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    Invision Community 4.5 has been released

    Jimi Wikman

    Invision Community 4.5 is finally released in a stable release. This means that the time for upgrading is almost here. I will wait a few weeks longer because there are still some bugs and I want to make sure the plugins I use have been upgraded properly.

    It has not officially been announced yet, but 4.5 is in stable release since the 20th. There has been some bugs found so there will be some bugfix releases most likely in a week or two. Once that is done I think I am ready to start working on the upgrade for this site. The first step is to recreate the theme, which I will do some changes to to make it less vulnerable to upgrades. That is because I have made changes to the global template and the footer which is not really good.

    I will also rearrange the code a bit to use some CSS updates that will make things a bit more dynamic. That should keep me occupied a while so the plugin developers can get their plugins updated as well. I think most of the plugins I use are already updated, but there are a few that are in progress still.

    For this upgrade I also plan on making the changes to the start page, add a few new pages and of course create the new templates.

    I can't wait 😉

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