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  • Viktor Waagaard | jimiwikman.se
    Viktor Waagaard
    My Linkedin Page Contact me My Profile My Top Skills Java
    SAP Hybris
    My Personality My personality: ID

    Viktor Waagaard

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      Viktor is an efficient and creative developer who always strives to get the job done on time. He has high stress tolerance and has no problem working overtime if they are required to get the real-time out. Viktor has always had a great interest in technology from a young age, which through curiosity means that he is constantly updated within the latest technologies.

      Viktor is a social person who likes to interact with other people, which makes him very flexible for the customer with communication and delivery. He always puts the customer's needs first and has a very effective approach to communicating technical questions / answers. Viktor likes to be challenged by getting into complex e-commerce platforms like SAP Hybris & Intershop.

      Viktor has good experience about omnichannel and its architecture. He has good knowledge of how architecture works on an E-commerce site and has worked on various types of integrations such as Adyen (PSP), Phonehouse (mobile subscription for Elgiganten), IBM AS400.

      Viktor always has a smile on his lips and contributes a very good aura to his employees even when the deadline is tough and the stress level is high.

    Jimi's Thoughts

    Viktor is one of those quiet people with great potential. He is hard working, loyal and with a heart made of gold. Always kind and generous with a smile when you need it. Viktor is also one of those people that are always curious and eager to learn. While his passion is for Java, he knows a lot about Javascript and front end development as well.

    Viktor have all the qualities of a great leader, but I have a feeling he will take his time before moving into that position. This because he is so curious and eager to learn as much as he can and I think he is simply having to much fun being creative at this point.

    Viktor is one of those awesome people that you always want on your team. Not only will he work hard, but he will also make working in the team a great experience.

    Viktor is without a doubt an Awesome Person.

    Products I master

    These are some products I master. I am well experienced and consider myself skilled in using these tools in a professional capcity.

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