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      IBM breaks up into two companies - splitting into two market leading companies

      Last week IBM announced that the company would be moving some of its lower-margin lines of business into a new company and that IBM itself would focus on higher-margin cloud services. This comes after a long effort by IBM to diversify away from its legacy businesses.
      IBM will list its IT infrastructure services unit, which provides technical support for 4,600 clients in 115 countries as a separate company with a new name by the end of 2021. The new company will have 90,000 employees and its leadership structure will be decided in a few months. This new company has no official name yet and is referred to as NewCo in IBM's marketing and investor relations material..
      In a press release IBM state that they "will focus on its open hybrid cloud platform, which represents a $1 trillion market opportunity," while NewCo "will immediately be the world’s leading managed infrastructure services provider."
      During an investor call, CEO Arvind Krishna, who replaced Ginni Rometty as CEO in April, acknowledged that the move was a "significant shift" in how IBM will work, but he positioned it as the latest in a decades-long series of strategic divestment. Krishna also said that IBM’s software and solutions portfolio would account for the majority of company revenue after the separation.
      IBM, which currently has more than 352,000 workers, said it expects to record nearly $5 billion in expenses related to the separation and operational changes.


      GitHub is now free - core GitHub features are now free for everyone

      GitHub is an amazing service, but up until now you had to pay a fee to have private repositories. That has now changed and GitHub just announced that making private repositories with unlimited collaborators available to all GitHub accounts. All of the core GitHub features are now free for everyone.
      Not only are GitHub providing private repositories with unlimited collaborators at no cost, they also lower the cost for their pro plans with more than half. It has never been a better time to get into GitHub, so if you are not already there now may be a good time to try it out.
      This is great for smaller companies that want to use GitHub for project work, but don't want to pay for the private repositories function. Smaller teams can now also start using GitHub as it is far more affordable with the new pricing that is almost 50% lower.
      Overall I think this is a great update from gitHub and it's probably the one I have been waiting for since I joined back in 2011.
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