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    My Current Status - My Status and why I have not uploaded videos in a while

    Jimi Wikman


    For a while now, I have not been feeling 100% and a few weeks that culminated with me ending up in the Emergency Room for not being able to breath. Fortunately I quickly recovered and it seems that the loss of breath was a combination of a massive pollen release, my wife cleaning the bathroom with some heavy duty chemicals...and something else.

    As the clean air took care of my allergic reaction I also took a lot of tests. One of those tests was Glucose to see my blood sugar levels and those tests were very high. I took some additional tests and a long time blood analysis and was diagnosed with Diabetes.

    This did not really come as a surprise as I have been suspecting this for a while. Since my dad also has diabetes and it is hereditary, I have been expecting it sooner or later. I also have been very thirsty, lost weight and been very tired, which are also signs of diabetes.  I also have been craving sugar a bit more than usual for almost a year now.

    I guess I just did not want to admit it to myself, so I kept ignoring it and hoping it was something else that I could just shake off. I should have known better, but it is easy to be wise in retrospectives or something like that.

    I have now been taking pills for the diabetes for two weeks and I feel a lot better. I still have insulin so I don't have to mess with that and I have diabetes type 2, which is the milder of the two. From a diet perpective a lot has changed and I am back on Lifesum again checking my food and trying to figure out what is bad and what is really bad.

    I also got new medicine to try out for my SHR that is triggering badly now with the massive pollen releases that seems worse than ever this year. So far they actually seem to help a bit, even if i get a bit tired from it. I also got a new nose spray that is really helping and my breathing is so much better now thanks to that.

    While going to the ER is not something to recommend, in this case it seems to have been a blessing in disguise. Finding out that I have diabetes so I can take steps for that was very much needed I think.

    So I am catching my breath a bit, but I am still planning massive changes to this site as soon as I can. I will obviously continue to release more videos on my YouTube channel and I have a big backlog for that already!

    Life goes on.

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      Jimi Wikman is the owner of this site and this is his personal blog. Jimi is an experienced IT consultant that enjoy movies, TV series, working out and playing games on his PC.

      Opinions expressed are solely my own and do not express the views or opinions of my employer.

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