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  • Irene Forssell Nilsson | jimiwikman.se
    Irene Forssell Nilsson
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    My Personality

    Irene Forssell Nilsson

    Front-end specialist
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    I am a frontend specialist with the heart of a warrior and the mind of a thinker. I have a broad skill set that I combine with a  get-it-done mentality and genuine care about the people around me. I love to learn and improve myself as well as helping others do the same.

    Jimi's Thoughts

    I was team lead for a frontend team that Irene was a part of and while she joined after the project already had started she had no problem finding her place. She jumped right in, asked all the right questions and took on any challenge with a positive attitude and a smile. Her attitude, her skill and her relentless strive to improve and learn impressed me a lot.

    As a person I find Irene to be open-minded, kind, generous and with a mind that seem to absorb knowledge like a sponge. She is smart and social in the most respectful way. She is not mindlessly fearless, but certainly brave, and she will take on any challenge with a smile. When she gets stuck she will ask for help without hesitation, and she will give help to anyone who ask for it.

    I honestly do not think there is anything that Irene can not accomplish if you set her mind to it. She has the mind and the heart to take on any challenge as well as the spirit to ensure she succeeds.

    In short, Irene is an Awesome Person.

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