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    This is where I write things related to my hobbies.

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      Having some fun again - Diablo 3 and Diablo 2 in September

      On July 23 Diablo 3 kicked off season 24 and as usual I have dropped in and have some fun. I am having some extra fun this season since the theme forces me to play a bit differently since I have to play all 7 classes. I am also waiting for the release of Diablo 2 remastered that come sin September. It is a game I spent a ton of time with back in the days, and I look forward to reliving those moments a bit again this fall.
      At this point, I am almost done with the season, having all the ethereals unlocked and just missing one conquest to have the seasonal journey unlocked. I went for a demon hunter as usual and focused on the GOD build that is superfast. This has allowed me to pretty much done everything I need to do and after failing the 350 kills (I got 332) after searching for the cursed chest for an hour I decided to skip that mindless conquest and do the years of war conquest instead.
      This conquest will of course take much longer since I need to complete 6 greater rifts with 6 different sets. Taking this decision also means I will have spent more time playing the game, while having fun, rather than just sniping maps for hours. I consider that a win.
      So right now I am building up my Monk as I want to try the Innas new play style. This will make it fairly easy to do GR 55 with my five favorite builds: Demon hunter GOD, Demon hunter multishot, Demon hunter Sentries, Monk Explosive light and the new Inna build. That leaves one more build to complete, and I probably will go for a Whirlwind barb there. Just to see what the new transmogs that you get for preordering Diablo 2 resurrected look like.
      It feels good to have fun again playing, but I do miss having a game I can enjoy now that I have decided never to play Destiny again. While Diablo will manage that itch for a while, I do need a new game to be my mental distraction. I have not seen any on the horizon, so I guess we will see what the future brings.
      For now, I am just enjoying going back to hell 🙂

      Outriders - slow, but steady towards endgame

      Ever since I left Destiny 2 due to the horrible behavior of Bungie I have been focusing on Outriders. It is a very fun game, even if it started with quite a few bugs. A lot of people rushed through to the endgame, but I kind of got stuck a bit and I am now in no rush really to clear the end game.
      Slow and steady. That is how I do it and my focus is on having fun rather than kin-maxing things. Just like with everything else. I started with the Devastator and really took my time with the campaign. Once done I had big problems getting into the end game and felt kind of frustrated for a while.
      Rushing through the campaign with a Trickster and end game suddenly was much easier. Pushed up to World Tier 8 and then went back and took a Pyromancer through to end game as well. I took almost a week off to focus on work and playing some Diablo 3 just for fun. Now I am going to get my Technomancer through because I think that is the class that best fit my playing style as I am not so much in your face but rather midrange.
      So unlike many you see online I am in no hurry to get to endgame and clearing World Tier 15 expeditions. I will get there sooner or later and I focus on enjoying the game and the story until then.
      Slow, but steady.

      Outriders - a new favorite?

      Outriders is a new game being released on April first, but they did release a demo for it this week. It is a looter shooter, but a bit more linear with a pretty awesome storyline. I have played the demo a bit and I have to say I really like it so far!
      I have felt that Destiny 2 has not engaged me lately. Even if they announced that the sunsetting is in a way reverted, I still do not feel the need to play it as much as I used to.  Outriders seem to fit that itch very nicely because I feel that I want a game that I can grind on my own terms, that is rewarding and fun.
      Destiny 2 is not that at the moment.
      Outriders on the other hand feels great. It's challenging if you want it to be, the gameplay is fun and I can choose the play style I want rather than being forced into using something that is not enjoyable. The loot is so far pretty exciting because it is new, so we'll see how it pans out once the full game releases. I am still chasing those exotics, which seem to be amazing.
      So far I have focused on just one class and I tried out a second one. I aim to play all four classes before the full game is released to see which one I want to commit to first. They all seem to be far more enjoyable than I first thought and I decided yesterday to pre-order the game.
      I have to say though that the game looks and feels amazing.

