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    Agile Methodologies Management IT Governance Eclipse
    David Samuelsson

    David Samuelsson
    Head of Software Development Sweden

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    About Me

    Specialties: Development Environments, Eclipse and ecosystem, Clearcase, Clearquest,Quality Center, build systems, Symbian tool chain, Team leading, Management leading. Management of Open source tools/software in corporate environments.

    Jimi's Thoughts

    David was the one who hired me for the H&M assignment as the Jira Tool Process and Method Expert. As such my job was to align with David on the ways Jira was in need of someone to coordinate the tool aspect the the governance aspect. It was no easy task, but thanks to David's guidance and great expertise we got it done.

    David has a vast knowledge of work processes and methodologies, but that would be less useful if he did not also have a vast knowledge of how work actually get done. That combination of theoretical and practical knowledge is amazing. On top of that David also have the skill of a true diplomat making him able to navigate even the muddiest of political waters.

    David is an amazing person and when he left H&M for new adventures things were never the same again.

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