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    21 awesome persons in this category

      Kent Andersson

      Started as a journalist, switched to marketing and advertising.
      Specialties: Build productive teams and brands!
      We are passionate about finding the right path to the target group's heart
      Lennandia has extensive experience in building brands and conveying stories. The business idea is to create communication with desire and logic: to shape messages that are both relevant and pleasurable. The tools are chosen to give the most effect; film, print, web and social media. Always with a clear concept and a common thread in selected channels. A good strategy if you want to reach the heart of the target group.

      Axel Lundström

      Axel, with a keen interest in retail and e-commerce, have many years of experience in the area, both through his own entrepreneurship and through consultative role for major organizations in Sweden and internationally.
      Axel is distinguished by both his efforts to achieve results and his genuine interest in seeing the project flourish, which is achieved through open and clear communication between the business side, the technology side, the user side and the client.
      Axel is currently focusing on his own e-commerce The Care Box.

      Per Thörnqvist

      Zington is one of the fastest growing and most successful companies within the Swedish consultancy industry. Our mission is to guide our customers in a digital world by offering expertise within Business, Technology & Experience.
      We believe our success is built on engaged and dynamic teams, focusing on each individuals' journey. Because strong individuals form unbeatable teams. Together we can create successful businesses, for us and for our clients.
      We call it Consulting made personal.

      Carl-Johan Nordh

      Building and developing Sweden's best Management- and IT-consultancy company together with the best people there is to get. From 10 persons to aprox. 400 persons 2019. DI Gasell company twise in a row. And still growing.

      Expert knowledge of Digital Transformation, Entrepreneur, Leadership, IT-Management and QA sales. 

      CEO of Quality Management AB, part of Zington AB.

      Oscar Svensson

      As an integrated part of Zington's mission to enable Digital Transformation Core Parter focuses on:
      • Development and Architecture, mainly on the Java and Microsoft platforms
      Speciality: Deliver cutting edge agile solutions with incredible speed
      • Business Intelligence, AI and Performance Management
      Speciality: Artifical Intelligence, Predictive Analytics & Machine Learning

      In cooperation with Zington, we deliver robust and cost effective solutions based on the Microsoft/Java technology platform. And we do it fast! Our team within Information Managment are active in a number of areas such as ecommerce, retail, banking, finance and insurance. In addition to the common BI solutions, we have a strong focus on improve the quality of decision-making for our customers with predictive analytics and machine learning. We are also the competence center for everything related to operative agile management, with assignments ranging from lead developer and scrum master to head of software development. We strive to be the best in these areas, making our customers successful and strengthen Zington's overall offer.

      #C# #BI #AI #Microsoft #Java #MachineLearning #PredictiveAnaytics #Zington #Stockholm

      Andreas Åkerblad

      Director of Zingtons initiative within the technical side of SAP.
      Focus is custom development, software architecture and integration, as well as technical setup and lifecycle management of most systems and applications in the SAP family.

      Main areas: Basis, Java, ABAP, PO/PI, Mobile, CE, UX, Portal

      Johan Sommar

      I am a Omnichannel retail experienced business guy with a consumer behavior and holistic perspective on business, strategy and branding.

      I like complex Excel spreadsheets just as much as effective guerilla pr campaigns and system integration APIs almost as much as smart and inspiring shop design.

      If you are looking for someone who can balance business knowledge and creative drive in retail management, with a good track record, I might be the one you are looking for.

      David Samuelsson

      Specialties: Development Environments, Eclipse and ecosystem, Clearcase, Clearquest,Quality Center, build systems, Symbian tool chain, Team leading, Management leading. Management of Open source tools/software in corporate environments.

      Sofia Hjorth

      After very dynamic years, working for one of the most well known IT-consultants in the end of the IT- bubble era, I discovered that it came natural to me to be a part of the technical development as well as the business & marketing side of things.

