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    vBulletin sålt till Internet Brands

    Jimi Wikman

    vBulletin, ett av världens mest ansedda forumskript har nu blivit sålt till Internet Brands inc som främst sysslar med motor, rese- och hemrelaterade webbsidor och communities.


    vBulletin annonserade den fjärde juli att Internet Brands, inc har köpt Jelsoft Enterprises, vilket är företaget bakom vBulletin.  Det kan verka lite märkligt att ett företag med inriktning på så annorlunda marknad köper ett av dom främsta forum skripten, men med tanke på att Internet Brands, inc bygger communities så är det inte så märkligt längre.


    James Limm, CEO för Jelsoft, förklarar att Internet Brands,inc kommer att investera ordentligt i vBulletin med fokus på support och vidareutveckling så det ser ljust ut för vBulletin.  Så här skriver James Limm it ett öppet brev på vBulletins forum:

    Dear vBulletin customers,

    We are pleased to announce that Jelsoft Enterprises Limited has been acquired by Internet Brands, Inc., a leading provider of automotive, travel and home-related sites and communities.


    As part of a larger organisation, with more than 500 employees, Jelsoft has access to additional resources, support and business expertise which will ensure that we can continue to grow and flourish. Products will continue to be actively developed and fully supported, and as time goes on you will begin to see noticeable changes and improvements that are made possible by being part of a larger organisation.


    Internet Brands' intention is to focus on improving what we are doing at the moment, and that means significant investment in our software development, customer service and sales and marketing processes. Internet Brands is willing, able and ready to invest heavily in Jelsoft, not only to continue to offer the same great products to our existing market, but also to empower us to enter new markets and find new audiences for our products and services.


    The day-to-day management of Jelsoft will continue largely unchanged. I will continue as Managing Director and CEO of Jelsoft, working alongside the executive team at Internet Brands. John Percival, co-founder of vBulletin, will be taking this opportunity to pursue other interests, and I�m sure you will join me in wishing him well and every success in the future.


    I'm really excited about this news, and feel strongly that it was a great decision for the company and our customers. Jelsoft has achieved significant success over the last few years, and before we officially move into this new era, I'd like to offer my sincere thanks to all customers who have supported Jelsoft and vBulletin - It is your continuous support and loyalty that has enabled vBulletin to become a market leader in community solutions. Rest assured that, with the help and resources of Internet Brands, we will continue to work hard to produce products that are innovative, feature-rich and forward-looking.


    Again, thank you.


    All the best,

    James Limm, and the Jelsoft team

    Jag kommer att följa utvecklingen av vBulletin med stort intresse för att se vart detta kommer att leda. Förhoppningsvis leder det till ökad utveckling och inte en nergång när vBulletin nu blir en del i en organisation på mer än 500 anställda.

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