      Destiny 2 - getting back in there

      Sometime tomorrow Destiny 2 will release their latest expansion: Beyond Light. I did lose interest in the game during the summer when Bungie announced not just the sunset, but also changed the PVP experience severely for me and many other players. Now however I am ready to go in and experience the new story and the many, many changes coming to Destiny 2.
      It might seem strange to get back to Destiny 2 after the changes that pretty much killed any incentive for me to play. However, I like the changes I see and I will give Destiny 2 another shot. At least story wise and more of a casual experience than before as I am less interested in grinding now than before due to the sunsetting and the death of PVP as I see it.
      The new mechanics seem awesome, the story seems intriguing and I guess there is kind of that new game feeling even if it is "just" an update. It will be interesting to see what comes of this and in a few days we'll see if I still like Destiny 2, or if t is time to say goodbye for good.

      Getting into Path of Exile

      Back in 2017 I tried to play Path of Exile, but I did not like it very much. The skill mechanics, the gritty graphics, the complex skill tree, none of it appealed to me. As Destiny 2 is pretty much dead at the moment with little to no activity to be interested in I figured I should give it a go again. So far it has been interesting and fun.
      To say that Path of Exile is a complex game is an understatement. Just the base mechanics with the huge passive skill tree and the skill gems are enough to scare some people away. I am still struggling with that so adding all the other mechanics on top is a handful to say the least.I have cards and essences dropping and at every turn I discover something new it feels like. It is a bit overwhelming, but I decided to just accept that my first characters will not be very great. It will take time to explore the game, so I might as well just have some fun with it.
      My first character this time around is a Ranger, which fit my playstyle pretty good. I started with a rough idea of what I wanted to focus on and so far it is going pretty well. I die to the bosses now and again, but other than that I am ok I think. I pretty much melt the mobs and now as I hit lvl 64 I got some new toys to play with and we'll see how that works out. So far everything dies a bit to fast for me to test out the new quiver for example so I will have to take it into something a bit more difficult to see how it works.
      Gearing up has been pretty easy as I got my hands on some currency early and trading has been pretty fast and easy so far. I can see that being a thing to do as the game itself start to become a bit less interesting. I did a ton of trading for Diablo 2 back in the day and that was a lot of fun. Path of Exile are a whole lot better in regards to trading however and the community is on top of it, which makes it super easy to get into. I pretty much have all the gear I need right now for the Ranger builds I want to make. I say it in plural because I will make a new build as the passive tree need an overhaul, which was expected.

      As you can see I also did a bit of Harest League, but I decided to focus on Standard League for now to get used to the many mechanics. I also did the first ascendancy for my main character and I actually enjoyed that mechanic with traps and so on. I was at lvl 60 for the first one so a bit over powered for sure. I will probably do the second one later, but first I have to figure out my skills.
      A the moment I am just being a bit lazy using Ballista with Tornado shot or Caustic arrow to clear out the mobs, but I need to figure out my other skills. I just remapped my mouse and Tartarus, so I think the setup is decent right now. That means I can focus a bit more on what I need, mostly for boss clears and survivability since I am a complete glass cannon.
      I did invest a bit into the game (which I think is fine since it is a free to play game). I bought some stash tabs for currency and some premium tabs for trading and stash management. I also bought some cosmetics to test that out and also tried the Mystery box feature that was pretty interesting. These things are very expensive though so I will not invest to much at regular prices, but will wait for sales that happen pretty frequently. I will probably buy some additional tabs later because focused tabs make things a whole lot easier to organize, but for now I am just focusing on learning things.
      At the moment I am at Act 8 (out of 10), so I will focus on getting the campaign done to est out endgame a bit before I start working on my first guided character. The new league called Heist is coming out in 10 days and with it there will be a new patc with changes. So I will wait for that to see what changes are coming before I start my new character.
      Overall this is just a nice change from Destiny 2 and there is no shortage of things to learn or do for quite a while playing Path of Exile.
      So, so far so good 🙂

      Getting Destiny 2 Seals planned out - playing the long game.

