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    Facebook reaction plugin for Wordpress

    Jimi Wikman

    Facebook reactions have been a huge success and it did not take long before the plugins for Wordpress started to pour in. A lot of them are pretty abysmal however, but one of them really look pretty nice: Mona Reaction.


    The Mona reaction plugin is a paid plugin that you can find on Code Canyon costing $16. It's pretty basic and it works almost exactly like the Facebook reactions, but you can add as many reactions as you like! I have this plugin active here on my blog, so feel free to test it and if you like it, go buy it at Code Canyon (affiliate link).




    •  5 seconds to install
    •  Super easy setting
    •  6 default reactions just like Facebook
    •  More and customiziable
    •  Very funny experiences for your fans
    •  8 Pokemon Reactions and we will make more for you.



    Future update

    • Allow to create more than 1 reaction collection
    • Can select what collection used for each post.
    • Posts sort by reaction, order by: most vote, lower vote.
    • Different type of display couting vote
    • More funny reactions design


    See it in action!

    Discuss the Guide

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