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    To my son - poesi på engelska till min son

    Jimi Wikman

    Ett löfte som jag skrev för många år sedan till min son, som nu får återse dagens ljus efter att ha försvunnit i ett plattformsbyte. Den är på engelska, men jag hoppas att det ska fungera ändå.


    To my son that I love so much,

    this I forever swear...


    I will be there when you stumble,

    I will be there when you fall,

    I will be there in your time of need,

    to pick you up, to hold you,

    to comfort you and chase away your fears...


    This I forever swear.


    I will be there when you triumph,

    I will be there when you win,

    I will be there when fortune shine upon you,

    to share your smiles and laughters,

    at whatever distance you prefer...


    this I forever swear.


    I will teach you all that I know,

    I will help you see right from wrong,

    I will show you the path I have walked before,

    to guide you in this world,

    to help you avoid the mistakes,

    that I have already made...


    This I forever swear.


    I will always love you,

    unconditionally and without hesitation,

    wherever your path will lead you,

    and how far apart we are...


    this, my son, I forever swear.

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