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    Vaam.io - the screen recording tool that streamlines communication

    Vaam.io is a Swedish “video as a message” service that was started by Josef Fallesen, Hampus Persson and Gohar Avagyan that I worked with on the H&M project. Vaam is a very easy to use service that has a lot to offer, even though it is still very new and under rapid development.
    I first noticed Vaam.io on LinkedIn and since Gohar is an amazing designer I looked into it. What I found was a service that is incredibly simple to use, yet very powerful. It has a lot of potential and I will make use of it here on the site as soon as I figure out the best way to use it. I have some ideas on how to implement it, but there are some technical issues I need to figure out first. This is on my end though, not with Vaam.
    So, what does Vaam do? Simply put it allow you to record yourself while interacting with whatever you have on your screen. So it can be used as a presentation or as a quick message as you can link directly from your Vaam library.
    Once you have recorded a message, then you have several options already, and more are on the way. You can download the video of course as well as sharing the recording in multiple ways. One interesting feature is to link as a Gif for emails and things like that.
    In order to use Vaam today you need to install an app that is currently only available for Chrome. Once installed you simply click a button and start recording. Once done your recording is automatically added to your library and you can share it or delete it if you did not like it.
    As with all startups the team behind Vaam are very active, and they have invited people to a Vaam slack where the so called Vaambassadors provide feedback and discuss features with the team.
    I think Vaam have a bright future ahead and Vaam.io and the team have secured plenty of funds already.

    Invision Community - building a blog from scratch

    This is a guide series that will go through everything you need to know to set up and customize your own blog using Invision Community from Invision Power Services. This guide will be updated with new articles or new information when new releases are made that affect the guides.
    This guide contains the following articles:
    Introduction (this page) Databases & Custom fields Adding Databases to Pages Adding CSS and JS to Pages Article View Template design Article Listing Template Design Article Category Listing Template Design Article Form Design Article Block Design Database Relationships This guide should give you all the information you need to get a good start with creating your own designs with Invision Community and its Pages application. If you want a quick start however and get a great looking design up and running in 10 minutes, then you can purchase a license for Invision Community and buy the plugin Pages SuperGrid by opentype.
    For this guide you will need a license for Pages, which is the application that allow you to work with Pages and Databases. I will make references to the Forum application as well, but you do not need that if you do not want to. The information in the articles will not go deep into how to make your blog compatible by using standard classes as that is a pretty big topic and I usually just build for myself, so I do not have to worry too much about that.
    If you have any questions or see a topic not yet added here, please drop by the forum and let me know.

    Jira Service Management merges several products into one

    Today Atlassian announced the new package for their ITSM solution. The new package is called Jira Service Management and it is a bundle of Jira Service Desk, Opsgenie. This is a pretty sweet package and it is quite powerful for anyone who want to combine Agile and ITIL4 as a power combo for the future.
    This is quite the change for Atlassian and it is probably to compete with ServiceNow that has had a stronger ITSM solution as their main selling point. This new service package, and especially the new name for it, will probably pave way for more companies to look at Atlassian even for their ITSM solutions.
    This new package, combined with Jira Software, Confluence and Bitbucket now means that you get a complete package for ITSM and Agile methodologies. There will be improved integrations with Insight, the asset management solution Atlassian purchased from Mindville earlier this year. This will greatly improve the usefulness of the Atlassian ITSM package.
    This comes at a pretty good time as I am building this for several clients, and they will be very happy about these new changes.

    Color Psychology - not as easy as it may look

    Color psychology is a topic often brought up when discussing conversion rate optimization. It often comes up as a sort of law of what colors to use, which is based on an article online or some generic description in a book. Color psychology however is far more complex than that and a recent article by Talia Wolf at GetUplift is the best introduction to that complexity I think.
    The fact that colors can affect us should come as no surprise to anyone. There are a lot of studies that show that this is true. How they affect us however is still a bit vague and seem less important to a lot of people working with it. This is a big mistake because just like music has an impact on our minds, colors also affect us based on association and everyone has different associations.
    Just as Talia brings up the different association differences in her excellent article, like the fact that white is both purity and death, there is also associations based on age and even personal preferences. You also have a whole science behind the different versions and shades of the colors where for example one shade of green can be seen as healthy and full of life and another will associate with pestilence and death.
    Talia also briefly touch on the fact that color psychology should not be used alone. It should be considered together with other association factors like typography, iconography and overall tonality. In conversion rate optimization it should also be accompanied by other CRO tools like direction of movement, familiarity and the gestalt laws to direct and highlight the actions we want the users to take.
    If you want to know more, then head over to GetUplift and read the full article "Color psychology: The complete step-by-step guide" by Talia Wolf.
    You will not regret it.

    Knowit acquire Creuna - becomes the largest digital agency in the Nordics

    The Swedish consultant agency Knowit acquire Creuna, a nordic digital agency and form the largest digital agency in the nordics. The combined work forces will be gathered under Knowit Experience. The acquisition is conditional on approval from the Norwegian Competition Authority, which is expected to be received during the fourth quarter of 2020.
    How this will affect the market is still too early to predict. It will depend on how well Knowit matches Creunas way of working and what support will be provided in the merger. I suspect there will be some Creuna profiles moving on shortly, but in the end I think this should be a good match for Knowit. Just like Fjord was a good match for Accenture when I still worked for Accenture.
    Read the full press release (in Swedish):
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