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    Book plans and working again - Back in the saddle again and making plans

    Jimi Wikman

    A pretty good week have passed, and I am officially working again on two projects. I am also planning a presentation of Jira Service Desk as an ITSM tool for a company next week. To top that off I have also been going over my old book that I have been writing on and off for quite a white and I think I will put it up here on the site. Overall a very productive week to say the least.

    This week I started working on TheLeft, an Invision Community project that I am having a lot of fun with. I also confirmed a project for Martin & Servera where I will do a prestudy to implement Atlassian products. On Monday I have been asked to show Jira Service desk to another company that are looking at tools and methodologies for their future operation.

    While setting up the demo for Jira Service Desk I realize that I have not posted that much about it. I also have not posted much about ITIL och ITSM, even though I work with it quite often. When adding the new ITSM templates currently in early access I have to say things look pretty good. So I will probably write a bit about it in the Atlassian Series that I need to pick up again.

    While I was thinking about the Atlassian Series I realized that I have not looked at my book for quite a while. I do have quite a bit of content already, so I am wondering if I should actually add it to the website. It's not that hard to add a new database and recreate the structure as I have it now. I will need to add another template design of course, but I think the listing version I already had planned would work just fine for that.

    I also realize that I do not have issue types for the ITSM flows in the Jira Icons package. So I will probably add a second set, or update the existing one with the new icons. I will probably add some additional packages, like for the Deviniti app or QMetry. I also feel that I should update the PowerPoint for Designing Jira Workflows as it is branded with my old company.

    There is no shortage of things to do and it feels fantastic to be honest.

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