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  • Awesome People

    People are amazing!
    This is a tribute to some of the amazing people I have had the great privilege to meet over the years.

    Sophie Garcia

    Experienced Marketing Designer with a demonstrated history of working in the information technology and services industry. Skilled in Photography, Coaching, Advertising, and Sales. Strong arts and design professional graduated from Medieskolan.

    Victor Aflarenko

    Hi! I'm Victor Aflarenko, a Swedish guy who is very passionate about music and graphic design.
    I love what I do, this is my passion. My inspiration comes from everything between music and buss rides.

    Micke Alm

    I've worked in UX for close to a decade coming from a front-end development background. I've been a prototyper, designer, manager and lead, and I love all of it. I always promote team-work and collaboration, and I truly believe the best products are built together.

    Irene Forssell Nilsson

    I am a frontend specialist with the heart of a warrior and the mind of a thinker. I have a broad skill set that I combine with a  get-it-done mentality and genuine care about the people around me. I love to learn and improve myself as well as helping others do the same.

    Ulrike Fröhlich

    Business Development, Business Design, Agile Transformation (Scrum & SAFe certified), Change Management, Product Management, SME E-commerce/Omni-Channel/Retail

    Kathy Tavlariou

    Digital expert with extensive experience in driving online sales for well-known global consumer goods companies.

    What is driving me? Understanding online users behaviour and then turning these insights into increased online sales with high ROI. I am a strong supporter of data-driven mindset and staying always abreast of industry changes. Cross-cultural work environments that are not change-resistant intrigue me the most.

    Specialties: Ecommerce, AdWords, Content management and SEO, Digital Strategy, UX, Conversion Optimisation, Digital Key Performance Indicators

    Kent Andersson

    Started as a journalist, switched to marketing and advertising.
    Specialties: Build productive teams and brands!
    We are passionate about finding the right path to the target group's heart
    Lennandia has extensive experience in building brands and conveying stories. The business idea is to create communication with desire and logic: to shape messages that are both relevant and pleasurable. The tools are chosen to give the most effect; film, print, web and social media. Always with a clear concept and a common thread in selected channels. A good strategy if you want to reach the heart of the target group.

    Axel Lundström

    Axel, with a keen interest in retail and e-commerce, have many years of experience in the area, both through his own entrepreneurship and through consultative role for major organizations in Sweden and internationally.
    Axel is distinguished by both his efforts to achieve results and his genuine interest in seeing the project flourish, which is achieved through open and clear communication between the business side, the technology side, the user side and the client.
    Axel is currently focusing on his own e-commerce The Care Box.

    Emil Eriksson

    I am a curious problem solver with a passion for understanding human behavior. It is my belief that an awesome product is one that not only is functional and usable but also meaningful to the user. The product is inline with the business goals and are using the right technique to get the job done.

    A great product or service should exceed your customers expectations and make them feel good using your products. When we put the user in the front seat and observe and learn we can build products and services that is actually meaningful to the user.

    When we design meaningful stuff, we have a good chance to provide a great user experience giving value to both users and customers.

    This is my passion, this is what I do as a consultant.

    UX in practical terms:
    Target group analysis Workshops, Ideation, Design studio, Stakeholder interviews Field observation and interviewing Effect mapping, Set up UX metrics Behavioral modeling (Personas, etc) Content strategy Concept creation Interaction design Usability testing Customer journey Prototyping
    UX in a more strategic role:
    Helping customers start up UX teams UX Roadmap. Presenting UX and how you can get ROI Business development and UX

    Patrik Ohlsson

    I am a senior Test management consultant with proven ability when it comes to helping development teams deliver tested working software faster with minimal impact on time to market. I like to think I have a professional and humble approach with the ability to perform well under pressure and as a a person I have gotten feedback that I'm easy to work with and to gain confidence in. I like to set set goals and then achieving them.
    Areas of expertise: Acceptance testing, Business analysis, Team lead, E2E Testing using automation, Continuous testing and much more.
    I have:
    20+ years QA experience from retail, telecom, finance and travel industry.
    10+ years experience working as a consultant in agile projects
    6+ years experience from various E-commerce implementations
    On a personal note I live south of Stockholm with my family and I enjoy sports, traveling and movies.
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