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  • Jimi Wikman
    Jimi Wikman

    The new page comments on Confluence Cloud

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    Confluence cloud get some new features for the comments in the coming weeks. It includes quick commands and access to more macros. My question however is if we actually need this or if comments in general need a different approach?


    "Comments are where important discussions happen inside Confluence. Feedback and questions in page comments shape ideas and keep work moving forward. We've dedicated a lot of time to improving the experience, because we know comments are important to our customers and their team collaboration. The new experience is meant to help your teams better express themselves and have meaningful conversations."


    In my experience comments in Confluence is not really used as much as I think Atlassian believe. Mostly this is because inline commenting is often more efficient or because commenting is used less due to direct communication. So adding more features to the commenting part of the Confluence experience does seem a bit unnecessary.

    One concern I have about bloating the comment section is that we will see it used instead of editing the pages properly. I have seen in in other areas where it become easier to just add comments than actually use the proper way to document. Adding more functions also have the risk of making the comment section harder to use. Just adding large images and tables with data makes this area quite messy.

    Still, I like the "/" command that is very similar to the one used by Notion and having the option to use comments in a more powerful way is not necessarily a bad thing. Interestingly enough the news met with several questions on when comments will be available in edit mode, which seem to be a more requested feature at the moment...


    Page Comments.gif

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