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  • Jimi Wikman
    Jimi Wikman

    Teknik Magasinet file for bankrupcy - Another swedish company goes down

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    Today the Swedish company Teknik Magasinet filed for bankruptcy after failing their reconstruction. It is one of several Swedish companies that have failed recently and many other are struggling at the moment. With tougher competition, changes in peoples buying habits as well as more expensive rent I think we will see more brick and mortar based companies fold in 2020.

    After a few rough years for Teknik Magasinet and with a reconstruction started in the summer of  2019 they finally gave up the struggle and filed for bankruptcy. The company that started in 1989 have had a tough time adjusting to the new times, just like many other older companies. They did a push for E-commerce and had some success in 2018, but lower number of customers in the physical stores and raising rents did nothing to help the difficult situation.


    Retail trade has been affected by continued falling sales and rising rents, while a weakened Swedish krona has increased commodity purchases from abroad, so despite extraordinary efforts by a new company management, it has not been possible to achieve profitability, the company writes in a press release.

    While Teknik Magasinet has filed for bankruptcy on January 15th they have looked into the possibility to have someone else take over the business. So far no one has stepped forward, but there is still hope that TeknikMagasinet will survive in one for or the other.


    We have negotiated with players who have been interested in a takeover, but there has been no interest in taking over the business while it is in the process of reconstruction. They want to complete such a negotiation with a bankruptcy trustee, says Carl Östring, Teknikmagasinet's business adviser, to Di.

    As sad as this is it does not come as a surprise. We see many companies struggle with making ends meet these days. It is easy to blame the death of old companies on the rise of E-commerce, but there is more to it than that. That is a topic for another time however and for now we say goodbye to Teknik Magasinet and thank them and all their employees for the services these last 30 years.

