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    Affixes and Prefixes for Roles and a bad start for The Flexible Atlassian Setup

    Jimi Wikman

    This week has been a bit up and down, but as always there has been progress. I feel that the need to define things are getting more and more important, so I have started working on the Flexible Atlassian Setup, with various degree of success. I also just added a new category in the Roles playbook for affixes and prefixes, which I also will add into the roles themselves. I have also updated the Fontawesome I use here and done a ton of bug fixes. I also have played a bit of Path of Exile, which has been frustrating and rewarding.

    The Flexible Atlassian Setup

    This has been a focus for me this week, and I have started to add some content to the playbook. I also recorded the introduction, which is based on a presentation that I made a new PowerPoint template for last weekend. As it has been a while since I recorded anything, I was pretty happy with the 30+ minute video, until I realized I had no sound in the video...

    So I will make a new attempt later for this. With sound checks.

    When it comes to the documentation, I am slowly adding that to the playbook. I have started adding the design principles, the issue types and the workflows, since those will be in the first videos. I am working on an update of the workflow design for Build that  have designed in Figma, and I will add details on the work processes soon. These descriptions will have references to Roles, so I also want to make sure I have a start on that database as well.

    The Roles database get affixes and prefixes

    The roles database is still in progress, but the base is there, and I just need to finish up the templating. This morning I added a new category that I want to focus on first, before adding more roles. This new category is for affixes and prefixes, which refer to where a role belong and what responsibility is expected. By defining for example what a leader or architect means, then we can better understand the roles that are constructed in a conflicting way. Like a Scrum Manager, for example, which is an oxymoron and an artificial construct that does not exist as a role in Scrum.

    Speaking of Scrum, I have a playbook planned for methodologies, but I have not yet decided on the format...

    Font Awesome 6.0 and bug fixes

    As you might have noticed, some icons have changed on the site, and that is because I have updated my kit to the 6.0 version that was released recently. I have also, slowly, been fixing bugs in the new templates, but also updated some things in the theme itself. This will continue for quite some time, as I have a pretty long backlog of bugs and theme changes that I need to do, mostly to the basic relationship templates.

    Skills database is in the works...

    I have started mapping out an embryo for this database, which I will need in multiple places, like My Projects and the upcoming People database. There will be a lot of categories for this, as I will try to keep the structure short and deep rather than long and flat. So I am starting out with four main sections: Tools, Methodologies, Areas of expertise and Social.

    Since Invision Community Pages does not have cascading custom fields, it means that each skill will need to have multiple items, one for each level of skill. I intend to start with three levels: Beginner, Experienced and Expert. I know there are other standards, but I feel these three levels fit well within IT where we also have three levels of experience for roles with Junior, Senior and Expert.

    Adding all of these will take quite a lot of time, but as I don't need to write a lot in terms of description for each skill initially, I think I just need to start mapping out the most common tools and methodologies and work from there. The format will be skill name and then level, I think, so something like this: "Adobe Photoshop - Experienced". I might play around with symbols as well, we'll see.


    Playing Path of Exile

    I have returned to POE again as this league looked fun and I don't really have anything else I feel like playing at the moment.  POE and I are always in conflict because I have this hate/love relation to the game. On one hand, I love the customization and the loot, but on the other hand, I can get really frustrated over the passive skill tree and the sheer complexity of the game.

    Last league I tried a toxic rain build and I liked it since it is more of a passive build, but this league I went for a Spark character as starter. While it is not bad, it is just spamming ark and overall it felt a bit lackluster. So I did a second character and went for a blade vortex build, which felt much better.

    I am just starting mapping and both characters had that same feeling when you kind of hit a wall with your build, and you just get frustrated.  Usually this happens in act 6 when your resistances drop like a rock, but I also felt it going into maps. This is because both these builds require a bit of investments to get their defenses up, and even with that they are not very tanky.

    With my blade vortex Occultist I had to re-gear pretty extensively to get battle ready as I had almost no defensive layers with less than 100 in armor, low evasion and maybe a hundred or so on Energy Shields. I also had I think 18% or so in fire resistance and did not cap out cold and lightning. I could still kill pretty much anything almost instantly, but I would also instantly die if I got caught with something.

    Now I have full 75% resistances and a decent chunk of armor, evasion and energy shield to take the edge off things. I will do some ascension paths today and level up a bit, so I can switch to the correct weapons I already have in store. I will also need to invest in the passive tree more to get the full effect of the setup.

    It is interesting though how life is often like POE...

    Life often feels like this as well, I think. You hit a plateau and life just become frustrating, then you make a few adjustments, and it is smooth sailing again.

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