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  • Kathy Tavlariou | jimiwikman.se
    Kathy Tavlariou
    My Linkedin Page My Top Skills Marketing Strategy
    Digital Marketing
    Social Media Marketing
    Marketing Research
    Social Media
    My Personality

    Kathy Tavlariou

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      Digital expert with extensive experience in driving online sales for well-known global consumer goods companies.

      What is driving me? Understanding online users behaviour and then turning these insights into increased online sales with high ROI. I am a strong supporter of data-driven mindset and staying always abreast of industry changes. Cross-cultural work environments that are not change-resistant intrigue me the most.

      Specialties: Ecommerce, AdWords, Content management and SEO, Digital Strategy, UX, Conversion Optimisation, Digital Key Performance Indicators

    Jimi's Thoughts

    I worked with Kathy when she was working at Electrolux. My assignment was  to oversee and coordinate the rollout of the new platform for 55 webshops in 23 countries. Kathy was E-commerce manager and as such aced as the product owner for that project.

    Kathy is the kind of person that impress the more you get to know her. Although she have a skillset that impress even old IT nerds like me, that is not hat make her awesome. When you are in a position of power, like Kathy is, then you can fall in the trap of becoming controlling and disrespectful. This is not the case with Kathy.

    She will never abuse her position to make you feel disrespected or less valuable. In fact she will do the opposite. She is amazing and making you feel seen and heard in a way that is respectful no matter what. She is kind and generous with a great sense of humor. She is also clearly in command of every situation as a strong leader.

    Her skills in the marketing sphere is impressive, but she know her way around the technical parts as well. A fact that serve her well when discussing the technical aspects of her work since it makes life so much easier for the developing teams.

    Kathy is a strong, intelligent and respectful leader that inspire and motivate the people around her.

    She is an Amazing Person.

    Products I master

    These are some products I master. I am well experienced and consider myself skilled in using these tools in a professional capcity.

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    I worked with Kathy when she was working at Electrolux. I learned that Kathy is an awesome person because not only is she skilled and smart, she is also a kind person with a great sense of humor. She are always on top of things and not only is she highly skilled in the marketing field, she also know more than you think about the technical side of things.

    This makes prioritization and risk management a breeze with someone like Kathy that know how to balance the business side of things with the technical one. The fact that she is a great communicator that treat everyone around her with respect just add to her impressive set of skills and qualities.

    Kathy is an Awesome Person.

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