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    • By ©Jimi Wikman
      In the world of e-commerce things are moving fast. We see new reports every day about how E-commerce is breaking new boundaries. Mobile E-commerce is overtaking the desktop, as king of the E-commerce according to reports and on the surface it looks like E-commerce is the tip of the spear and the cutting edge of modern commerce. That is not the case however and in many ways E-commerce industry is still in its infancy. I will give you some examples on what I mean.
      1. Still see things like multi- and onmichannel as new concepts.
      It is quite remarkable that the concept of combining different channels into a whole is still something that most E-commerce companies struggle with. Despite the fact that E-commerce has been around for quite a while, many companies still consider this as a separate channel to be developed in parallel with their physical stores when looking at brick and mortar companies and the opposite for pure players that start with E-commerce and want to expand to physical stores.
      Like Johan Hallgårde writes in his articles about omnichannel it is not a new concept and its time that we stop looking at E-commerce as something different from regular commerce. It’s all commerce and omnichannel should not be a vision for the future, it should be at the core of every business decision made internally in all projects related to commerce.
      My best suggestion is to contact Johan Hallgårde and set up a inspiration day where he can elaborate on how you can move to the front of the competition by start thinking on your business as a whole and not a jigsaw puzzle. I assure you that you will not regret that decision.
      2. Unrealistic belief in advertising agencies
      In the E-commerce industry, especially in the larger companies that comes from a marketing driven brick and mortar past, there is an unrealistic belief in advertising agencies. I say unrealistic because there is a belief that because a advertising agency excel in advertisement and print, that does not in any way mean that they have a clue about the web. Even if they do there is the fact that web design is not the same as E-commerce design that makes it even more unrealistic.
      The sad truth is that most of the larger companies want to work with a partner that they know can handle design and as they do not see the differences between the different mediums they often go for large print/web firms. I have seen, and I have heard of large, and small, E-commerce companies that did that and got a nice flashy website that did not convert half as well as the old one.
      As I am a graphic designer, web developer and Neuro web designer with many years experience in E-commerce I tend to get invited as external consultant to act as support to the design companies from time to time, or even asked to take the full responsibility of the design myself. With my background as a system scientist and frontend developer as well as business/Requirement analyst I find that this role is quite rewarding as I can utilize my full skill set in these situations. So if you need a hand in ensuring that the design you ordered is well suited for E-commerce, feel free to contact me and discuss the situation.
      3. Focus on technology instead of users
      In every E-commerce project there are a great deal of technical aspects to consider and it’s natural to become internal and focus on “we need” instead of “they need”. As a requirement analyst I always have to ensure that workshops stay on the right level, as they tend to dive right down to the data mappings and API calls instead of the actual requirements. Sometimes that’s where they need to be, but a lot of times it is not. This is because the focus is on internal need where it’s all these nitty-gritty details that fill their day.
      Unless you are focusing on building E-commerce site for your own sake, for a few millions, it’s crucial to lift the eyes above the wall surrounding your office and look at the users that will actually use the E-commerce site. What do they want? How can we make our products or services irresistible and what does that mean for the project, regardless if it is a redesign project of a feature based project.
      At the end of the day the most important question you need to ask yourself is: whom do I build this for and do I really know what they want? This question is not just missing in E-commerce project but in most IT projects as well as the focus is on technology and not the users. The best way to take care of this problem is to ask the users. Set up workshops and interviews for internal usage and questionnaires, interviews and user testing for external users to create personas and hypothesis for a User Experience approach.
      4. Interaction design instead of UX
      Because many projects focus on technology and not users many projects get stuck in the interaction design phase and have problems moving over to the UX phase where the real magic happen. I have seen projects where the aim has been to improve UX that failed completely. Not because the effort was not made or the competence was missing, but because the project worked on assumptions coming from stakeholders that did not match reality at all.
      Without understanding of the customers it’s impossible to work with UX because the very definition of UX is to improve the experience so it matches the users need. This is something that still seem to be unfamiliar and scary to many companies and in some cases it might even lead to a poor use of A/B testing as a substitute to communication.
      If you feel that you have not really communicated with your users or feel confident that you can describe your 3-5 most important types of users as well as the top least desirable type of users, then you are most likely stuck in the interaction design phase, or wasting money trying to A/B test things based on hunches.
      5. Analyze but don’t talk to their customers
      Another thing that I see quite a lot is that companies spend a lot of time and money on setting up advanced tracking for their analytic system, but then either don’t know how to interpret the data or lack the communication with the users to improve the experience.
      Having a good setup and track what happen on the website is very important and fortunately many have started to realize this. Tracking data and interpret the data is however a very different matter and it takes an experience analyst to really be able to draw conclusions from the data. It is also quite a difference between noticing that something is wrong with say the checkout and be able to understand what the problem really is.
      In some cases it might be enough just to look at the troubled area, but most of the time you actually need to understand the users in order to understand the problem fully. The best way to solve that problem is to simply locate a few customers that match the personas of your most important user groups and then do a think-aloud test to get their opinions on the trouble areas. This is not an expensive test and it can give a lot of insight.
      If you feel that you are focusing more on internal requirements and that even if you analyze your customers you are still not communicating with them or really know whom they are, then feel free to contact me or my co-worker Åsa Jonsson to discuss what you can do about the situation today.
      These are just a few areas where the E-commerce industry is currently a bit behind in their thinking and where they seem stuck on old ways, seeing the E-commerce part of the business as a separate channel instead of a natural part of all their commerce.
      Other areas include mobile maturity, lack of understanding of accessibility causing exclusion of the disabled, poor understanding of neuromarketing for web and not capitalizing the power of copywrite and quality graphics. I thought I should cover those in another topic however since this turned out to be quite a long post already.
      If one of the topics above interests you, please let me know and I’ll focus on that for my next post.
    • By ©Jimi Wikman
      An official notification was sent out last night regarding the cancellation of the Atlassian Summit 2020 in Las Vegas. The event will still take place, but in the form of a virtual event. This is another event cancelled to the growing fear of the Corona Virus and while it sucks for people already made plans, it could be a good thing to try out a virtual event.
      If you go to the Atlassian Summit page it is now called the Atlassian Remote Summit 2020. You can register for a remote participation for free. So if you want to check out the latest news from Atlassian and their partners, it is now free and you can watch it from the comfort of your living room!
    • By + Mikael Jonsson
      Head of Claremont Enterprice Commerce (part of Claremont AB).
      - E-Commerce
      - Marketing

