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    • By Jimi Wikman
      Front-end development is fascinating, not only because you can create magical experiences and it is very tangible to see the results of your work, but also because of the vast number of options available for building UIs.
      Regularly we face the decision to pick from fantastic JavaScript frameworks and CSS or visual design frameworks, which grew up so complex that they have their own learning curve.
    • By Jimi Wikman
      As we all know, JavaScript has been changing rapidly. With the new ES2020, there are many awesome features introduced that you might want to checkout. To be honest, you can write code in many different ways. They might achieve the same goal, but some are shorter and much clearer. You can use some small tricks to make your code cleaner and clearer. Here is a list of useful tricks for JavaScript developers that will definitely help you one day.
    • By Jimi Wikman
      My assignment was to make a new design for the web based user area based on the graphical profile from one of ChessIT's clients. The design had to be light in terms of changes, as the project had hard deadlines. I worked with the client and the developers to find a balance between the two that satisfied the requirements and respected the time constraints.
      I also worked with ChessIT to create new icons for their solution and create a design guide for future design work. Furthermore, I assisted with designing a signup form for another client. I also designed the UI for a second system for that same client. These designs I then also ended up coding as well, with focus on CSS and HTML structures.
      Deliverables in the project:
      Design in Sketch and later in Figma Client meetings to discuss the designs A new UI for a signup form for another client A new UI for a second system design HTML/CSS for the signup form and the second system Custom Icons Design guideline
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