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  • My main personality type is: SD
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    Javascript PHP
    Ornamo Antar

    Ornamo Antar
    Lead Front End / E-Commerce Consultant

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    About Me

    An Experienced Front End Developer with focus on UX, Design and E-commerce.
    Experienced in working with smaller and bigger projects. Familiar with Agile frameworks, Scrum and Kanban. Good collaborator, good communication skills, expert problem solver with ability to identify issues and delivers high quality and high performance solutions.

    Curious and eager to learn and expand my knowledge. Seeking for challenges and always tries to reach new heights.

    Specialties: E-commerce, Hybris, UX, Front End, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Usability, User Experience, Design, Software Development, UI Development.

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    Jimi Wikman


    I have worked with Ornamo on several projects and I feel that he grow every day. Not only is Ornamo working hard without ever complaining over long work hours or overtime, he also absorb every bit of knowledge like a sponge. He is not afraid to take responsibility and step up when needed, but he always do so with great respect and a humble approach.

    Ornamo is the perfect team player that is never afraid to speak up when he see something he think can be improved, yet never do so in an offensive or disrespectful way. He will listen and provide his own point of view in a way that is respectful, yet firm.

    If the project need extra effort Ornamo is always there to go the extra distance and he will do so with a smile and positive attitude, even if he is dead tired.

    Ornamo has a great skill set already and he is continuously pushing himself do learn more things and improve himself. In many ways Ornamo is already one of the keystones in our company, even though he is still young.

    I foresee a great future for Ornamo and every project we work together on I consider myself lucky to have such a great co-worker by my side. I know I can always rely on Ornamo that he will not only do awesome work, but also that he will challenge and offer alternatives so every project will have the best possible outcome.

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