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  • My Personal Blog.

    This blog is where I place my own thoughts and reflections. For me this allow me to express things that are painful and frustrating, but also things that are amazing and put a smile on my face. This is me in my most intimate form.

    As a member of my site you are invited to get to know the personal aspects of me here. As I share my innermost hopes, fears and dreams I hope I can show you that you are not alone with yours. All people are complex and wonderful beings and by giving you a glimpse into me maybe I can make you see that in yourself as well.

    This is my heart I present to you. Please handle with care.

  • My Personal Blog

    “Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, 'Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous?' Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God. Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won't feel insecure around you. We are all meant to shine, as children do. We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us. It's not just in some of us; it's in everyone. And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.”

    ― Marianne Williamson, A Return to Love: Reflections on the Principles of "A Course in Miracles"

    The first steps - for year 3 site updates

    The first new steps for Year 3 updates are in progress now, and I am rebuilding the theme again on the beta site. I have started with the new header and will do the footer as well before I move things over to this site. I plan to add a light/dark toggle as well because it seems like a fun thing to do, but overall it will be a lot of cleaning up mostly.
    The new header is starting to come along and I have the basics done. I decided to move away from custom navigation and will instead use the default navigation. The only downside is that adding icons and pills require a bit more CSS than before, but I can live with that. The upside that the navigation is always in sync makes up for that, I think.
    I also remade the sections that will only be seen in desktop mode. It's pretty similar to what I had before, but some slight adjustments as I rebuilt it from scratch. If you want to test the prototype, then I have a codepen for that (seen below).

    See the Pen JWSE Sections by Jimi Wikman (@jimiwikman) on CodePen.
    I will move on to the footer soon, but first I will need to add the color variables and the font variables into the custom.css. I will also add the toggle for dark/light so I can see that it works properly before I do the footer. This is because the header and footer will probably stay the same regardless of setting.
    With the update, I will also go over the areas and the current features, since I want to remove some areas and set some others as hidden. This so I can focus on the refresh areas and remove areas that are no longer things that I find useful. I am also stepping away from the changes I made to the widget areas previously, and I will instead use CSS to break out full-width containers.
    For blocks, I will rework them completely to make them work even if I switch themes. That means that each block will contain all the CSS and JS, just like how Angular components work. I will also rework the CSS for every Pages template to clean them up as much as possible.
    It is still a week and a half until I start my vacation, but as always...things are moving, even if it is slow!

    Rebuilding the site again for Year 3

    With the upgrade of the site to 4.6 I noticed some areas where things broke a bit. Nothing major, but it will add up eventually and I do have a planned clean up set anyway, so I will do a bit of reconstruction, or rebuilding. As things have progressed, I have felt that the CSS is getting bloated, so I feel like correcting that while at the same time try some new things.
    As part of the rebuild, I will make some adjustments to the structure of things, like making sure that all databases have unique templates and that CSS is loaded only when a certain component or section is called. For example, I plan on adding section specific CSS only when that section is loaded by using template conditions. Same thing with components, where I will include the CSS needed in the component itself rather than using the global one.
    I will start listing the different main classes for Invision Community as well so I can use it in different overrides, but also to reuse in certain aspects of the design. For example, I am toying with the idea of having different theme colors based on the section, so I could quickly make a change to these colors by making an override file that only show on certain sections.
    I am looking into the possibility to add a dark theme switch to the site as well. Not because I think it will be necessary, but mostly because it is something that looks fun and it can be a good learning experience. When it comes to adding things, I am going to remove some things as well. It will be some plugins that I am not really using at the moment, like the Quiz, the Links and the Books sections.
    I will start with the framework of the site, where I will look into the possibility to move the header and footer to their own templates and then build the basics for the global variables. I will of course make these changes to the beta site first, where I will also take advantage of the Designers' mode since it will allow me to work faster.
    So, there is some work to be done!

