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  • Jimi Wikman
    Jimi Wikman

    Apple Special Event. September 10, 2019.

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    Apple hosted it's special event on September 10th at the Steve Jobs theater at Apple Park in Cupertino, California. As expected it announced some new products, but as so often lately the presentation was dull and not very innovative.

    The iPhone 11 and it's iPhone 11 pro version quickly became a meme with the 3 lenses that I have to say I think look ugly. We had the same hardware improvements as always, but nothing really worth upgrading for. Especially if you prefer a system camera anyway.

    The new iPad is nice of course, but the big reason why it is interesting is because of the iPadOS coming at the end of September. Apple watch series 5 got it's always on functionality and we saw some new designs, but other than that it was not really anything I was excited about.

    With Apple Arcade and AppleTv+ we see Apple moving towards the game and movie industry. This could be nice, but the question is how they will fight giants like Steam and Netflix for example. For me I don't care about Apple Arcade as I don't play much these days. AppleTv+ I will get for sure, if nothing else to test out and see how it stacks against other newcomers like Disney+.

    Overall this special event was flat and boring. No new innovations and just the same old same of upgraded hardware. For me, even though I am a huge Apple fan, there is absolutely nothing in this event that i want to get my hands on. AppleTv+ would be the exception, but then again it is a service and not a device. this has been the case for quite a while now to be honest.

    While I did get myself an iPad Pro and the new apple pencil, the only things I look forward to lately are the software upgrades. I feel that you can really tell how Apple is slowing down it's innovation pace and I hope that will change soon. Here is the keynote in case you missed it.


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