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  • My main personality type is: DI
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    Leadership Management consulting IT Strategy Business Strategy Change Management
    Per Thörnqvist

    Per Thörnqvist

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    About Me

    Zington is one of the fastest growing and most successful companies within the Swedish consultancy industry. Our mission is to guide our customers in a digital world by offering expertise within Business, Technology & Experience.

    We believe our success is built on engaged and dynamic teams, focusing on each individuals' journey. Because strong individuals form unbeatable teams. Together we can create successful businesses, for us and for our clients.

    We call it Consulting made personal.

    Jimi's Thoughts

    Per, or Pelle as he sometimes is called, is one of those CEO's that see you. He will take time to say hello even in the most stressful situations and you can genuinely feel that he cares about you as a person. That comes from a big heart that cares deeply about others. With Per a smile is never far away and if you happen to be a bit low he is never reluctant to listen and lift your spirit.

    As a leader he takes charge firmly, but respectfully.  He possess great communication skills regardless if he is sending out information to the whole company, or if he spices up his company speeches with the skill set of an accomplished actor. While he obviously enjoy the spotlight he would never steal it and he seem to enjoy lifting others up to take his place even more.

    Per is a great CEO and an Amazing Person.

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