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    Committing to this site again - Rebuilding

    Jimi Wikman

    With Invision Community V5 slowly creeping closer to release, I am in planning mode to renew this site again. As I am no longer a consultant and I am fully committed to the Atlassian Ecosystem, I feel it is time to renew this site accordingly. I think this is an urge I have felt for a while and now that my life has changed due to my diagnosis that I have Diabetes, I am eager to do a fresh restart!

    I know this is a little counterintuitive, since I just a year ago split things up and created a new site for Atlassian. I am well aware of this, but it makes sense to me right now as I am rebranding myself a bit. I have not yet decided what to do about Atlasstic, but I will take a moment to take a decision on that after the summer, most likely.

    So, what are the plans for this site, then? Well, to be honest, there are not a lot of things that will change. The most noticeable change will be a new design based on the V5 platform. I will also bring more focus to the Atlassian Ecosystem, making the ways of working separate, but still very much a part of the content.

    The way this will be done is that I am restructuring the Forum first to try out the structure. The way I am thinking right now, and that might change as I work on this, is that the site will be divided into 4 different parts:

    1. Personal
    2. Atlassian
    3. Ways of Working
    4. Interesting



    This will be very similar to today, and it will be my own personal area to present myself. My blogs will be here, my projects, my gallery and my awesome people. Information about me, of course, and whatever else I feel like exploring from a personal perspective. This is not a focus on the site, but I will promote certain parts in some areas as a way to position myself on the site.


    This is now the main focus of the site. This is the area that I will try to build a community around, and I will focus on Articles, Videos, News and the forum. I will also revive the databases for Atlassian Products, Companies and Atlassian Marketplace Apps where the focus will be on the Atlassian products first. All areas of the site will focus on the Atlassian

    Ways of working

    This is the secondary focus of the site, which is a shift as this used to be the primary focus. While these are areas are very important part of the Atlassian Ecosystem, they are supplemental and as such I want to place them in a less focused position. My thought today is that content related to Ways of working will be separate to really provide focus on the Atlassian content and the ways of working separately.


    This is also not a focus area, but more of a focus area for very specific topics. These topics will be connected to the Ways of working content to prevent too much fragmentation and since the areas are kind of related. They will be placed in a separate section to allow focused content, but otherwise they will be grouped together with Ways of working as a separate content group.


    The new design

    The new design will be influenced by the new Jira design language and the new Invision Community V5 design language. That means that I am aiming for a lighter, and softer, design than what I usually make. For example, I will start looking into making new icons for the Atlassian products and a new set of line art icons for the website. I will also update the colors a bit to fit a softer design language.

    Example of the new Jira design language.


    Things will be a bit messy for a while

    As I am restructuring the content, things will be a bit messy. As this is still waiting for the Invision Community V5 release, I do not expect that this will happen before the summer. This is not just because of V5 though, I also need to keep up with the videos and I have a very hectic time ahead of me at work that will affect the pace of which I do this.

    The important part for me is that I am feeling inspired again and that I can get my fingers "dirty" again writing code and doing design work. I have missed not having the energy for that for a very long time. When I also get back to the gym, I think my energy levels will be even higher and that should lead to a lot of new fun things here!

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