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    • By ©Jimi Wikman
      Atlassian and Mindville announced on thursday that Atlassian has acquired Mindville.  This means that Atlassian acquire Mindville's asset and configuration management product Insight, which strengthen their psoition against competitors like ServiceNow.
      The CEO of Mindville Tommy Nordahl is well known to us in Stockholm who have participated in the Atlassian Usergroup events that I ran for two years. For many he is Riada, the company he started many years ago as the Atlassian company number one in Stockholm (and sweden?). Lately he has focused more on the asset and configuration managament product Insight and I am not surprised that Atlassian now have aquired it.
      Atlassian and ServiceNow are both gearing up for a battle. Since ServiceNow are strong in the asset and configuration management it makes sense that Atlassian want to stregthen their portfolio in their area.  With more than 1700 customers already and Atlassian now adding resources I think we will see the cloud adaptation speed up a lot.
      If you have not looked at Insight before, then I suggest you do. Not only is it looking great and is easy to work with, it is also powerful and a very useful addition to your support organization. Using Insight alongside Jira Service Desk and Confluence is probably the most powerful way to manage incidents in your organization. The fact that you can directly connect it to your development and opertions team who already work in Jira make it even more powerful.
      I just want to say congratulation to Tommy and his amazing team for this accomplishment. To Atlassian I can only say good job on this acquisition. It will take you another step closer to being the natural choice for mid sized and large organizations, just as you already are the natural choice for small companies and all development teams today.
    • By + Sundhar Manian
      Project Management | Quality Assurance | Service Management | Scrum Master | DevOps Project Manager
    • By ©Jimi Wikman
      Automation in Jira have long been requested by the customers and now it is finally here for all Jira Cloud customers. This new feature is actually not new, but it is the popular Automation for Jira app that was purchased by Atlassian in 2019. Not only is this an amazing addition, it is also completely free for all Jira Cloud users.
      Automation for Jira was purchased by Atlassian back in October 2019 and in March 2020 the automation functionality was made available natively to every single Jira Cloud instance at every tier. In late March the first DevOps triggers was released with the promise of new functionality coming soon. For server users there is still the old app for now.
      With the new automation feature that is built into Jira Cloud you can now automate a lot of actions. Not only will this free up time for you and your team, it is also super easy to setup with no coding what so ever!
      This is pretty impressive of course, but when you extend this across other products like Bitbucket and Github, then you get something very nice indeed. I have used the Automation for Jira app before and really liked it's simple, yet powerful features. It is really, really good that this now comes as a standard feature for all Jira Cloud customers.

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