will download it later and give it a go. If you want to download it and test it you can do so for Windows, macOS, iOS and Android. If you are on Windows 10 then you can just wait for the windows update to push it to your system, Just be aware that there are some key features still missing, like the browser history and extension sync between devices and the new feature Microsoft call Collections.
    It seems only Business customers can block this update. Microsoft posted about this ina blog post and have released a "blocker toolkit" that is intended for organizations who would like to block the automatic delivery of the Chromium-based Microsoft Edge.
    Overall I think this is a great thing and I keep getting impressed by the way Microsoft has reinvented themselves in a positive way since the "Steve Ballmer Era".
    I will get back to this once I have had the chance to test the new Chromium based Edge browser from Microsoft.

    Atlassian Cloud changes Jan 6 to Jan 13, 2020

    This is a repost from Atlassian's blog where the latest updates to the Atlassian cloud platform is posted. It is reposted here since the Atlassian blog does not have an RSS feed and so we can discuss the changes to the Atlassian Cloud architecture. You can follow these posts with the tag "atlassian cloud changes".
    Atlassian Cloud
    Your cloud-hosted products are supported by the Atlassian Cloud platform. This section usually includes changes related to multiple Atlassian Cloud products, site administration, and user management.
    Email users with suggested account changes
    From the Change details button, you can suggest that a user changes their account details to make their profile more consistent and easier to identify. Read more about administering Atlassian accounts.
    Give your users a Trusted permission 
    From a user's Permission options, select Trusted to give certain users more responsibility. These users will be able to install and configure new products on your site and invite new users themselves.
    Claim accounts after verifying a domain 
    To start managing accounts on your domain, we’ve included an additional step that requires you to claim accounts after verifying that you own the domain. From the table on the Domains page, click Claim accounts next to the verified domain. Read more about verifying a domain.
    Set your language and time zone for Jira and Confluence in your Atlassian account profile 
    Rather than individually setting your language and time zone in Jira and Confluence, these preferences will soon come from your Atlassian account profile. Visit your account preferences to update these settings. It may take up to 10 mins before your updated preferences are reflected in Jira and Confluence.
    Jira platform
    Changes in this section usually apply to all Jira products. We'll tell you in the change description if something is only for a specific Jira product.
    New user profile cards 
    When you hover over someone’s name in directories, on dashboards, and in user picker fields, you’ll now start to see rich profile cards with more information and a link to the user’s profile (if you have permission to see it).
    Next-gen: Epic panel in backlog 
    You can now manage epics on the backlog of your next-gen project via the Epics panel, similar to how epic management works in classic Jira Software projects. Changes you make in the panel on the backlog will reflect on the Roadmap, and vice-versa.
    Advanced search (JQL): Search for content updated by a specific user
    Use the updatedBy() function to search for issues that were updated by a specific user, optionally within the specified time range. For example, if you want to find issues updated by John Smith between June and September 2018, enter issuekey IN updatedBy(jsmith, "2018/06/01", "2018/08/31"). Read more about the updatedBy() function.
    Search for and filter projects by their type with the "projectType" JQL field
    We added a new JQL field to search for and filter projects by their type. Type projectType to filter “software” (Jira Software) projects, “service_desk” (Jira Service Desk) projects, “business” (Jira Core) projects, or “ops” (Jira Ops) projects.
    Jira Software
    We're rolling out a new type of project known as next-gen. By default, any Jira Software licensed user can create their own next-gen project. These projects don't affect existing Jira projects, shared configurations, or your schemes. You can manage who's allowed to create next-gen projects with the new Create independent projects global permission. Read more about next-gen projects.
    GitHub app on the Atlassian Marketplace 
    We've partnered with GitHub to build a new and improved integration, which you can install at the Atlassian Marketplace. This replaces the DVCS connector in Jira's system settings. Current GitHub integrations set up under the old method will continue to work, but new integrations must be set up using the app on the Atlassian Marketplace. We're rolling out this update gradually, so it may not be on your Jira Cloud site yet.
    This won't affect GitHub Enterprise integrations, which must still be set up via the DVCS connector.
