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    ChessIT - Digital designer

    Jimi Wikman

    Jimi is an experienced project manager with a rather unique range of kills. He is a certified requirements manager, trained designer with special expertise in conversion optimization, experienced system, integration and acceptance testers and has 20+ years of experience in front end development…

    Project Summary

    My assignment was to make a new design for the web based user area based on the graphical profile from one of ChessIT's clients. The design had to be light in terms of changes, as the project had hard deadlines. I worked with the client and the developers to find a balance between the two that satisfied the requirements and respected the time constraints.

    I also worked with ChessIT to create new icons for their solution and create a design guide for future design work. Furthermore, I assisted with designing a signup form for another client. I also designed the UI for a second system for that same client. These designs I then also ended up coding as well, with focus on CSS and HTML structures.

    Deliverables in the project:

    • Design in Sketch and later in Figma
    • Client meetings to discuss the designs
    • A new UI for a signup form for another client
    • A new UI for a second system design
    • HTML/CSS for the signup form and the second system
    • Custom Icons
    • Design guideline

    Customer Value

    I took the existing design and enhanced it within the time constraints. The design was defined together with the client, that on many occasions expressed their appreciation of the new design and how it made the experience working with the system more enjoyable. I helped out with development of HTML and CSS on short notice, as well as UI design for a new customer that was much appreciated by ChessIT.




    UI Design - Expert UX Design - Expert
    • Figma

      Fast and powerful, just like your work
      Packed with design features you already love plus unique inventions like the Arc tool and Vector Networks, Figma helps you keep the ideas flowing. No need to stop to install, save, or export. It’s what any good cloud software should be.
      Design and prototype in tandem
      Bring your ideas to life faster in animated prototypes that feel like the real thing. Get insights from users and test concepts earlier and more often.
      Team up to move even faster
      Share a link to your design files or prototypes, and get feedback in context. Or, jump into the same file with your teammates—no matter where y’all are in the world—and co-edit live.
      Build once, reuse infinite times
      Create a scalable design system that’s accessible for your organization and easy for you to manage. When all designers are speaking the same language, everyone’s more empowered to do their best work.
    • Sketch

      About Sketch
      Over a million people — from freelancers to the world’s most successful product teams — use Sketch to create their best work, every day.
      Our co-founders, Pieter Omvlee and Emanuel Sá, started Sketch back in 2010 because they believed that designers deserved a better set of tools. We started with a true native Mac app, built specifically for UI design — and we’ve never looked back.
      Today, we’re building a fully-featured design platform that combines our award-winning Mac app with powerful, browser-based collaboration tools. And although a lot has changed in the last ten years, we’re still staying true to our values.
    • ChessIT

      We help you put intelligence into systems
      Intelligent and business-adapted system solutions are not more expensive than other standard solutions. Just smarter. And provides much more business value. For you who want to take CRM to the next level, we offer support in all phases.
    • Cartina

      Cartina is a management, tech and design consultancy focused on digital transformation. We exist to inspire real digital leadership in clients and colleagues alike.
      We partner with clients to explore, challenge & drive change in ways that create resilient impact. This requires embedding digital at the heart and mind of organizations & building capabilities that help both clients and people to grow and constantly renew themselves.
      We develop tailor made solutions that exceed our clients’ ever-changing expectations and needs. We constantly seek improved ways to deliver sustainable results.
      We collaborate with people at every level of our client’s organization. We navigate in exploring opportunities as a trusted advisor to top management, prepare & change organizations & mindset with hands-on coaching, design & build business tech solutions. All to create lasting impact.
      To shape the future we all dream off, we focus on delivering practical and resilient results to equip our clients to grow and lead in a new era.
      Management Consulting, Professional Services

      It is not often you get to work in a project where the Agile way of working actually works, but this was one of those. It worked because both ChessIT and the client had the Agile mindset and more importantly had a collaborative and respectful attitude.

      Even when things did not go as planned there was no blame going around and no bad attitude. Just a sense of "how do we solve this in the best way" from both ChessIT and the client. As a designer I can say that the client was one of the most satisfying to work with because of their amazing attitude and guidance.

      Even if they did not really knew exactly what they wanted, they had a pretty good idea of roughly what they wanted. That made it easy for me to visualize. They also provided feedback in a constructive and respectful way, making the adjustments and iterations positive and enjoyable.

      ChessIT is a small company with a big heart. It is an amazing combination and the people working there make it even more so.

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