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  • Micke Alm | jimiwikman.se
    Micke Alm
    My Linkedin Page Contact me My Profile My Top Skills User Experience
    Team Leadership
    Frontend Development
    Graphic Design
    Agile Methodologies
    My Personality

    Micke Alm

    Senior UX Designer at Cartina
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      I've worked in UX for close to a decade coming from a front-end development background. I've been a prototyper, designer, manager and lead, and I love all of it. I always promote team-work and collaboration, and I truly believe the best products are built together.

    Jimi's Thoughts

    Micke is one of those people you like instantly. Kind, soft-spoken, intelligent and incredibly skilled he is just a joy to be around and work with. Not only will he constantly impress you with his design skills, he also is a very competent frontend developer as well.

    While not one who make efforts to stand in the spotlight he is a natural leader and people follow him out of respect and because is an amazing person. He work hard and go above and beyond to make sure the team and the project are doing well. He genuinely cares about the people he work with, and he will always make sure their well-being is being respected.

    With his broad skill base he can easily see the big picture. His great skill as a communicator also means that he can communicate this to stakeholders and designers alike.

    Micke is an awesome person.

    Products I master

    These are some products I master. I am well experienced and consider myself skilled in using these tools in a professional capcity.

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