    CSS Deep Dive - Exploring CSS in more depth

    With the new update to Invision Community coming next week and the end of Year 2 for this site closing in, I am excited to play around some more this summer. One area I look at digging deeper into are CSS and HTML, as they are things I love to play around with, but also seem to be a bit tricky for new developers. So why not dig into it and see what is going on in the world, while show some basics to new developers?
    CSS is one of those areas where you are never, ever fully a master. There are so many ways to work with CSS, and it is continuously evolving. It feels that every day I discover new ways to do things and how to use things in ways that baffles my mind. Everything from what measurement units to use to variables and key frames or even how to use CSS to create 3d animations is just mind-boggling at times.
    So I feel that CSS is a good place to focus for a while and to build up the section page for.  It would be nice to build something like the W3Schools, but I am not sure if it would make sense unless I can add something that w3schools do not already provide. I'll ponder on that for a while and see how I feel once I start playing around a bit. It would make sense to make sort of a catalog over things and create a new CSS section in the forum as a way to start expanding on the code section a bit.
    What I aim to do though is to go through pretty much all the CSS properties and see what new things I can learn. I have not played around much with animations, for example, and you always can look through the selectors and functions because I don't use them nearly as much as I should. Overall, this will be a fun exercise I think, and it should give me plenty of article material for a while.
    A bit unrelated, I am also going to work more on the mobile aspect of the site. This means there will be a some refactoring in general around here, and my first stop will be the database templates that I will rebuild from scratch. I will probably go with CSS grid since I want to move some things around, but also to play around with it to see its capabilities compared to flex.
    So, a lot of fun things to play around with soon!

    Finally vaccinated! time to get into shape again

    Now that I have received the first vaccination for COVID, time is absolutely here to start working out again. While I am hardly immune in any way, I have a slightly better protection against severe illness. This is good enough under the circumstances I think. I really, really need to lose weight and get more activity, so I'll risk it.
    I have always been a gym-rat, loving the pain of pushing and pulling hard cold metal so I will go back to that. While hard exercise will have positive effects on the body it will not really be what I need initially. So rather than focusing on that I will focus on reducing weight.
    I also need to get those lungs back in shape again, not just to increase oxygen to the body, but also because that will help me with SHR as well. This means more walks and more cardio at the gym. It's not what I love the most, but it has to be done. Once body fat is down a bit I can focus a bit more on adding muscle mass again, but for the first 6 months or so it will just be to reduce the body fat and trim the muscles again.
    One of the really big advantages with working from home is that I can work out in the morning again. I love that, but it has always been a bit difficult when you have to commute 75 minutes every morning and every afternoon. Those 150 minutes really drain the amount of time you have available during the day. I could still manage that when we lived in Märsta as there was a 24/7 gym available so I could work out at 4.30 in the morning. That is not really possible here, so working out at 6.30 when gyms open here is not possible with 75 minutes commute and you start at 8 in the morning.
    When you don't need to commute however 6.30 works fine. I can take a 5k walk in the morning to get to the gym at 6.30, then work out for an hour before I head home. Get a quick shower and something to eat and then start working at 8.15 or so. That sounds great to be honest.
    When things get back to more normal and working from home may not be as easy as it is now I have the options of another gym that is much smaller, but opens at 5 in the morning. There is also the option of attending a gym close to the client, like I did when I worked at H&M. It requires that I bring extra clothes, which I prefer not to do, but if it's the option available I'll take it.
    The direction is set, the mind has been adjusted for uncomfortable pain.
    Now all I have to do, is to see it through.