      With things really slow at the moment I am looking into completing some destiny 2 Seals. There is two that I am pursuing and due to the nature of those seals it will be a long term effort. This is great for me who like slow, but steady, progress.
      The Reckoner Seal
      The first Seal is the Reckoner seal. This is Gambit grind deluxe and I have just done a ton of Reckoning to get the first part done. That is to get all the armor sets for Gambit prime. In total there are 5 armor pieces and four sets to collect. There are also 3 tiers and I had to get all of them, so that is 60 pieces of armor to grind out.
      Now I am down to the last bit of this grind which is a long one. I have to get a ton of matches won and grind out a pretty big chuck of game time for each of the four sets. So far things are going pretty good as I have started with the Sentry set that is not that bad. I switch to Reaper anytime a high-value target is announced and focus on the lock smith medals. So far things are going well.
      After Sentry I will move on to Collector, but I think I need some help with that as it is much easier if you have a team that you can coordinate with. Summoning 40 giant blockers means at least 20 games, but it is more likely going to be 40+ if I can't get a team to help out.
      Invader is probably the one I will struggle most with because I am no invader, but we'll see. There are not that many kills after all and slow and steady win the day. Last I will do the Reaper which feels like just a very long, but normal game play. I might go for a Titan with this one as it's very easy to get those kills with a shoulder charge titan.
      Overall I think this will take quite a while, but it is a nice thing to jump into when nothing else feel interesting. As a bonus I only have 2 more Army of One for the Gambit seal, so maybe I can get that one too.

      The Lore Seal
      The Lore Seal is pretty easy, but time consuming. That is because one of the lore entries are locked behind a 3 week cycle, which takes forever. I have completed 4 of the 10 lore books however, so the remaining ones are:
      The Drifter - Just need one triumph more and that is to steal 3 motes from the opposing team without dying. Just need to invade and steal them, which should be doable and might even happen naturally for just doing a ton of Gambit. Uldren Sov - I have 10 out of 20, so I just need to get those last 10 collectables. I'll just follow this video for that and it should be done in no time. Variks the loyal - I have 9 out of 13 for this. Need to grind out activities on the tangled shore when that is also the flashpoint. The Awoken of the Reef - I have 3 out of 23, so I will get the last 20 collectables. Again I'll follow this video to get the last of them. Ghost Stories - I have 1 out of 23, so I need the rest of them. Another video will be my guide for this. Truth to power - This is time gated and I have 3 of 11. That means that This part will take a whooping 24 weeks to complete as it will only be available during full curse week. So with a 24 week earliest completion time, this will be a slow one for sure. I will probably do the other ones this week of the next, but I am in no hurry for it.

      The other Seals
      While I have other seals I can also pursue, they all have various activities I do not feel like doing at the moment. These are all the seals at the moment.
      Conqueror - Just boring strikes that are unnecessarily hard. Flawless - Trials of Osiris based and I have never even played it. Almighty - Completed. Dawn - Completed. Undying - Completed. Garden of Salvation - Raids needed with challenges. Not a bad raid, but it takes time and coordination. Shadowkeep - Pit of Heresy solo + flawless and some other things.  Can probably look at this later as well as it is not to bad. MMXIX - Completed. A Shadow Rises - Need a lot of Raid activities for Crown of sorrows. I have never even finished that raid yet... Reckoner - Pursuing. Black Armory - Need raid challenges and a flawless raid run. Also need the shotgun and a ton of kills with in the forges. Destinations - Completed. Gambit - Just need 2 more army of one...and I suck at those. Crucible - Getting to 5500 glory is pretty difficult if you are not good at PVP. You need to do this 3 seasons in a row and I just don't want that stress. Lore - Pursuing As you can see Raid are the biggest obstacles for most seals and that is because Raids takes time and I have a hard time committing to it. We'll see how things look later on, but for now I feel I have enough to pursue in this area.

      Wolcen finally releases today

      Today we will finally see the release of Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem. It has been in early access on steam since 2016 and I bought the game 2 years ago. Since then the game has changed a lot and today we will get to play the game in it's release state.
      I very much look forward to try this as Diablo 3 is getting a bit boring after 20 seasons. I never really fell in love with Path of Exile so I have been missing this kind of game. I hope Wolcen can fill that gap and I really look forward to dig into the game today.
      I expect some bugs of course and a whole lot of tweaking in the coming months of course, as all new games go through. It should be fairly polished however as it has been given a lot of feedback for the last 4 years of development.

      First ever Crown of Sorrows raid was a blast!

