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    • By Jimi Wikman
      Let’s discuss this with a simple example,
      when you open Microsoft Word, you will see several templates to select and work on. Other than the blank document, you will be able to find several other templates such as a business report layout, letter layout, etc.… all these templates are similar to a framework in programming.
      If you look closely, you can find the word “frame” from the framework, which also gives you an idea that the frame is made already for YOU, and you are only supposed to fill the frame with your requirements, and it's that simple.
    • By Jimi Wikman
      As more consumers make buying decisions entirely online, Design Within Reach built a web presence that mimics the brick-and-mortar experience.
    • By Jimi Wikman
      In every single organization I have worked in so far, it has been the policy for Scrum Masters to work with a minimum of two teams simultaneously. I have even seen Scrum Masters “serving” as many as six teams.
      Serving multiple teams could be beneficial in the sense that those teams are aligned on “the Scrum language they speak”. It’s part of the Scrum Master’s accountability to teach teams and organizations in their adoption of the Scrum framework.
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