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  • Jimi Wikman
    Jimi Wikman

    Atlassian Summit 2020 Cancelled due to fear for the Corona Virus

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    An official notification was sent out last night regarding the cancellation of the Atlassian Summit 2020 in Las Vegas. The event will still take place, but in the form of a virtual event. This is another event cancelled to the growing fear of the Corona Virus and while it sucks for people already made plans, it could be a good thing to try out a virtual event.



    The health and well-being of every Atlassian, customer, partner, and sponsor is our top priority. Over the last few weeks, we have been closely monitoring the unfolding coronavirus (COVID-19) situation around the world.

    After careful consideration, Atlassian has made the difficult decision to cancel the in-person event this year, and change the format to a virtual experience, which we are calling Atlassian Remote Summit 2020. Our teams are working hard to turn this event into a fully remote, interactive experience. Sign-up today to unlock free access to the Remote Summit to watch general sessions, power sessions, and more.

    You will be fully reimbursed for your conference pass and any training purchased. We will cancel any hotels booked through an Atlassian-hosted hotel block, and you will have no financial obligations for your lodging. For more information, please visit our FAQs.

    Every year, we look forward to connecting with our customers, partners, and sponsors at Summit. We're deeply saddened by the tough decision to cancel this year. In this uncertain environment, we believe this is the right decision to preserve everyone’s health and safety.

    In the meantime, if you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us.

    - Atlassian Events Team


    If you go to the Atlassian Summit page it is now called the Atlassian Remote Summit 2020. You can register for a remote participation for free. So if you want to check out the latest news from Atlassian and their partners, it is now free and you can watch it from the comfort of your living room!



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    • By ©Jimi Wikman
      Atlassian promoted their Free version of Jira Cloud recently as their way to help remote teams during the Corona crisis. Like many I thought this was great and I moved over from the normal trial version I had. Today all my projects was gone and I just realized that the free version is severely reduced in function. It is in my opinion nothing more than a money grab to lure people in and make them upgrade to the $10 version.
      To trick people to sign up for a service without telling them that you are limiting the experience is a shady thing to do. To remove something as important as permissions for no apparent reason other than forcing people into buying another license is just greedy. The $10 version has always been something of a gift from Atlassian where they donated the money they made to charity. It feel so bad that now that they add a free version, which actually does not impact Atlassian's profit in any way, they water it down and remove features.
      That is just bad.