    Going multitheme and preparing for Invision Community 4.6

    Invision Community 4.6 is coming soon and with it comes a new rank and achievements that is awesome. This will be a great place to start working on more community based features and to build in this system in the various databases and so on. I am also considering diving more into multi theme by adding more themes. Not just to play around with themes, but to explore better ways to build things, so it will work with any theme.
    The first iteration of ranks and achievements will have pretty much everything I was missing in the current rank system, so it will be a great start. The problem however is that the feature is only shown in the forum, so I will need to add it to the comments form for all other areas. I will see if I can find a good solution for that.
    Design wise I am looking into childe themes so I might be able to use it on the sections. This also means that I am going to dive a bit deeper into adding multi theme setups. I will probably also start looking into a dark theme eventually and how to best make the switch for the users. Not because it is exceptionally important from a health perspective, but more because I want to explore that aspect of web development.
    As far as making my setup here at home the way I want I have made some additional investments this week. I will make the big investment next month for the new table-top, but this month I have bought a set of Philips Hue Light bars. These will be placed behind my TV to brighten up the wall behind it. Once I have the new table-top I might add a light strip as well.
    I also bought a Logitech C920s Pro HD webcam since I not only spend a lot of time in video calls, but also because I might be doing some tutorials for my YouTube Channel later. People keep telling me that I am a good teacher, so I figure I might try to throw out some tutorials for Jira and Confluence for example. I have heard good things about this one, and it comes with a privacy shutter that is also nice. Since I have a very thin top of my TV this one also seem to be able to handle that.
    To get my head a bit in order and to get some creativity flowing again I ordered a new Moleskin notebook and some pens. I felt a bit crazy today so I decided on a Blend Hardcover Large Dark Blue Moleskin. It has a fabric cover, which I have not tried before, so I figured why not. For the pens I caved and ordered some Tombow Fudenosuke hard tips since everyone say they are so great. I start out with just 4 colors to test things out: black, brown, orange and pink.
    Finally, I ordered a Samdi Vertical Laptop Stand in Walnut to place my MacBook Pro. I have not really tried to plug it in yet into the new setup, but I figure there are times when I might want to do that. If for nothing else to use Sketch again. It's not a big investment and it will look good on the new table-top I think.
    So, this setup I have in mind is slowly coming together. With the new table-top and the homemade "bench" to raise the TV a few inches so I get a lot more desk space I think this summer will be pretty amazing!
    So, fingers crossed 🙂

    Feeling Creative - Spring is here and it’s both painful and amazing

    Spring is here and with that comes some good things and some bad things. On the upside I am doing quite a lot of overtime lately, but in a very good way that is well worth the time spent for my well-being. I am also slowly getting back into a creative mode and it feels amazing.
    So, lets start with spring and the feeling of daylight returning that invigorate the soul. It has been some amazing days lately with lots of sun mixed with some rainy days that also have their positive effect on me. The combination have had a bit of a downside as well as the trees have really gone bananas releasing a lot of pollen.
    While I am not allergic, I have SHR and that makes it almost as bad. Unlike people with allergies or asthma, there are nothing that will take the edge off for someone with SHR. So it has been a bit annoying at times when breathing was a bit difficult, my eyes swollen and all my joints aching. Everything itches and I feel hot without having a fever.
    In short, it is not the best feeling in the world and it drains energy for sure. In the greater scope of things however it's nothing compared to the suffering we still have around the world. So I'll complain a bit and sleeping is a bit tricky, but I'll live.
    On the upside I have a second project on top of my 100% at Martin & Servera where I am helping ChessIT writing up a design guide for the design work I have done over the last year or so for them. I am doing this on weekends and evenings, which is usually a bad idea, but in this case it is doing wonders for my energy levels. It is really satisfying to be able to do design again and document it in a design guide type of way.
    It has inspired me to do more design as well, so this weekend I have created the new rank icons that will be added when Invision Community will release their 4.6 release that should come sometime before the summer I think. They turned out pretty good and just for good measure I have decided to top that with writing the guide for setting up the Task Manager using InDesign. It has been a while since I last used InDesign, but it is as fun as always!

    Life is (mostly) good and I expect that I should be able to get the first vaccination in a few weeks for COVID-19. Hopefully that allows me to go back to the gym again soon. I really, really need that...

    Other than that I am doing design sketches for the fence we are building around the porch and in about a month I will buy that new wooden desk top so I can pimp my desk a bit this summer.
    Life is good.

