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  • Setup Jira & Confluence for success - The Complete series | jimiwikman.se

    Setup Jira & Confluence for success - The Complete series

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    I often get questions on how I think the best setup for Jira and Confluence should look when I meet organizations. Because of that I will make a series of posts about this where I setup Jira and Confluence from scratch. This will include not just how I do things, but also the thought behind it. I hope you will find this useful for setting up your own setup in Jira and Confluence.

    This series will be divided into several parts. This is because adding every step in a single post would make for a very long blog post. Dividing into a series also make it easier for you to look at specific parts that is most interesting for you at the moment. The parts that I have in mind could change as I write the series, but at the moment the plan is this:

    With the setup completed in Jira and Confluence I will probably add a second series called "Work processes in Confluence & Jira - From Need to Deploy" where we go through how to use the setup from a practical point of view. It will be a more generic process so it can be used in any methodology with some minor tweaks. If anyone want I could also add a post about how to use the power of Jira and Confluence for programmers without ever leaving your IDE.


    Is there anything you miss from this series that you feel I should add?


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