      Since then I have had the privilege to work with varied projects and clients as Nikon, Vattenfall, Ikea Home Sweden, HOPE-sthlm, Bik Bok, Bonnier Bokklubbar, Home Shop, Bonnier Tidskrifter (Magazines), Egmont, Stayhard, Sony Mobile, Volvo Cars Cooperation and many more. Some projects & positions lasted for more than over two years.
      I have a good understanding of e-business strategy as well as business and marketing considerations to be made in any e-commerce venture.

      Dipayan Kundu

      63 months in Agile methodologies, having extensive knowledge in Scrum. Currently working as a Scrum Master, previously Business Analyst and Quality Assurance Lead.


      Johan Mårdfelt

      Founder and partner @Remit. We work with digital transformation of marketing, e-commerce and sales. Gluing this together to create advantages based on customer experience as a key differentiator.
      Remit provide expertise services to customers and partners in US and EU transforming their business leveraging SAP Customer experience suite. With extensive experience we unlock the full potential in new and existing investments ensuring maximized business value creation.

      Michael Ohaegbu

      A dynamic individual with growing expertise in requirements gathering and technical solutions development to solving business problems. Proven ability to manage requirements within various projects to help fulfill business needs. I have taken the challenge to dive into the world of e-commerce. This implies focusing on ensuring an all round consumer shopping experience. Working with various tools & technologies in this space, I having been able to add additional tools to my tool box. I prioritize & create conceptual prototypes (mock-ups) through use case modeling and designs. I ensure end-to-end quality of designed e-commerce solutions by using various quality assurance techniques and pushing for acceptance criteria sign off.

      I am curious and eager to learn and evolve, something I do quickly and with passion. I'm a good team player who enjoys collaboration and adapts to work in a global environment.

      My Skills & Competencies Include:
      Hybris(yComm, yMKT), CRM(SAP C4C, Podio, Hubspot), Testing, JIRA, Confluence, CMS Design (WordPress), HTML5, CSS, User Experience, Social Media Management, Email Marketing, Integrated Campaigns, Designs (Photoshop, Fireworks), Strategic Planning, Project Management, Market Research, Training & Facilitating, Team Management, Problem isolation and analysis.

      Mattias Pihlström

      Founder of Centsoft (SaaS company sold 2010) and Brightstep (E-Commerce consulting agency sold to Accenture Interactive June 2015).

      Spending time with family and friends, thinking about next adventure. Connect with me to share ideas!

      Mauro Boffardi

      I started working as ERP-consultant in Italy back in 1992. I learned backend processes for both manufacturing and retail markets.

      1999 I started working with web and e-commerce, mainly on the Intershop platform. From that time and onward I was assigned more and more complicated projects. I got more responsibilities by becoming first a team leader and by coordinating several teams.

      In search of bigger challenges in 2008 I moved to Sweden. In Sweden I started working as a system architect consultant, working with bigger e-commerce customers. I took more and more responsibilities in the internal management, becoming CTO at Brightstep.
      After the acquisition of Brightstep by Accenture, i worked as a partner manager for the partnership with Intershop, and worked with the role of Senior Architect for presales and End 2 End architect for Hennes & Mauritz.

      In September 2019 i joined Intershop with the role of technical and commercial representative in the Nordics and other areas.

      Marko Salonen

      Competence lead and partner @Remit building a team of SAP Hybris expertise. My role is to:
      - Find and hire talented people.
      - Educate and learn about SAP Hybris.
      - SAP Open ecosystem contact person.
      - QA in projects to assist teams to deliver their best.
      - Coaching and mentoring team for example to complete certifications.
      - Sales and customer contact.

      Currently we have 4 certified SAP Hybris 6 developers in our team.

      My experience is architect and developer with hybris e-commerce platform as specialty.
      Worked with large enterprise installations , small 4 – 6team projects, re-platforming projects and many more. Expertise in integrations, understanding requirements against hybris, performance , java coding, team leading.
      Worked with almost all extensions in hybris and deep knowledge of core and things that happen in the hybris black box. Have done SAP Certified Development Professional - SAP Hybris Commerce 6.0 Developer - 1st in the world!

