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    Next project: Build a database over IT Roles

    Jimi Wikman

    With the movies and TV shows in place I am starting to look at the IT Roles database. I notice that in many organizations there is a lack of understanding of IT roles. I also see that mixed roles like Scrum Master start to popup, which will lead to new generations of people being burned out due to poor understanding of the role definitions. So I plan to redesign the database a bit to make it more useful.

    Currently, the database is named Job Titles and I will start by renaming that. Then I need to make a new design for the templates and I will probably take some from the standard design and some from the movies and TV shows design. Since the Roles will have quite a lot of information I will use tabs for sure as well as some form of representation of the role in the form of an image.

    There will e many custom fields for this database and there will be a few special things going on in the form for it as well. For the fields I will prepare for more functionality than I plan to have in version 1. There are some fields that I have an idea of how I want them to work, but I don't quite know how to make it so. Yet.

    The fields I plan to have so far are:

    • Role Description
    • Responsibilities
    • Mandates
    • Report to
    • Staff reporting
    • Organization Placement
    • Work Direction
    • Related activities
    • Related Frameworks
    • Role Certifications
    • People in this role

    I might tie in Books into this as well later, but I need to expand on that section first for it to be useful. As you can see I also have People in this role, which I will set up using the same type of link that I have in My Projects. Right now this is just a placeholder database, but I will build a proper one next year hopefully. This would be similar to Awesome People, but a bit toned down.

    With this database I will be able to connect it to My Book and other areas, so I can create cross-linking between different areas. Some areas such as certifications can be extended later on and tied with eductors, so I can direct some people to them. If I build a tools database I might also tie that in here as well. For now though I start with this and see where it ends up.

    It will be awhile before I get to this though because I will first do my best to get into Vue.js to build a new site with @Marko Salonen. That will be a bit of a challenge, but one I look forward to!

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