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    Deleting Destiny 2 - I can't play it anymore

    Jimi Wikman

    After several years of playing Destiny 2 I uninstalled it this week. For months, I have had a bad taste in my mouth from playing Destiny 2, not because the game is bad, but because of decisions made by Bungie. This combined with a toxic and malevolent community that harass and engage in cancel culture make me sick to my stomach to touch the game.

    My feelings of unease started to grow bigger in June 2020 with the announcement of in game support for Black Life Matters. I do not think politics should be included into a game, unless it is a part of the games setting. While I have nothing against BLM per se, I do have strong opinions on people that would cause physical, mental and financial harm to anyone. I also have a strong aversion against anyone spreading hate, especially to police officers that risk their lives to protect others.

    So BLM is not a cause I support, even if I strongly support anyone who stand up against racism. The real one, not the fake "I don't like you" racism thrown around by arrogant children with an inflated ego with their heart and minds set to destroy anyone that don't like what they like. I believe individuals always comes first, not groups.

    Soon after I witnessed one of the most atrocious assassination of character I have ever seen online. SayNoToRage, a popular streamer for Destiny 2 was ambushed by several people in a coordinated attack with the sole purpose of hurting him and his career. The accusations against him were ridiculous, and I am someone who take accusations of sexual misconduct very seriously. After reviewing the so-called evidence for months my conclusion is that these women not only seem to be vile beings that abuse the disgust most people feel for sexual predators to fabricate a narrative that when broken down is so ridiculous that it actually ruin things for actual victims of sexual harassment.

    I was appalled and disgusted.

    To make this even worse, Bungie, the company behind Destiny 2, decided it was a good idea to get in on the harassment as well. One of the community managers called DeeJ publicly announced that based on the greatly exaggerated stories from the women accusing SayNoToRage Bungie would ban him from any future guest list.


    I don't know Deej and he might be a decent guy in person, but he has been the voice to promote BLM and here encouraging cancel culture by publicly endorse the claims. Even though there are absolutely no legal case to support any of the claims made by these individuals. In fact the only legal action ever taken back when the first woman expressed her discomfort was dismissed due to the fact that it was not a case of sexual harassment. So Deej is here showing that like many of the people that sit on their moral high horses he is just another prejudiced asshole that gleefully sit behind the mob and cheer on as they burn people on the proverbial cross.

    The coordinated attack and the mass outcry, partially promoted by Bungie and spearheaded by the despicable Twitch streamer DrLupo eventually led to SayNoToRage loosing his Twitch channel. Again, with no proof of misconduct other than the greatly exaggerated stories from a group of women that seem to have had their own personal agenda. Now, Twitch is a platform that is a cesspool to begin with that bend to the will of the mob no matter who they hurt. You would think that with multiple suicides directly connected to their platform they might want to enforce actual laws, but apparently it is more important to cater to the fragile five-year-olds with anger issues that are offended by anything and everyone depends on their daily mood.

    It's like high school drama, but with a far more serious consequences. Like all stories like that people do not even consider intent, but it is all about the feelings of a potentially ruffled feather and the fear that the angry mob will turn on you next.

    Bungie at this point showed what a disgusting company they are.

    As the game started to deteriorate with what I feel were bad design decisions I started to lose interest. PVP was changed from skill based match making to connections based match making, which for me made the experience complete and utter garbage. I often teamed up with one exceptionally good player and 3-4 really bad ones, making the experience more about engaging groups of 3-5 solo as the rest of the team ran around like bats from hell. Most games ended in mercy to the point where I am sure lobby balancing was no longer turned on.

    Sunsetting weapons in a game that is built around collecting gear was the next straw. Let us be honest, Destiny 2 is not a game of loot, because you rarely get any, it is about collecting it by grinding endless hours. Usually you have to grind in a specific way, using weapons you don't like to get a weapon you probably will never use anyway because you have to use a predefined set for the next weapon chase anyway. It is just a hamster wheel where Bungie let me rent items for a limited period of time. If I put in the endless grind to get the item in the first place that is.

    The very core of the game was for me now completely gone.

    The final drop came when Bungie banned SayNoToRage about a month ago. That would be nine months after the coordinated attack.

    No conversation. No warning. Just Developer Banned.

    I know that Bungie has the legal right to terminate anyone because they state so in their TOS, but such blatant disregard for due process and with absolutely no respect for people that have promoted their game for many years... Words can not describe the rage I feel for such abuse of power. It is utterly and completely disgusting, and it makes me sick to my stomach that a company would destroy people based on hearsay and "feelings".

    Well, my feeling is that Bungie is a terrible company that should be ashamed of themselves. They don't feel shame I am sure, because up on their high horses where feelings are the only thing that matters, people mean nothing to them. Only groups and only the groups that give them good feelings to support and that they themselves approve of. Women are of course more important than men and anyone of any shade other than pink matters more than pinkish white. So if you are white and a man, then you can be cancelled at any time by companies like Bungie at the mere mention of any form of perceivable offense. Based solely on what an individual "feels" you did wrong. Intent be damned.

    Law and Order means nothing to companies like Bungie, or the individuals that still spread lies and exaggerations of the story these women has told. Meanwhile, women that are being sexually assaulted are not taken seriously, which allow predators and assholes to roam free.

    Shame on you Bungie. Shame on those of you that choose Twitter to punish people you feel wronged by instead of doing it the correct, legal way. Your feelings do NOT mean you are right. Other people have feelings to you selfish pricks and intent matters, even if you choose not to accept that because it is inconvenient.

    So I am done with Bungie and I regret almost every second I spent playing Destiny 2. Only the time I spent with members of my former clan have any redeeming thoughts in my mind right now. That is what I will remember from these years, not the vile and disgusting behaviors of cowardly and jealous Destiny streamers and not the disgusting approval of cancel culture and disregards for human lives by Bungie.


    I am sorry if this comes off as harsh and negative, but bullying hits a special nerve in me and I will oppose it fiercely to prevent more people taking their lives. If you think that I should listen to the women that made claims of sexual harassment, then trust me I have. Feel free to look into the claims yourself and if you disagree with me, then that is your right.

    I don't even think these women meant to accuse SayNoToRage with sexual harassment, just that he was "creepy", but it has since escalated with words like predator and even rapist. Words never spoken by the women themselves as far as I can tell, but by small and insecure individuals trying to impress others like them by being meaner and more "defenders of human virtues" (which is asshole talk for bigger bullies btw).

    I am just sick of these online bullies and especially companies that weaponize it to appease the masses...

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