    Next-gen: Roadmap issue hierarchy
    You can now expand an epic on your roadmap to see its child issues and their statuses. Learn more about managing epics on the roadmap.
    Next-gen: Create child issues on your roadmap
    You can now add child issues directly on your roadmap. Just hover over an epic, click the + icon, and give your issue a name. Learn more about managing epics on the roadmap.
    Next-gen: Environment system field in JSW
    Add Jira’s built-in Environment field to your issue types in next-gen projects. In your project, go to Project settings > Issue types and drag the Environment field into the Description section of the issue layout.
    Large backlogs load faster
    Big backlogs can take time to load, and teams usually work with a small chunk of the issues at a time. Knowing this and striving to make backlogs render faster, we've changed the default to display only 100 issues (90 from the top and 10 from the bottom) from your backlog. The remaining issues will be displayed if you click Show all issues.
    We've also introduced a number of backend changes that resulted in faster initial loading.
    Jira Service Desk
    Introducing multi-line fields to the issue view in next-gen projects 
    You can now add multi-line fields to the issue view. These fields communicate long-form information to your team members and aren’t visible to your customers.
    To add multi-line fields, go to Project settings > Request types and add fields to the Description fields bucket.
    New issue view for Jira Service Desk 
    The new issue view groups key actions and information in a logical way, making it easier for you to scan and update requests. Learn more about the new issue view.
    Use keyboard shortcuts in your queues 
    Use keyboard shortcuts to navigate around your queues and get your work done faster. You can now move through issues, select their fields, and go to the issue view from your queues just by using your keyboard!
    Customer portal request details page redesign 
    We have redesigned the customer portal request details page to make it easier to use. You’ll notice we have added a rich text editor, sorted the activity stream from old to new, and have moved the location of the request fields, share button, approval and comment boxes.
    Maintenance complete on the customer portal user profile page 
    We have just completed some maintenance on the customer portal user profile page.
    We also introduced a new layout that is easier to use on mobile devices. Go team!
    Easier configuration for the new issue view 
    If you have the new issue view, you can now easily configure how your issue view looks for each request type.
    From your service desk project, go to Project settings > Request types and you'll find the new layout for making changes.
    Next-gen projects: Approve or decline requests 
    You can now add an approval stage to requests that should be approved before they’re resolved in next-gen projects. If a request has an approval stage, approvers can approve or decline the request from the issue view.
    Add an approval stage to a workflow by going to Project settings > Request types and then clicking Edit workflow. Learn more
    Global create can select request type and raise on behalf of 
    You can now create a request on behalf of your customers and set them as the reporter. Use the global create button ( + ), then select Raise this request on behalf of and add in your customer's email.
    Your editing experience just got an upgrade 
    The new Confluence editor allows anyone to create beautiful, powerful pages effortlessly. Check out the editor roadmap to learn more.
    We're extending editing improvements to all pages on Android 
    The editing improvements we made to blogs a few months ago are coming to the rest of your Android mobile pages, too. In addition to being faster and more reliable, your new pages are also responsive, optimized for readability, and have advanced tables. Some macros are still missing as we rebuild them, but you can check the list of changes and track updates to macros on our docs site.
    Annotate images in the new editor 
    Annotate images by adding text, inserting shapes and lines, using brushes, or adding a blur to a certain area.
    Confluence Cloud recent pages drawer 
    We’ve made it easier to get to the pages you visited or worked with most recently. A new action has been added to the global sidebar that presents you with a list of your recent pages; interaction-specific tabs help you narrow the list based on your actions, like visited, edited, or saved as draft.
    Share pages directly with your team 
    It’s now easier to share pages with everyone on your team, all in one go. When you click Share on any page or blog post, Confluence now lets you add a team – no need to enter each person individually. Learn more
    Jira issue URLs are converted to smart links 
    When you paste a Jira issue link into a Confluence page, the URL is converted to a smart link that displays the page icon and the page title. This works if the Jira and Confluence sites are linked or if they are both cloud versions.