      I have 20 years’ experience from IT and more than 10 years’ experience from managing positions.
      My experience range from sales, leadership, strategy and business development. Over the last 10 years I have been responsible for companies and divisions with up to an annual turnover of more than 100 million SEK and the recruitment of more than 100 people.
      Wherever I work and whatever I do, I bring a positive, enthusiastic and we-can-do-this attitude.
    • By + Viktor Waagaard
      Viktor is an efficient and creative developer who always strives to get the job done on time. He has high stress tolerance and has no problem working overtime if they are required to get the real-time out. Viktor has always had a great interest in technology from a young age, which through curiosity means that he is constantly updated within the latest technologies.
      Viktor is a social person who likes to interact with other people, which makes him very flexible for the customer with communication and delivery. He always puts the customer's needs first and has a very effective approach to communicating technical questions / answers. Viktor likes to be challenged by getting into complex e-commerce platforms like SAP Hybris & Intershop.
      Viktor has good experience about omnichannel and its architecture. He has good knowledge of how architecture works on an E-commerce site and has worked on various types of integrations such as Adyen (PSP), Phonehouse (mobile subscription for Elgiganten), IBM AS400.
      Viktor always has a smile on his lips and contributes a very good aura to his employees even when the deadline is tough and the stress level is high.
    • By ©Jimi Wikman
      2019 was not the best year for me, so I plan on making 2020 a far better  one. I will put renewed focus on training and food while refocusing this website a bit. The goal for 2020 is to not try to make things happen fast, but to be consistent. Here are my big plans for 2020 in no particular order.
      More consistent writing.
      The key to all great websites is consistency. As fun it is to play around with the possibilities using Invision Community I also need to be consistent about writing. That means that I need to plan and schedule my output so there will be content written every week. For this reason I am going to have a continuous writing series about how I design and use Jira and Confluence for managing this website.
      I want to try to have 15 or so articles each month published, which means around 2/week. With the wide areas I am covering on the website I do not think that will be any problem, but I will need to ensure it does not become a stress factor rather than something that add positive energy to me.
      In order to have a good stock of writing ideas I am going to start gathering websites with quality content. There are a few sites that are writing great articles in Swedish that I will contact and ensure they approve if I rewrite some of their articles here in English. These sites are under Licens CC-BY-4.0, which means that they already indicate that this is fine, but I still want to make sure. 
      On the topic of Creative Commons I consider adding all my content under CC as well. I think it's a fair and a good thing that others are allowed to build and improve upon my content. I will also add some features to better visualize the sources of my articles and link backs with credit in a more visible way.
      Guest Blogging
      There are many out there that would welcome a blog post or two so I will try to find some good places where I can write for others. I will also invite people to write on this site for the same reasons. It is a win-win situation for everyone as the writer get more visibility and the website get new good content. I already have some invites in that field and will extend the capabilities here on the site as well.
      One of the big benefits with Invision Community is it's great permission system that allow me to open up the site's capability with little risk of getting spammed. It also allow me to highlight people and their content in a great way. I hope I can get good feedback on how to allow others to promote themselves through guest blogging so i can evolve this in 2020.
      Adding a links section
      There are a ton of great websites out there with all kind of great content. I want to not just collect them for myself, but also share them with you. I will use the power of Invision Community to build this section, which will be pretty easy even if it probably will not have all the bells and whistles on day one.
      I aim to have one weekly highlight of links that i think people could find interesting. This could possibly also tie into a weekly or monthly newsletter...
      Newsletter is amazing for driving traffic, but it is also a lot of work. I want to try it, but we'll see how much energy it will consume compared to the result from it. 2020 will not be so much about gaining new members as it will be to create a stable platform with consistent content. As the site is pretty wide in content I will start wide and then divide as the content grow. That is if I decide to continue with newsletters in 2020 and beyond.
      As I have several colleagues and friends that write as well I hope I can add a spot for them to help promote their hard work as well.
      Old Content
      I have quite a bit of old content written in Swedish on my Wordpress platform that I want to port over to the new format using Invision Community. This is pretty easy to do, even if it is a bit time consuming. I aim to add 50 or so posts each month to my Swedish blog. I also plan on taking a few old blog posts and recycle by doing some rewrite and translating to English.
      Reworking the About Me section
      The About Me section is still pretty much a pile of rubble and I plan on changing that. I have several databases such as the Projects and Education databases that I will rework a bit. There will be a bit of focus on SHR where I will create a landing page with information and updates surrounding that since there are very little information about this online.
      I will add more information about myself and my background as people seem to find that interesting. For example I do write quite a bit about introvert vs extrovert and personality types, so I will have some information on my own personality as well.
      The Gallery will move to About Me as well and I will use that as more of a personal section. I have a ton of designs and photos that I will add there and with the recent change to the gallery it feels much better.
      Reorganize and build landing pages
      Right now things are a bit all over the place when it comes to content. I want to reorganize things and make sure the structure is consistent. I will divide the personal content from the professional a bit more and start adding focused landing pages. design wise I will make sure that the different sections have a uniform language across the different areas and if time permit i will try to work on a custom set of icons to match.
      Buying graphics
      I want to buy some additional graphics in 2020 to use in the landing pages. I have a pretty good stock already, but for the site I want to add some isometric graphics that I current don't have that many of. As always I buy my vector graphics from Shutterstock and I will probably buy another  750 package in 2020. Maybe even two if things goes as planned.
