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    Training and some issues...

    Jimi Wikman

    Training is about to get a bit more serious now that I have committed to it fully. It is still a bit slow as I have not really found the flow yet due to some sickness (SHR) and starting a new assignment. Last Sunday I also managed to hurt my knee a bit so it's a bit limiting as well.

    I bought a gym card now and it's feeling good to go train actually. It's slowly getting less crowded, which is nice. My body is responding well to the training, so it's nice to feel the "pain" again. I still need some new shoes and headphones, but I can live without that for a while longer.

    The biggest issue right now that is limiting me a bit is that I need to experiment a bit more about when to train. Me and my son went to the gym on Saturday and we discovered that the gym closes at 18 on Saturdays. I have never even heard of a gym closing that early, but on the upside weekdays they stay open until 22.

    This week I was planning on going a few more times, but as I started a quite hectic project this week I was a bit brain overloaded to the point where I almost fell asleep on the bus home. I also felt an issue with my knee that is a bit wobbly and stiff. It's probably from me pushing squats a bit to early so I'll rest from that for a while.

    Other that that I need to get some cardio into the mix and be better with the core exercises.

    So far so good, but I need to get the routine going...

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