      I don't really care if Atlassian offer a limited version, but make sure you clearly market it as such. On the free site they do not mention this at all. I may have missed this when I made the change, but I did not see this when making the change from the standard $10 I was using and I sure as hell did not get any warning that the custom permissions I have configured would not be usable in the free version.
      I think it's unworthy for a company like Atlassian to abandon their previous practice of providing a $10 version that allow people to try out their products before they commit to a larger license model. To go out and promote the free version as some form of gift to help people to collaborate in an open and transparent way and they reduce the product by removing permissions is just not what I would expect from Atlassian.
      I can see no other reason than that this is a shady way to introduce people to Jira and then force them to upgrade to a "full version". That is such a long way from the caring and giving Atlassian of old...
      So if you have a license with custom permissions, if you want to manage permissions or if you like me educate people and need public access, then do not use the watered down and limited free version. If you are looking for a free tool to manage your tasks I am afraid I will not recommend Jira anymore...
      I am very disappointed.
    • By ©Jimi Wikman
      Join us from anywhere to see how to work better, together.
      It's no surprise that teamwork today looks very different — even from just one week ago. Whether your teams are together, or working from home, be a part of Atlassian Remote Summit and learn about how everyone can work better together from anywhere. Register today to stay current on all Remote Summit news, then tune in live when the event begins on April 1st. 
      *Registration for this online event is free of cost.
    • By ©Jimi Wikman
      This is a repost from Atlassian's blog where the latest updates to the Atlassian cloud platform is posted. It is reposted here since the Atlassian blog does not have an RSS feed and so we can discuss the changes to the Atlassian Cloud architecture. You can follow these posts withe the tag "atlassian cloud changes".
      Atlassian Cloud
      Your cloud-hosted products are supported by the Atlassian Cloud platform. This section usually includes changes related to multiple Atlassian Cloud products, site administration, and user management.
      Email users with suggested account changes 
      From the Change details button, you can suggest that a user changes their account details to make their profile more consistent and easier to identify. Read more about administering Atlassian accounts.
      Give your users a Trusted permission 
      From a user's Permission options, select Trusted to give certain users more responsibility. These users will be able to install and configure new products on your site and invite new users themselves.
      Claim accounts after verifying a domain 
      To start managing accounts on your domain, we’ve included an additional step that requires you to claim accounts after verifying that you own the domain. From the table on the Domains page, click Claim accounts next to the verified domain. Read more about verifying a domain.
      Jira platform
      Changes in this section usually apply to all Jira products. We'll tell you in the change description if something is only for a specific Jira product.
      Next-gen: Epic panel in backlog 
      You can now manage epics on the backlog of your next-gen project via the Epics panel, similar to how epic management works in classic Jira Software projects. Changes you make in the panel on the backlog will reflect on the Roadmap, and vice-versa.
      New issue view: Add web links
      Save time and add context to your issues by adding web links in the new issue view. Web links are links to any URL, but they appear prominently below the issue description where they’re easy for you and other issue viewers to find. Use them to link to important sites that teammates might need to better understand an issue.
      We’re also moving all issue link types, including web links, into the Link issue button. Click Link issue to quickly link related issues or click the down arrow on the button to add links to web pages and Confluence pages (if you have a linked Confluence site).
      Find issues you've recently worked on 
      We’ve added a new Worked on tab to the Your work page. This tab lets you quickly find and resume work on issues you’ve updated recently. Head to Your work > Worked on to get started.
      Improved navigation in Jira Cloud 
      We’ve created an improved navigation experience that always appears at the top of the screen, with clearly labeled buttons and menus to help you search, create, and resume your work. Find out more about our improved navigation experience and when you can try it out.
      New issue view: Improved date formatting in the history feed 
      Dates in the history are now more consistent. They’ll correctly show when changes happened relative to your time zone and be translated into the language you’ve chosen for Jira.
      Prevent cross-project commenting when replying to an email thread
      This release ensures that the comments added to a ticket, sent to the specific project email address, will only appear on the ticket in that project.
      Previous behavior
      Bruce receives an email notification about ticket - ABC-123 from his next-gen project “Facilities” Bruce comments in the body of the email, “This contract needs input from legal” and forwards the email to the next-gen project “Legal”. Bruce’s comments would be added to the ABC-123 ticket in the “Facilities” project.
      New behavior
      Bruce’s email will create a new ticket in the “Legal” project.
      Select your email notifications for issue activity from personal settings 
      Jira sends email notifications when certain activities occur on issues. In your personal settings, you can now choose whether you want these notifications. If you do, you can toggle notifications for issue activity when you’re a watcher, reporter, assignee on an issue, when someone mentions you, and when you make changes to an issue. Learn more about choosing email notifications.
      Issue collector no longer matches the submitter's user session to make them the reporter 
      We’ve adapted our issue collectors to the Chrome browser’s new cookie security features, but have had to change how they work. The issue collector no longer matches a submitter’s user session to make them the reporter. You can still match them by email address.
      To improve issue security, project and issue keys are no longer displayed in the success message after submitting feedback on an issue collector (unless the project is open to anyone on the web).
      Learn more about using the issue collector.
      Jira Software
      We're rolling out a new type of project known as next-gen. By default, any Jira Software licensed user can create their own next-gen project. These projects don't affect existing Jira projects, shared configurations, or your schemes. You can manage who's allowed to create next-gen projects with the new Create independent projects global permission. Read more about next-gen projects.
      Next-gen: More epic colors on the roadmap  
      There are now 8 additional colors for your epics on the roadmap. Simply click on an epic to see its details, and select the epic color to view the new options available. Learn more about managing epics on the roadmap.