      For the blog posts I will use some of my stock art and also use the amazing site Pexels for free photographs.
      This is one area that I feel I need to put some effort into pretty soon. Reviews are very important and I need to get that aspect of the site into several databases. As this will use the database relationship feature in Invision Community it will be a fun project for sure. This way I can have reviews in one database and then bring it into other databases when needed. Due to the way database relations work I can even have different designs based on what database I bring it into.
      Movies and TV Series
      I love movies and tv series and I have played with the thought of adding a section for it on the site. This is however a specialized interest and I do not think I want to focus on this in 2020. If that changes I will add that to the About Me section most likely as a personal interest site.
      It would be pretty much the same setup as for other databases in Invision Community where I would add a database for the movies, one for TV shows and one for actors/actresses. I could add one for studios and directors and so on as well of course, but we'll see once I start tinkering with it.
      In theory it would be like a mix of IMDB and Trakt and I would need some custom development for lists. It is in the back of my mind, but for now I'll settle for a club for this.
      Fonts and downloads in general
      The downloads section have great potential and I have not really started to look at that yet.  I have a thought on adding a section for fonts, but the competition is pretty bad in that space. I did go to school with an amazing font designer that has already given permission to add his free fonts and I know some people that have amazing websites dedicated to fonts.
      So maybe it can be a slow process of building up a collection of quality fonts rather than trying to compete with the big font archives. This can be tied into the commerce function in Invision Community as well so I can offer a platform for selling fonts if anyone want that. I will also organize this downloads section a bit more to make it match the overall organization.
      Jobs and events
      Another potential area that I can build upon. It would be easy to add a jobs section by adding a new database and I could connect with sites that promote jobs already to build up the database. The same with events that I can easily add to the calendar feature, or build a new feature for using databases.
      The thing is just that it require a lot of work to do this and I would need to focus a lot of attention and energy to make this work. I am not sure that will be possible with all the other plans going on in 2020. I will add events that I feel is relevant and interesting, but that is pretty much all I will do in 2020 I think.
      For jobs I am just going to add a section in the forums for job searching and job advertising.
      Hosting and Domains
      As some of you might know I used to have a hosting business and I am still keeping track of the hosting industry. This is a pretty big area and it moves quite a bit, even if it is a bit slow and sometimes hard to wrap your head around. I have this thought in my head to add a section for hosting companies that goes way back to 2009.
      I will probably look at this and plan for it in 2020, but will wait until 2021 for actually building it. You can probably expect a few articles about it however in 2020.
      Atlassian will not go away anytime soon from this site. Besides the series on building a task management system for the site using Jira I will also build up common questions and of course provide news about Atlassian. During my time as Atlassian Group Leader I did get in touch with several companies that have services and apps for Atlassian products. I consider adding a few features around that network, but it all depends on how much time I have available.
      I will absolutely pick a few apps to follow and write about and it might turn into something more focused later on. I'll probably will pick up a certification or two as well in 2020 or 2021. I have planned for it before, but work came in the way and I am not really that impressed with certifications anyway since it's so easy for anyone to get without any real skill or knowledge (generally speaking, not Atlassian specifically).
      Methods and Processes
      This is a big part of my daily work so I will add a database with the most common methods and processes. There I will write about them and my view on how they work in reality as well as articles related to them. I have a colleague that is a master of these things so hopefully I can pick his brain on some of these. I will of course talk to other colleagues and friends as well on their experience and thoughts on the various methods and processes.
      Training and food
      A new section on my personal section will be dedicated to training and food. I have not been training for a long time now and it's time to get back into the gym and get that pump going again. My son is also eager to get his training going so we will join up and dedicate 2020 to learning more about our physical selves.
      I will go back to log my training at exercise.com again as i like the simplicity of the site. I will also use Runkeeper again after putting it on the back burner for a while.
      Food is an important part of actually getting into shape, so I will probably add a database for good food and some discussion areas for others to suggest food as well. There will be more focus on nutrition than calories probably, but we will see.
      This new section was added just recently and I got a real energy boost from it. Nothing make me feel as good as promoting amazing people and give them some positive reviews. This will be a big focus area for 2020 and I expect at least 100 new profiles to be added here in 2020.
      I have a ton of people lined up and waiting for me to add them to the database and I will reach out to more awesome people in 2020 to get their approval so I can add them to the site.
      Invision Community 4.5 and more
      Invision Community will release 4.5 sometime next year and with that comes some enhancements that will be nice. There are also a ton of great applications that I can add to extend functionalities if I want to do that. I already have things like classifieds and quizzes that I am playing around with, but there are many, many other features that can be of use in 2020 and beyond.
      2020 will be a great year
      As you can tell there is no shortage of plans for next year. Ever since I switched over to Invision Community I have seen an increase not just in my activities, but also an increase in traffic. Even without actually trying I have increased page views with a whooping 1400%, which is not saying much considering the low values before. I did however peak at 1399 views in one day, which to me is not half bad for a site like mine.
      Next year I hope to increase this a lot, but it will require me to continue being consistent with content and provide good content that people find interesting.  I will do my best to live up to that, but I will not stress out if the traffic does not improve. It's a marathon, not a sprint after all and I just started this new journey with Invision Community.

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