    Pondering over the week that passed

    Another week has passed and this week I caught a little cold again. This time stuck in the nose and throat, making things a bit difficult so I had to take a few sick days again. It sucks, but fortunately it was only two days. Over in Twitter-land things are stir crazy as always and today I looked into ordering a new top for my desk for my summer plan. It is busy days as always!
    This week started with a cold, which was a gift from my son combined with pollen no doubt. I still managed to get through a full day of training on Monday, but on Wednesday I had to call in sick and reschedule a few things as I could barely speak and was running a bit of a fever. On Friday things were under control again, even if I still feel the clog in my sinuses and don't really hear that well yet. I'll just blame old age and no one will notice anyway.
    Meanwhile, over at Twitter...
    On Twitter I have tried to stay positive, but it is testing my patience sometimes. People are...well, not thinking like me if I put it like that. I am also fascinated how many people that create accounts on Twitter for the sole purpose of being a complete asshole. I don't mean that they have different opinions than I do, I mean they go out of their way to really be mean and rude.
    Like some women that wish me and all men to die and trying to even say anything to these people will result in an all out assault that one could argue could fit the definition of hate speech. Or the arrogant and spoiled Marxist brats that will basically scream their lungs out to cancel anyone that does not agree with whatever they focus on at that moment. It is as toxic as you can imagine it, and then some.
    I also notice that the Swedish politicians are stirring things up and they seem stuck in a drive-by shooting tactic with little to no thought behind their actions. The latest stupidity is a list of 43 points to combat violence against women posted by one of the leaders of one of Sweden middle parties. I thought it was a joke at first because some points are so unrealistic and on a level that make me wonder if this is written by a politician or a 14-year-old with no knowledge of society. Some of these suggestions are even outright damaging to society, some are just nonsense and some are good actionable suggestions. It is the overall quality that baffles me and the lack of insight on how this reduces the credibility for that political party.
    New features from Invision Community
    As the world around us seem to burn it is easy to get caught up in it, but for every bad thing coming my way I have realized that if I look I can find 10 good things. For example there are some nice things coming for Invision Community soon and one thing I look forward to is the new achievement system. It allows me to build a rank progression system that I have put off for a long time now.

    The Best Movie of the year?
    Yesterday I also watched a wonderful movie that just came out on Netflix. It is an animated movie filled with relatable situations of fatherhood and the dynamics of families. It is of course The Mitchells vs The Machines I am talking about, which I think is one of the best movies I have watched this year.
    Desk Upgrade project
    This morning I also sat down and did some planning for the desk upgrade this summer. Basically I am going to replace the top of my desk with a sturdier version that look a bit more like I want it. I am looking at a custom sized top from Ikea with a walnut faner that you usually use for the kitchen counters.

    The project itself is not so much getting a new top, because that is just removing the current one with a new one. The project is that I am actually getting two of these and one will be a shelf for my TV/Monitor. So I will have one smaller (35cm/120cm) of these and then I will add legs to it. This will be placed on top of the desk and the TV/Monitor will be placed on to of it. This will provide more space below the screen and lift the screen up a bit.
    It will cost a bit, but I think it will be worth it!

    Outriders - slow, but steady towards endgame

    Ever since I left Destiny 2 due to the horrible behavior of Bungie I have been focusing on Outriders. It is a very fun game, even if it started with quite a few bugs. A lot of people rushed through to the endgame, but I kind of got stuck a bit and I am now in no rush really to clear the end game.
    Slow and steady. That is how I do it and my focus is on having fun rather than kin-maxing things. Just like with everything else. I started with the Devastator and really took my time with the campaign. Once done I had big problems getting into the end game and felt kind of frustrated for a while.
    Rushing through the campaign with a Trickster and end game suddenly was much easier. Pushed up to World Tier 8 and then went back and took a Pyromancer through to end game as well. I took almost a week off to focus on work and playing some Diablo 3 just for fun. Now I am going to get my Technomancer through because I think that is the class that best fit my playing style as I am not so much in your face but rather midrange.
    So unlike many you see online I am in no hurry to get to endgame and clearing World Tier 15 expeditions. I will get there sooner or later and I focus on enjoying the game and the story until then.
    Slow, but steady.

