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    Not so good week this week...

    Jimi Wikman

    This week has not been one of my better weeks. It has been filled with stress and I have pretty much been running a fever all week. Sleep has been terrible and I had to take some fluid replacements to avoid health issues since eating and drinking has been less than ideal.

    It's not often that work affect me in a negative way, but this week and last week really did.  A project that really upset me and caused me to take time off to avoid stress related effects came back to haunt me. The project itself was not the issue though, it was the communication and the planning that was really bad. An internal decision also pissed me off royally, so to get that back in my lap really frustrated me as it felt disrespectful to say the least.

    Fortunately it is resolved now (I hope) so I can leave that behind me.

    Being without an assignment also start to wear on me as it's only so much you can do with free time before your skin starts to crawl. Sure it's fun to play with this site, but the endless work of sending applications to assignments are a bit tiresome. This is where I wish there was a Demando for consultants as well. I see so many job descriptions that immediately make me cringe and say no because I can read the chaos behind.

    The work I see are pretty limited right now, which is a bit odd. Usually you find more work in January, but now it seems a bit slow. I also see that the agencies helping with matching work is in need of some work as the sites look...well, not so good. The odd ball out there is probably the relatively new Tech Relations owned by Diana Itaoui. My favorite eWorks seem to have completely destroyed their website this week, which I hope is temporary.

    Training this week has been bad as well with just one session that my son did not really put his best effort into as he was super tired. Yesterday we skipped it as none of us had the energy after a full day at BUP (Child psychologist) and then cutting our hair at the mall. I was tired since the day before even when I went to the office to help @Christian Planebrink with some stuff. Our office is still full och glue and paint residue so my SHR kicked in of course even if I was there only for 2 hours.

    Still, it's not as bad as it may sound and my life is still blessed by many standards. I'll just need some sleep and a ton of fluids and then I should be back in the saddle again. If I also can get something constructive to do and proper pay again, that would be awesome.

    So it's just to move forward and write this week off as one of the not so good ones and hope for a better one next week.

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