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    I finally got a Cintiq.

    Jimi Wikman

    After many, many years I finally decided to invest in a Wacom Cintiq. I picked the 22'' because I always wanted a big screen to draw on, and the price was very good. I don't have a lot of room for another big screen on my desk, but it actually fit pretty well once I made some adjustments. While it is heavy and not that easy to move around, it is not a big problem if I want to put it away and play games for example.

    The reasons for wanting a Wacom Cintiq are many of course, but the main reason is that I am a visual person and often want to see my thoughts drawn out if that makes sense. I often scribble ideas and thoughts on whiteboards and on paper when I do deep thinking. These thoughts are often difficult to share, but with a digital medium that problem goes away.

    I also take notes in meetings where I scribble down things that needs to be done or take actions on. This I can do on my iPad, but I tend to do that in a notebook instead. This I now also can do very easy on the Cintiq and I can combine that with drawings and other things if I want.

    After trying a few apps out for this I have landed in Nebo since it has the features I want. The most important aspect is that it comes with an infinity canvas, meaning I can scale it anyway I want without limitations in height and width. That provides me with the ability to extend in any directions when I need it. Nebo also comes with a decent set of pencils and a nice color palette that you can set yourself. It has copy and paste and scaling objects and a dual setting for eraser so I can remove whole objects or erase small areas only. It also features a dark and light mode and you have some options for setting background patterns and colors.


    Another way to use a Cintiq, which I had not considered, is to actually screen share from it and use that as a whiteboard in presentations or meetings. This is very useful, especially since I can screenshot something and then bring in as an image to draw on. As I am rolling out a big Academy program soon, I have a feeling this will be rather useful.

    One interesting thing is that a long time ago I bought an Apple Magic Trackpad, but I never started using it because it was not working the way I hoped on my PC. So it has been collecting dust for a few years and I was contemplating getting rid of it. As it turns out Nebo have a zoom function, but it does not seem to work with a mouse. So I just tried it with the trackpad and it works like a charm. It is extra nice since I use my left hand now to zoom, pan and tilt things, which is new to me.

    After just a few days with my Wacom Cintiq 22'' I am very happy with it.

    I will probably play around with it in Photoshop later to try to make some drawings as well. I have not really done any drawings in years and I have never done it in Photoshop so that will be a learning experience.

    I feel that this was a very good investment.

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