    Finding Calm - a week of many things

    A long week has come to an end. It has been long, not because it has been a rough week, but because it has been a fun and enjoyable week. It has made me tired, but in a good way and I look forward to next week already. It has also been a week a frustration as the world continue to descend into madness an intolerance. It is under control however and I do not get as upset as I once did. Overall I feel this has been a very good week.
    This week the training at Martin & Servera begun and for the next 8 weeks I will conduct training sessions on the new setup and how Jira and Confluence works. So far the response has been positive and next week we will step things up a bit and start to look at test tools and dig deeper into the requirement parts.
    The training is a bit slow as pollen start to affect me a bit and making breathing a bit heavy at times. I also get so very tired, which combined with the tiredness that comes from holding six-hour training sessions I have struggled a bit with energy. Or rather the lazy me have won over the active one 🙂
    As I watch the world around me seem dead set on burning the entire world to the ground it affects me less. The fact that the US are slowly degrading into a country where people have a pissing contest on who can be the worst racist or sexist I find myself watching in fascination as people make up excuses to be racists towards white people that make the Apartheid in South Africa pale in comparison. I find myself wondering how long it will take before the fist "correction center" for white males will appear and when the BLM logo will be found on official uniforms that round up the "privileged ones" to never be heard from again.
    The community of misandry, claiming to be feminists, is stepping things up and I hear quite often how women are relieved that men soon will be eradicated from the planet or that men should have curfew, so women can move without fear of being raped or murdered. The hate is quite irrational and blind and I have blocked more "feminists" on Twitter in this last week than I have in total on Twitter for 10 years. The sad thing is that this irrational hatred is something I can handle because I know that this is not rational people making death threats or calling me names, but young boys hear this almost on a daily basis and they don't  have the experience to handle this.
    I fear that the death toll for suicide among men and white people will start to rise as these two narratives are getting louder. Not just on social media, but traditional media also focus a lot on this narrative, even to the point of bending and manipulating facts and truths to sell it.
    This may seem depressing, but the world has always been crazy and filled with people driven by unreasonable hatred. If it is not religion, then it is sports or politics. People unhappy and weak-minded always group together with others like them to hurt those around them that are different. People die every day from this and I can either drown in the misery of it like the media want me to, or I can be like a proton and stay positive.
    So I focus on the good things in life and do my bit to lift people up instead of bringing them down. People are amazing, even if they express bigoted opinions that are both sexist and racist. Just listen and look underneath the pain to see what they are actually saying. Every one is worth listening to and everyone is more complex than a single opinion.
    Individuals over groups.

    90 day challenge - the most insane one yet!

    So today my son and I start a new challenge together. One hundred push-ups and one hundred squats every day is the goal for a total of 9000 push-ups and 9000 squats. This will hurt. A lot. My questions for you is this: are you in?
    A few years ago I did the 10k push up challenge so when my son wanted to work out more and my wife keep nagging how fat I am, I figured why not do something crazy? In these times going to the gym is not exactly safe, so this seemed to be a safe exercise that can also be fun to do together.
    We will not go crazy on this one, but we will do our best to hit the one hundred mark each day for both push-ups and squats. Our rules are also very simple: You can do as many or as few repetitions as you like and as many sets as you like. If you can only do 1 push-up, then do that a hundred times over the course of the day. If you can do 100, then do it once a day. Anyway you can get to one hundred is fine.
    The second thing we will focus on is quality over quantity. We don't want to hurt ourselves by doing sloppy reps, so if we fail to get to one hundred one day, but the reps are done with good form, then that is a win anyway. The aim is still to get to one hundred each day for 90 days. If I can, I will probably push another 10 days just to get the 10k. We'll see if we even get there though because this will hurt. A lot.
    So, are you in? 🙂