      Thomas Lindahl

      - ERP / Business critical IT-solutions / Affärssystem (20+ years)
      - Leadership/Management (15+ years)
      - Business Development / Entrepreneurship (15+ Years)

      Experienced Chief Executive and Senior consultant with 20+ years in the Management- and IT consulting business. Co-founder of Clarmeont.

      Business transformation- and ERP-specialist with a solid overall knowledge of the ERP-business and -market.

      Management skills spread from strategy and business planing, executive management and business development, reqruitement and retention to sales management, sales and marketing.

      Operational consultant skills within Project management, Process management, Demand management, Finance processes, SCM-processes, ERP applications and QA / Reviews of IT- and business driven projects.

      Specialties: Management, Business development, Strategies, Sales, Marketing, Consulting, ERP-systems

      Industry expertise: Retail, Professional services, Manufacturing, Pharma

      Co-founder of Claremont:
      Claremont is one of the fastest growing and most successful companies within the Swedish consultancy industry. As a result, Claremont has been awarded with two of the most prominent prizes in Sweden, "Di Gasell” 2013-2015, and ”VA Superföretag " 2015 and 2016.
      Our mission is to lead our customers in a digital world, by offering expertise within Business, Technology & Experience. We believe that when the individual grows, the company grows with that person. We call it Consulting made personal.
      Want to learn more? Visit our website: www.claremont.se/english

      Co-founder of MeOne Konsultförmedling AB
      MeOne is a IT-consulting broker helping large global firms source approx 200 consultants delivering value and IT-expertise. Member of the board since 2010.

      Aki Ravelin

      How do you start a successful company and make it grow and get a strong brand on the way?
      How do you give your customers the best service and value and in the long run loyal customers?
      How can Design and User Experience create value for your company?

      I am a Experienced Chief Executive Officer with a demonstrated history of working in the information technology and services industry. Skilled in Requirements Analysis, Coaching, Sales, Agile Methodologies, and Sales Management. Strong business development professional with a Fil.mag focused in Samhällsvetenskap from Stockholm University.

      Please contact me if you want to know more about me 🦄

      Mikael Jonsson

      Head of Claremont Enterprice Commerce (part of Claremont AB).
      - E-Commerce
      - Marketing

      I have 20 years’ experience from IT and more than 10 years’ experience from managing positions.
      My experience range from sales, leadership, strategy and business development. Over the last 10 years I have been responsible for companies and divisions with up to an annual turnover of more than 100 million SEK and the recruitment of more than 100 people.
      Wherever I work and whatever I do, I bring a positive, enthusiastic and we-can-do-this attitude.

      Henrik Brinkhagen

      Long experience of successful leadership in unit and company leadership roles within companies with a clear growth agenda. Habit of and interest in strategy formulation and execution with consistent results and very positive grades from the board and other management.
      Analytical and pragmatic as a person, with a clear view who often wants to involve employees in planning and execution through clear communication and enthusiastic leadership.
      Passionate about actively contributing to development and sustainable results in organizations with a strong culture and forward-thinking spirit. Theoretical as well as practical experience and competence in business development and program / project management at a strategic and operational level. Experience from service delivery as well as production activities.
      Master of Science in Industrial Economics, with a focus on Supply Chain Management and Computer Science from Linköping University (degree 2006) and the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology.

      Margit Mattsson

      I have long experience from the IT-industry in roles as Sales Manager, Project Manager, Line- and Consultant Manager and Development Manager. I have expertise in Sales and Business Management, where my focus is to deliver result and business value. My current focus is providing organizations with qualified Test as a Service solutions with high degree of automation!

      My assignments often include People Management in combination with Sales and Business Development in various industries, e.g. telecom, gaming and consultant business.

      I am skilled in managing relations and building high performing teams and always with a clear focus on delivery. I comfortably assume the role as a driver and a catalyst for change and to bridge the business – IT gap. Several assignments have been international with English as the working language.

      - Sales and Business Development
      - Test and Quality Management
      - People Management
      - Project Management
      - Coaching
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