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    Interaction Design User Experience HTML5 & CSS E-commerce Collaborative Work
    Mattias Berkesten

    Mattias Berkesten
    UX Designer & Front-end Developer

    About Me

    I am a happy and active person who likes to take on challenges and puts a lot of focus on achieving good results. I enjoy working both individually and in groups and like to direct and create structure, which has resulted in me taking on a leadership role in several projects. My previous work has taught me the importance of providing good service and listening to the customer's wishes, which is also a central part of the role of Interaction Designer and Consultant.

    What drives me is my willingness to help others solve problems, especially in the areas of usability and user experiences. In the future, I see myself working on the development and design of technical artifacts and systems, both in terms of graphical interfaces and different interactions.

    Jimi's Thoughts

    Mattias is a superstar. Period.

    Not only is he amazing when it comes to picking up new skills, but he has a natural affinity for people skills. People feel comfortable around him and he has that natural leadership aura that comes from a high empathy for people around him.

    Mattias is talented in both front end development and both digital design and user experience. His experience with e-commerce have given him a good understanding of conversion rate optimization. His curiosity and experience have made him very good at other areas as well, such as marketing and analytics to mention a few.

    With Mattias skill level, his amazing people skills and his natural empathy I think he is destined to become a great leader. I see him as a natural choice for things like Product Owner or Team leader where he is today, but only time will tell how far he will go in the future.

    Mattias is a natural choice for any team, especially e-commerce teams. Not only will he make the whole team have a great time with his kind and generous attitude, he will also make sure the customer get the absolute best, always.

    Mattias is without a doubt an Awesome Person.

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