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  • Mikael X Johansson | jimiwikman.se
    My Linkedin Page Contact me My Profile My Top Skills Javascript
    Design System
    Project Management
    My Personality

    Mikael X Johansson

    Posted , 681 views, 1 comment

      I am a very driven developer with a wide spectrum of knowledge and I like to take part in the whole process of the product.

      Great knowledge in NodeJS, Express, GIT, Jade/Pug, Sass/CSS, MySQL, XML, CSS, HTML, jQuery, xAuth, Facebook, Twitter, routing, prototyping just to mention a few

      Specialties: NodeJS, Express, PM2, Routing, Plugins, NPM, Bower, mySQL, XML, HTML, SASS/CSS, JS/ES2016, Gulp, Vagrant etc, please ask me for more details if you're interested

    Jimi's Thoughts

    Mikael is the best frontend architect I have ever seen. Period.

    His knowledge and skill is beyond impressive, and with his big and passionate heart he is a force of nature in any team. I mean that in the best possible way.

    I worked with Mikael on the H&M Appeaser project where I lead the front end team that built the frontend for the new fronts for the H&M brands. Even though the project was a big mess we navigated that well, much thanks to Mikael and his ability to direct the work as the lead architect.

    As a person Mikael will give his all for the team and the delivery. He is loyal, passionate and quick to laughter.

    Mikael is an awesome person, short and simple.

    Products I master

    These are some products I master. I am well experienced and consider myself skilled in using these tools in a professional capcity.

    User Feedback

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    Mikael has the unique combination of a passionate and caring heart and a sharp and skilled mind.

    Working with Mikael you know he will always give 100%, and he will always do what is best for the client and the project.

    Despite having an amazing toolbox of skills that he master to perfection he always listens and evaluate others opinions and experiences.

    He is loyal and cares deeply for his teammates to the point where he will crawl over glass or work endless nights for them.

    Mikael is one of the best front end architects I have ever worked with and I look forward to working side by side with him again.

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