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    Splitting things up a bit, maybe...

    Jimi Wikman

    At the moment, I am considering a split of content for this website. The reason for that is that the site is getting very heavy and a bit difficult to navigate. It also feels a bit unfocused and I feel that maybe it is time to change that as I am moving into year 4 of this incarnation of the site. It is not something that comes without a cost however...

    As you might have noticed, I have not been very active here for a while. That is because I have not felt inspired and because I have been a bit low on energy for a while. The idea of splitting content is of course nothing new, as it is always on my mind. A split of content however comes with a cost and I am not sure if it is a cost that I am willing to pay, or if it will be a good thing long term.

    Every time you divide your attention, it comes with a mental cost, as split your attention in multiple areas and content switching occur. Time is also a factor and with my work time is not something that I have a ton of. At the same time, this also provides an opportunity to focus on specific topics, which might improve the quality of the content you produce.


    So I am a bit torn on what to do next.


    Where I am right now in my thoughts is to split out the methodology sections to a separate site and then make a third site just for Atlassian content. This would make the content a lot more focused, but it would also split my attention and it would cost a lot more, of course.

    I am looking into the possibility to set up a second site at the moment and I am playing around a bit with a new design for it. This would be the site for methodologies, where I would post about the different disciplines and my thoughts on work processes and ways of working. The idea of adding a dedicated site for Atlassian has been around for a while as well, but up until recently I have not seen the need for it. As I am getting ready to focus more on video content, however, that is also something I am considering.

    If I decide to move forward with this, I will need to consider the implications that will have on my YouTube channel, for example, but also how I use social media in general. I might split YouTube into two channels, one private and one for Methodology and Atlassian. I think that should work, but I might also split into three if I think that will make sense.

    Besides the higher focus, I also feel that this could be a good split from a creative perspective. One of the reasons that I am feeling a bit low on energy is that I lack a creative outlet. Creating two new websites would absolutely take care of that problem. Another reason is also that I have the need to clean things up and simplify things, and again this would certainly happen if I split things up into multiple sites. The last reason is that I am interested in if I can build a community again and perhaps monetize on YouTube.

    Financially, I am looking at investing into not just more domain names, but also licenses and server space. While this is not a lot of money all things considering, it is something that I think I should try to compensate for in the long run. This is where I think that I can add a small income for in the form of sponsorship and of course monetizing on YouTube.


    So, there are some planning to do and I feel excited just planning things right now. We'll see how things go from there, but don't be surprised if there will be a new website or two coming your way in a near future 😉


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