      GitHub app on the Atlassian Marketplace 
      We've partnered with GitHub to build a new and improved integration, which you can install at the Atlassian Marketplace. This replaces the DVCS connector in Jira's system settings. Current GitHub integrations set up under the old method will continue to work, but new integrations must be set up using the app on the Atlassian Marketplace. We're rolling out this update gradually, so it may not be on your Jira Cloud site yet.
      This won't affect GitHub Enterprise integrations, which must still be set up via the DVCS connector.
      Next-gen: Create child issues on your roadmap 
      You can now add child issues directly on your roadmap. Just hover over an epic, click the + icon, and give your issue a name. Learn more about managing epics on the roadmap.
      Kanban boards just got faster 
      Is your team so productive, their 'Done' column is always overflowing? Too many issues on a board can slow it down and make you scroll way too much. To fix this, we’re bringing what we’ve codenamed “Fast Kanban”—a way to keep your board fresh and clean, and as quick as a flash.
      The idea behind it is simple. The ‘Done’ column will now show only issues that have been updated (in any way) in the last 2 weeks, hiding the rest. Less noise on your board means happier teams. Any project admin can change the retention period, or choose to display all issues, if they prefer. Learn more
      Quickly copy a link to an issue in your next-gen project backlog 
      When viewing your backlog, you can now copy a link to an issue to your clipboard. To try it out:
      Navigate to your next-gen project backlog. Locate the issue you want a link for. Select More (…) > Copy issue link. The link to the issue is copied to your clipboard, ready for you to paste into a Confluence page, Slack message, or anywhere you might want to share your issue’s link.
      Jira Service Desk
      New issue view for Jira Service Desk 
      The new issue view groups key actions and information in a logical way, making it easier for you to scan and update requests. Learn more about the new issue view.
      Use keyboard shortcuts in your queues 
      Use keyboard shortcuts to navigate around your queues and get your work done faster. You can now move through issues, select their fields, and go to the issue view from your queues just by using your keyboard!
      Remind agents to update empty fields when moving a request in your next-gen service desk 
      We added another rule to your next-gen service desk workflows. Now, you can prompt your agents to complete an empty field when they use a specific transition to change an issue’s status. The rule removes a burden on your teams to remember to fill in specific fields until they matter. It keeps them focused on the important work of helping your customers.
      To learn more about the rule, and get an example of how to use it, check out our complete documentation on next-gen workflow rules.
      Global create can select request type and raise on behalf of 
      You can now create a request on behalf of your customers and set them as the reporter. Use the global create button ( + ), then select Raise this request on behalf of and add in your customer's email.
      Your editing experience just got an upgrade 
      The new Confluence editor allows anyone to create beautiful, powerful pages effortlessly. Check out the editor roadmap to learn more.
      End of support for nested tables 
      As we work on creating a more stable editing experience, we will no longer support nested tables - that is, a table within a list, block quotes, or another table. Existing nested tables will not be affected, you simply won't be able to create new nested tables.
      We're extending editing improvements to all pages on Android 
      The editing improvements we made to blogs a few months ago are coming to the rest of your Android mobile pages, too. In addition to being faster and more reliable, your new pages are also responsive, optimized for readability, and have advanced tables. Some macros are still missing as we rebuild them, but you can check the list of changes and track updates to macros on our docs site.
      Jira issue URLs are converted to smart links 
      When you paste a Jira issue link into a Confluence page, the URL is converted to a smart link that displays the page icon and the page title. This works if the Jira and Confluence sites are linked or if they are both cloud versions.
      Convert pages to use the new editor 
      You can now convert your existing pages that were created using the legacy editor to use the new editing experience! Learn more
      Confluence navigation just got better 
      Get to information faster with improved navigation – making what you need visible from anywhere in Confluence. Learn more
      Portfolio for Jira plan macro 
      The Portfolio for Jira plan Confluence macro lets you embed a Portfolio for Jira Server and Data Center plan in a Confluence page. Join key stakeholders in the spaces where business goals are built and tracked, and share how work is progressing across multiple projects and teams.
      Pull requests now include a Jira issues panel 
      In the sidebar of the new pull request view, you can now see a list of Jira issues related to this pull request and Jira issues created in this pull request.
      New Code Review - Limit the amount of rendered diff content 
      Limits the amount of pull request content rendered in the diff and file tree to improve browser performance. Limits include the overall number of files and number of lines for the entire diff. Learn more
      Show Jira issues assigned to the current user on dashboard
      You can now see your assigned Jira issues on your Bitbucket work dashboard.
      Recent repo cards on Bitbucket dashboard
      We’ve improved the way you see your recent repositories by adding a new section on your Bitbucket work dashboard.
    • By ©Jimi Wikman
      Atlassian has now announced that the cloud versions of Jira Software, Confluence, Jira Service Desk, and Jira Core will be available for small teams for free. This extent the free offer for small teams where Atlassian already offer free licenses for Trello, Bitbucket and Opsgenie.
      This announcement is not unexpected, but it comes with great timing now that so many are forced to work on remote due to the Corona situation. Allowing small companies the opportunity to collaborate using Jira, Confluence and Service Desk is a great opportunity to get organized for remote work.
      The licenses that are now free are the same tier as the ones that was previously available for $10. That means that you get Jira, Opsgenie and Confluence with 10 users for free. For Jira Service Desk you get 3 agents for free as well. This may seem small, but for many small companies this will be a welcome solution to get organized for remote work for free.
      If you already have a license for these tiers, then you can go into your administration section and change the plans under manage subscriptions. Just click on change next to your current plan and select the free plan.
      If you are a small company that want to know how you can use this opportunity, then please add a comment here or in the discussion forum and I will help you with your setup for free.
      You can sign up for the free services a the link https://www.atlassian.com/software/free.
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