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    How to build and maintain this website

    Jimi Wikman

    Structure. Guidance. Organization. These are words that echo in my mind right now. In 2019 I played around a lot with the site and now I feel that I need a bit of consistency as things can get out of hand if not structured. This goes for tools as well where I feel things are in need of a cleanup.

    The first thing I really need is to organize my Dropbox. It is a mess right now and it makes things harder to find AND since I do not really know where to place things it just keep getting messier. If I am going to buy more graphics, then I also need a way to keep it organized. This is on the top of my agenda.

    Once I have my files in order I need to start organizing my Sketch files. Again things are a bit all over the place and I really need to get things organized. This also ties into my design guide since it is tied to the Sketch files. I really need to put time aside for working more with Sketch as I feel I am not doing that enough lately.

    One area where things are getting a bit messy is for assets. Things like Icons are scattered a bit all over the place and I really want to make sure things are organized and structured. I need to define a structure, not just for graphics, but for things like tags and titles as well so it looks and sound the same.

    As I build components and edit CSS files this too is getting a bit messy. I have done most coding directly into InvisionCommunity, but I should start using the designers mode more together with PHPStorm so I can get a nice structure of the code again. Speaking of PHPStorm I should really start writing more about IDE's I think.

    With things running ok on the site now I feel I want to make some changes to the layout. This is mostly cosmetic things that just annoy me and is easy to fix. For example I see that font-size is a bit large in the blog listings and the item prefix is messing up the headlines for no reason. I also need to add a wrapper around the follow and like functions as they are conflicting with the notes feature causing an overlap.

    I am building up a backlog in Jira where I will start creating the new website management design. This will also be a featured series on the site where I will show how to build a setup that works for design, code and article management. Right now I have a basic setup and it still works very well for me as a single user. We'll see how that can work later on when I bring in some more people hopefully.

    I start to see that adding content to the site is not at all as difficult as I thought. I keep finding tons of things to write about so it's more of finding the time rather than the topics. I have some regular posts that will be weekly, like the Atlassian Cloud release update and I probably can add a weekly profile as well. I hope this feeling will continue throughout the year.

    Overall I feel very good about this site today and it's fun to work with.


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