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  • Margit Mattsson | jimiwikman.se
    Margit Mattson
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    Test Management
    Business development
    My Personality My personality: SD

    Margit Mattsson

    at Cartina
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      I have long experience from the IT-industry in roles as Sales Manager, Project Manager, Line- and Consultant Manager and Development Manager. I have expertise in Sales and Business Management, where my focus is to deliver result and business value. My current focus is providing organizations with qualified Test as a Service solutions with high degree of automation!

      My assignments often include People Management in combination with Sales and Business Development in various industries, e.g. telecom, gaming and consultant business.

      I am skilled in managing relations and building high performing teams and always with a clear focus on delivery. I comfortably assume the role as a driver and a catalyst for change and to bridge the business – IT gap. Several assignments have been international with English as the working language.

      - Sales and Business Development
      - Test and Quality Management
      - People Management
      - Project Management
      - Coaching

    Products I master

    These are some products I master. I am well experienced and consider myself skilled in using these tools in a professional capcity.

      Margit Mattson is CEO of Claremont Quality Services (CQS). I met Margit over a nice dinner at Gute which later went on a long walk around Stockholm. During our 90+ minutes we talked about many things and what is presented here is only a small taste of the interesting and happy conversation that Margit offered.

      This is part of an interview series called #jimisprofiler and Margit has obviously reviewed and approved the information that follows.

      Margit, tell us a little about your business and what you do?

      Claremont Quality Services delivers Test as a Service (TaaS). It's an exciting area where a lot happens. In addition to Claremont's open source framework for automated testing (TAF), CQS can offer just about everything within testing as a service. Whether you need help evaluating your quality work, planning work on quality, test management, automated tests, performance tests or anyone who can step in and deliver, CQS has what you need.

      CQS overlaps a great deal with CQM and together they form the Quality Solutions business area that can handle all needs regarding testing and quality.

      At Claremont, every employee is trained and we learn about DISC as a step towards understanding each other and the outside world a little better. Based on DISC, what is your disposition?

      I have SD, as both outer and inner outline. That means I can sometimes be a little Jekyll and Mr. Hyde when I am both withdrawn and timid, but at the same time I show the way with my whole hand when it comes to delivering

      Where were you born and raised?

      My family immigrated from Finland and I was born in Tullinge. Later we moved to Södertälje where I grew up.

      I went to school in Södertälje and trained as an elementary school teacher in math and NO. After 13 years, I felt it was time for something new and I then retrained myself as project manager.

      Eventually it was a test that became my focus area and it feels incredibly rewarding to be at Claremont after a long and crooked road.

      What do you do when you are not working?

      I spend a lot of time in the riding school where I train and sometimes compete in dressage. Skiing, both finish and length are also a passion. I also love golf, but if I have to choose between golf and dressage, the horse always wins.

      Tell us something no one knows about you?

      I have competed in bowling and participated in the Swedish Championships. I also ride a lot, mainly on country roads and I have three bicycles for different purposes (mountain bike, country road and hybrid).

      If you had the opportunity to do just about anything, what would it be?

      It would be horses for the whole slant.

      What is the biggest challenge for you as manager at Claremont?

      The biggest challenge is being present, because we are scattered as a team. Testing is highly sought after, so we work a great deal with customers, so it is sometimes a bit difficult to keep the same overview of who needs support in the team, a laugh or just hang out for a while. This is easier when we are sitting together as I look at body language and listen to the tone if someone needs me.

      If you get to choose which superhero would best represent you?

      Modesty Blaise. She is one of the first really strong female characters and although she is tough and combats dangerous criminals, she and her companion rarely use deadly violence. Instead, she uses cunning and her extraordinary knowledge in martial arts

      Choose a person you feel you would like to ask a question to. Who would it be and what would the question be?

      Our new Chairman of the Board Olof Sand: In 3 years, what difference do you see that Claremont has achieved for our customers?


      With that, I thank Margit for a nice chat and hope for more conversations in the future. The Test area is an area that I am very passionate about, so I like to discuss it often and often.

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