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    Martin & Servera - Jira Expert & Project Manager

    Jimi Wikman

    Jimi is an Atlassian Expert with many years' experience in configuring and designing ways of working in Jira, Confluence and Jira Service Desk. He has built setups based on multiple processes and methods, including SAFe and ITIL. He has good understanding of the technical setup of integrations as well as insight into competing software such as ServiceNow. He understands the problems involved with introducing new ways of working and is well experienced in coaching and training small and large work forces.

    Project Summary

    My assignment was to implement Jira & Confluence at Martin & Servera. Configure a new setup in Jira and Confluence, create documentation and train the teams to use the new setup. I had this assignment extended twice to manage Phase 2 and Phase 3.

    Phase 1 - Configure and train

    FeedbackIn Phase one of the Project, I designed the setup in Jira and created a standard setup for all Jira projects according to the Flexible Atlassian Setup. For Confluence, I set up a standard 7+1 structure as a standard for system documentation. I also created two education packages, one for Jira Software and one for system documentation in Confluence. Each education package contained a 2-hour theoretical part and a 2-hour practical part. I also added education packages for iteration planning and retrospective to help with those two aspects specifically.

    As part of Phase 1 I also reviewed the need for additional training, or system support. I also acted as support for architect questions and security questions. I made a special analysis for a large project that was in planning to see what was needed for that project as a driving force for driving the new changes. Based on these findings, I presented a project plan for Phase 2.


    Phase 2 - Portfolio, Test & Requirements

    In Phase 2 we focused on Requirements in Confluence, testing in QMetry and Portfolio Management in BigPicture.  Initially I was going to use Advanced Roadmaps, but due to the change to that feature just before Phase 2 started we had to re-evaluate and selected BigPicture as the new portfolio tool.

    For requirements, we invited a large selection of people with various degree of experience with requirements. This meant that we had some people that felt this was a little too complicated, while others felt they already knew what we showed in the education. As a result, I also complemented with individual coaching and on request coaching to ensure everyone felt they got the right level of training.

    For test, we had two workshops to test the capabilities of QMetry and how it would fit into the test strategies that were defined during the period. I then only provided coaching on demand when needed.

    For Portfolio in BigPicture I built a custom setup in Jira for time management using a special subtask for time allocation during the planning phase of projects. I also set up BigPicture in the different portfolios and held several workshops to define the workflows and visualizations so it would fit the existing processes, where it made sense.

    In addition to this, I also held additional educational sessions for Jira and Confluence, as well as on demand coaching. I also provided a suggestion for a phase 3.


    Phase 3 - Supporting and preparing for maintenance

    In phase 3 I had four main focuses: Ensuring the rollout of Jira and Confluence was completed, supporting the rollout of Portfolio in BigPicture, ensuring the big project had everything it needed to successfully use Jira and Confluence when it started and finally to make sure the systems were ready to go into a maintenance mode.

    During this phase I worked with different vendors and the architects to be able to set recommendations for integrations as well as the flows for support and incident management. I also reviewed potential replacements for me, both short term and long term.

    I mapped existing systems to make sure all were represented in Jira and Confluence, and supported the implementation of an external tool for architecture in Confluence. Furthermore, I supported with daily questions in a coaching capacity and worked with the teams to make sure they worked correctly and that they felt comfortable doing so. I also held extra education sessions for Confluence with focus on macros as that was requested.

    For the big project, I supported the new requirement analysts in all matters related to Confluence. I also set up the program in Jira and Confluence and held education in how to use them.

    I supported the rollout of BigPicture and also reviewed the project process to see if a move to Confluence for Projects could be done. This included creating several templates for Confluence and a slight adjustment of the workflow in BigPicture. This job also tied into a review of the onboarding and offboarding processes for projects.

    I identified two areas that I recommended creating two projects for in as the project moved over to maintenance mode.


    Deliverables in the project:

    • A new setup in Jira for development
    • A standard Confluence structure for System documentation
    • Documentation of the setup in Jira and Confluence
    • Training for Jira and Confluence
      • Jira Basic
      • Confluence Basic
      • Iteration Planning basic
      • Retrospective
    • Training for QMetry
    • A standard setup for Portfolio Management in Jira
    • Training for Portfolio Management
    • A Maintenance plan
      • A maintenance organization
      • How to support the Atlassian systems
      • Incident management for the Atlassian systems
    • Support for the teams
    • Support for other initiatives



    Kanban Portfolio Management Project Management Scrum Teaching


    BigPicture - Experienced Confluence - Expert Jira Software - Expert Jira Workflow Design - Expert Kanban - Experienced Microsoft Teams - Expert Portfolio Management - Expert PowerPoint - Expert Project Management - Expert QMetry - Expert Teaching - Expert
    • Martin & Servera

      Martin & Servera AB distributes a range of products, services, and concepts for restaurants and commercial kitchen, chains, municipalities, dining rooms, and the catering industry. It wholesales fruits, vegetables, meat specialists, wines, restaurant equipment, poultry, games, delicatessens, potatoes, dairy, canned food, beverages, oils, and
      others. The company also provides cash and carry services.
    • Cartina

      Cartina is a management, tech and design consultancy focused on digital transformation. We exist to inspire real digital leadership in clients and colleagues alike.
      We partner with clients to explore, challenge & drive change in ways that create resilient impact. This requires embedding digital at the heart and mind of organizations & building capabilities that help both clients and people to grow and constantly renew themselves.
      We develop tailor made solutions that exceed our clients’ ever-changing expectations and needs. We constantly seek improved ways to deliver sustainable results.
      We collaborate with people at every level of our client’s organization. We navigate in exploring opportunities as a trusted advisor to top management, prepare & change organizations & mindset with hands-on coaching, design & build business tech solutions. All to create lasting impact.
      To shape the future we all dream off, we focus on delivering practical and resilient results to equip our clients to grow and lead in a new era.
      Management Consulting, Professional Services

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