    Convert pages to use the new editor 
    You can now convert your existing pages that were created using the legacy editor to use the new editing experience! Learn more
    Confluence navigation just got better 
    Get to information faster with improved navigation – making what you need visible from anywhere in Confluence. Learn more
    Align and resize images in tables in the new editor 
    When images are inserted in table cells, you now have the ability to align and resize them.
    Portfolio for Jira plan macro 
    The Portfolio for Jira plan Confluence macro lets you embed a Portfolio for Jira Server and Data Center plan in a Confluence page. Join key stakeholders in the spaces where business goals are built and tracked, and share how work is progressing across multiple projects and teams.
    Improved expand element replaces the macro 
    Content creators just got a better way to control the way information is presented. The existing expand macro has been replaced with a quicker, easier way to include the expand functionality. Insert the improved expand element using /expand or by inserting the element from the editor's Insert toolbar.
    New Code Review - Limit the amount of rendered diff content 
    Limits the amount of pull request content rendered in the diff and file tree to improve browser performance. Limits include the overall # of files and # of lines for the entire diff. Learn more

    YouTuber MxR extorted by Jukin Media

    Yesterday youtuber MxR posted  a video about them being extorted by a company called Jukin Media. As a result this has sparked quite a stir in the community and several prominent youtubers and influencers have sided with MxR against Jukin Media and it's despicable methods. YouTube is also getting it's fair share of critique for becoming a breeding ground for extortion of this type.
    Henry Liang and Jeannie Lee who run the YouTube channel MxR Plays where they do reaction videos have received some questionable charges from a company called Jukin Media. This company seem to be one of the morally questionable copyright extortion companies that use threats and scare tactics to bully people to give them money for dubious claims of copyright infringements.
    According to Henry and Jeannie they have tried to work with Jukin Media in the past by paying $2000 and working hard to try to avoid stepping on Jukin Media's toes. Considering that Jukin Media deal with small viral videos that are near impossible to find in their library as they are poorly tagged that seem almost impossible to avoid.
    What happened is that Henry and Jeannie got contacted by Jukin media about a few clips in their video. This is nothing strange and regardless if you want to discuss if this is a legal issue or if it falls under fair use that is not what the Internet have reacted to. What people react to is the way Jukin Media acted when making this claim.
    Many users online have reacted to the crude and threatening communication by Jukin Media that is in many way presented the same way criminal organizations ask for protection money or your store will be burned down. Like most other companies that "ambulance chase" targets for their extortion Jukin Media ask for compensation that is 30 times higher than the license fee of $49. For 4 clips that means that Henry and Jeannie got slapped with a bill of $6000 and a threat that Jukin Media will strike their channel.
    Jukin Media really stepped into a hornets nest with their poor communication and tactics to protect their copyrighted material. Not only did they fail in working with MxR to find a mutually beneficial collaboration, they open themselves up for a counter lawsuit for extortion. On top of that they also have a PR nightmare on their hand, even if they do not seem to care about that based on their previous track record.
    When dealing with these claims you should really need to look at what the law say before deciding what to do next. While Henry and Jeannie can take this to court it is a bit of a gamble due to the erosion of the law when it comes to copyright and fair use. The cost would also be far higher for them as this would play out in a country where the legal and financial protection for individuals are weak. Jukin Media know this of course and that is why they abuse the fear of being taken to court to extort people like Henry and Jeannie.
    There are many examples of companies that use this tactic for abusing the way copyright is handled legally and it really stain the good about copyright protection. Weak and uneducated governments get bullied into making legal compromises by powerful media organizations to the point where this behavior is no longer the trademark of criminal organizations, but ethically compromised corporations.
    I think Henry and Jeannie will land on their feet and find a solution together with Junkin Media. Henry and Jeannie have the support of so many influencers online so I think Jukin Media see that benefit of playing nice in this situation. Unfortunately Henry and Jeannie are not the only ones hit by this kind of behavior and with the degradation of YouTube towards it's content creators in the last years this will only be more common.
    It's sad and I do not see any changes to the copyright situation anytime soon...
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