      Last night I participated in a clan organized raid for the Crown of Sorrows raid. Half the team had done it before and half had never done it, just like me. It was not the easiest thing to get through, but we eventually did it and could enjoy our first ever clear of this beast of an encounter.
      Let's just say that I am not much of a raider. I have done a few, but I am not very good at them and they are usually to complicated or stressful for me to really enjoy. That said we have the best clan members in the world with raid guides that are borderline gods. Period. This makes the raids not just possible to do, but they are actually fun to do with such a great team.
      The first encounter
      The first encounter was pretty straight forward and I teamed up with Fearoc to clear the left side. Poor LordVektor had some technical issues so he had to leave his spot. We did this encounter a few times before we got the hang of it, but of all the encounters this was not that hard. There are a few elements that can cause problems, but overall it's an easy encounter for sure.
      The Jumping puzzle
      Actually fell down in this part. Twice. Got a bit crowded on the pillars and I missed that the pillars collapse after a while. Still this was the easiest part of the raid. Just shoot the crystals and make sure you team up to have two people for the shielded ones with different buffs.
      Gahlran's Deception
      Now this was an annoying part with far to many complexities with rotating buffs and who has what buff when and so on. We did this several times, not because the encounter itself is hard, but because of the complexity and the confusion on what to do when. With some co-ordination this should not be an issue, but it was annoyingly confusing this time around.
      Defeating Gahlran
      The last encounter was the worst of them all I think. We did this so many times that I did not think we would ever make it. The mechanics are not that difficult as it's pretty much the same as the one before. Kill ads, switch buffs, punch the shielded deception and then shoot the glowing hands. Rinse and repeat and then kill the big boss. Easy, peasy...except it's not when you are already tired and stressed. In the end though we made it and could enjoy the spoils of war. I did not get the Tarrabah on my first run, which was probably a good thing since I would probably be kicked out of the clan if I had that much luck 😉
      This was an intense run that lasted for many hours. Stress was high, but despite what must have been a huge frustration for our guides gta85 and Vahlen they never complained. Not a single harsh word, nothing but encouragement and clarifications on how to do the encounters. Even us newbies held our mood up even when we failed miserably. It was nothing I would consider doing without such a great team.
      Overall this was a great experience, but I'll wait a while before I do it again I think 🙂

      Lucky Guardian - Having great luck in Destiny 2 lately

      In the last few weeks I have had some great luck playing Destiny 2. Not only am I lucky enough to have a great Clan to play with that really support my efforts to get into the more difficult aspects of the game, I also got some of the most elusive loot in the game to drop.
      Raiding is a thing that has always been out of reach for me as a solo player. The 6 man activity takes a lot of effort to organize and you need a few good guides since the game mechanic is a bit tricky for newbies like me. Unfortunately raids also comes with great loot and they are required for some achievements in the game. This makes raids a bit annoying to say the least.
      Until now.
      I got invited to a Last Wish raid, or rather just the Riven part. It was a fun experience to learn what to do and where to stand for the Riven encounter and the queens walk afterwards with my clan mates. In the Last Wish raid most people want the elusive exotic called the One Thousand Voices. Many are still doing the Riven encounter every week just to get this exotic and I got it on my first try!
      Then on my birthday we scheduled a session for doing the Scourge of the Past raid. This was the full raid and while not difficult, it takes a bit of practice to get things right. We did the raid three times so I had a go with each of my characters. Again there is an exotic many are trying to get called The Anarchy. Of course it would totally unfair if I got that one on my first try as well, so I got it on my second run instead.
      I am now looking forward to having a go at Crown of Sorrows where the very last exotic I am missing is waiting for me. It is the Tarrabah and I doubt I will have the same luck for this one, but who knows!
      I want to give a big shout out for my amazing clan members for giving me the great gift of finally be able to do a raid. You are simply amazing and I owe you big time: GTA85, Vahlen, LordVektor, Q0ark, Rothric, Amazingjack, Darkimakura, Fearoc, Pablo, FoxHound, Vlood you are the best!
      ...to continue my good luck I have been grinding for the Platinum Starling ship that you get from completing 100 frames in the forges. While doing this I also got the last 2 shaders missing from completing the black forge items. The last one I know people have been grinding for a long time now and mine dropped at the same time that I got my 100th frame forged!
      So, now I will relax a bit and prepare for the Solstice of Heroes event to start tonight so I can start grinding out those new armors.
      Life is good right now.
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