    Google down votes - a touchy subject

    Yesterday I noticed a Tweet from YouTube about them testing to hide the down vote feature. It is not surprising that Google test that considering the absolute dislike bombing happening in recent years. I tweeted that that sounded like a good thing because down votes are a negative action and nothing good comes out of it. O boy, did people take offense to that!!
    I have stepped into some nasty areas on Twitter where people go ballistic, but I was not prepared for the absolute mayhem that followed something as, in my eyes, trivial as the dislike function on YouTube. The very fact that YouTube was even testing to hide, not the dislike button, but the count of dislikes, sent people into a self justified rage. Here is the tweet:
    So what about this is causing people to react so negative to this change? Well, that is a bit difficult to find out because as you can imagine when people want to defend a negative behavior they have a hard time explaining it. Like most trolls they stoop to insults and proclaiming that you are wrong, but without any arguments. That is what trolls do after all and I suspect that is one of the aspects why some people don't like this. Trolls like their hammers after all.
    Things are not simple...
    As always things are not quite as easy or one dimensional. I did get a few arguments, from people who know how to actually formulate them, that made sense. For example the lack of functional reporting system that actually have any effect or that removing the dislike count will increase toxic comments. Both very valid and accurate arguments in my opinion.
    Most however stooped down to name-calling and I even found someone who actually was prejudice towards Sweden. Apparently we are too Open-minded and Progressive to be able to form logical discussions. Not quite sure if that is an actual insult or just someone who had a bad day trying to make the insult. I ended up banning quite a few people that were just mad and impossible to talk to in their affected state. It seems to be a common practice on Twitter these days if you want to talk to rational people.
    Why are people so upset though? Let us break down the logic why there is a down vote and what it is used for, according to the people that responded. The dislike button is a relic from the old rating system. A long time ago YouTube had a star rating system, like so many other services back in the day. With the rise of voting features, like for the now dead Digg platform, YouTube changed the rating to an up and down vote feature back in 2010. The reasoning was that the star rating was not using the 2,3 and 4 ratings much, which explains a bit of what we now see. In 2019 YouTube said in an interview that they are looking into ways to combat the dislike mobs that seem to be growing in frequency lately.
    What do people use it for (according to Twitter)?
    One content creator said it was "invaluable" for learning what content was appreciated. To warn people of malicious content such as scams or honeypots To "hurt" people (yes, really) that deserved it As a warning to content creators before unsubscribing Visualize quality of the video Now, there are some good points here, especially when considering not trusting the report system. It is also clear that people are using it in a lazy way, so it does act as a form of honey trap that does prevent some toxic comments. It fits well with the short attention span of today's young, but again that is not the full picture of course.
    You want to hate, admit it!
    There is another aspect to why people want to keep the dislike, even if most are too coward, or ignorant, to admit it: They like the power it provides. Some people just love to have the power to shut down people they don't like or just hit them with their virtual long finger of disdain.
    These are the people that will join others that descend upon a creator to flood their content with dislikes and toxic comments. We have seen it with celebrities and companies that attracted the wrath of cancel culture. It gives them a sense of belonging and purpose while at the same time make them feel in control for once in their lives.
    In a world where most people, especially young people, feel that they have no control and no power this is nothing to take lightly. I noticed that several people expressed feeling "muffled" or having the freedom of expression removed if the dislike button was removed or the count hidden. That is of course not true, but an important thing to consider when trying to understand the strong reactions.
    So what should YouTube do?
    Unfortunately I don't think there is much they can do at this point. Removing the dislike button would not stop the problem. As some of the people who actually showed an ability to carry a conversation pointed out, haters will hate and removing the dislike button would only lead to more hate elsewhere. It is a valid point and one I share, unfortunately.
    Some things that YouTube might do to make the dislike mobs less problematic for the content creators:
    Use AI to detect large aggregation of dislikes with low video interaction. This can be used to temporarily disable the dislike button, or to hide the count. It can also trigger a flag for YouTube to manually review the situation. Use BigData analysis to detect users with disproportional amounts of dislikes versus video interaction. This can be used to block/ban accounts that are prone to trolling temporarily and then long term. Add function to disable all dislikes for all videos. This should ease a potential flood from a dislike mob by quickly turn on or off dislikes for a period of time. Add function to disable dislikes per video. Same as above, but for individual videos to counter specific attacks. Improve report functionality. This should not be a fire and forget process. It should be followed up as legal claims are and many reports should bury the video for a short period of time. False reports should result in warnings and consequently a ban. Add easy functions to administrate videos in the front end to disable functions with ease. Make it easy to enable/disable functions per video would make it faster and easier to respond to dislike mobs. Add a more rigorous validation process to force people to identify themselves. This increase the threshold to make accounts, which should lead to less offensive behavior. Probably would have negative side effects though, so it is a very aggressive approach. Force a certain degree of video interaction before you can vote. It was suggested by one user and it does not seem to be a very bad suggestion, except that it might again trigger people into comments instead. Overall this has been an interesting experience into a world of complex social behavior that is more nuanced than first perceived. That is usually the case when you dig deep enough and it feels that for a day I got to dig slightly into this sub-culture and it was a pretty good experience.
    Except for the nutcases of course, but I am used to those by now on Twitter 🙂
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